The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1082

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1082 – The other disciples could not help but gasp at this scene.

‘H-how is this woman so powerful?”

“Quick! Come! There’s an intruder!”

“Come and back us up!”

After a few seconds of being stunned, the few patrolling disciples yell out loud. In an instant, everyone at the ancestral hall was startled and quickly came over. There were around a few hundred people.

“You leave me no choice but to k**l all of you and then go search for it myself since you won’t hand the Dragon Essence over,” said Laura coldly.


Laura slowly lifted her hands the moment she said that and a ball of black flames started burning in her palms. The air surrounding it was instantly distorted.

The black flames were Laura’s H**l Flame-third among the world’s magical flames!

Laura then casually lifted her hands and the H**l Flame whooshed out!

At this scene, all of the Box family disciples were stunned in their hearts.


The black H**l Flame exploded among the crowd and quickly spread out. In the short moment of a few breaths, those engulfed by the flames wailed horribly!

“Stop!” An angry yell came right at this moment followed by a man quickly approaching the scene!

It was the Patriarch of the Box family, Sir Robert Box!

Robert glared at Laura and angrily asked, “Who are you? How dare you intrude into my family’s ancestral hall and k**l my men?”

At the same time, Robert was stunned and angry upon seeing how all his men were b****d to a crisp!

It was the d***h anniversary of Robert’s father that day. Three years ago, his father died after a terrible sickness and he came to pay his father respect in the ancestral hall. However, he had not expected someone would be causing trouble here!

“So you’re Sir Box?” Laura looked at Robert without any expression and said, “Great, I’m going to borrow your family’s Dragon Essence and use it. Hand it over.”

“Hand it over?!” Robert glared at her with his tightly clenched fist. He was furious! He replied with reddened eyes, “Today is my father’s d***h anniversary and you disturbed his peace. Even if you’re a woman, don’t even think about leaving here alive today!”

Robert unleashed his internal energy upon saying that as a long saber appeared in his hand! That saber seems to be an Indigo Category weapon from its glowing light!


The next second, Robert flew directly toward Laura with the saber in his hand!


Laura slowly lifted her hand and casually cast a protective shield in front of her.


Robert’s saber violently lodged firmly on the protective shield! Followed by a loud bang, he catapulted back dozens of meters away!

Meanwhile, Laura just quietly stood there unharmed.

‘What? How is this possible?!’ Robert’s expressions changed upon noticing this with an unspeakably frightened in his heart.

He had used almost 90 percent of his internal energy in that a****k, yet had not affected the woman at all!

How could this be?

“So this is the power of Sir Box? How ordinary.” Those cold words came from Laura’s mouth.

Laura then slowly extended her hand and gave a hard slap!


Robert could barely react as Laura’s speed was too fast. He grunted before flying backward and landed on the ground hard!

“Pfft!” Robert spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and was extremely frightened! However, Laura slowly approached him and stepped on his face with her high heels before he could even react!

Laura condescendingly looked down on him and said with a cold voice, “Hand over the Dragon Essence.”

Robert only felt great humiliation! He was the Box family Patriarch! When had he been stepped on by anybody? This was such a great humiliation!