The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1077

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1077 – “Mom… Stop it, you bad people…” Ambrose’s sobs turned hoarse upon looking at this scene.

Denise was annoyed by his cries and waved her hand to signal the maidservant to bring him away.

“Lady Denise, this btch has passed out. What should we do next?” April walked toward Denise and carefully asked for further instructions.

“Woo!” Denise took in a deep breath and looked at the unconscious Monica before condescendingly said, “Do you still need to ask me? Put her handprint on the confession then lock her up. We’ll parade her to the public three days later.”

When she said these, Denise was unspeakably furious. ‘This b*tch took so much effort!’

“Yes!” April immediately responded and walked toward Monica. She picked up Monica’s hand which was filled with fresh blood and pressed it onto the piece of confession.

Monica at that moment was still unconscious, so she was unable to resist.

The crowd looked at each other upon this scene, but no one dared to say anything.

A few guards soon dragged Monica away. At that instant, a smile appeared on Denise’s face.

‘B*tch, from now onwards your reputation has been utterly tarnished.’

“Lady Denise!” Right at this moment, lan Maxwell who has been kneeling by the side slowly came to his senses and timidly asked, “C-can I go now?”

He could not hide the fear in his heart when he said that. Previously Denise promised him that as long as he successfully framed Monica, she would give him some money to return to the countryside.

Now that he had completed his mission and witnessed Denise’s cruelty, he did not wish to stay there even a second longer.

“Ian!” Denise looked at him with an ambiguous smile. “What are you worried about? You did well. I haven’t even rewarded you, yet you’re anxious to leave?”

Denise then said to April, “You’ve been the stableman for Guang Ping Palace for so many years. I’ll miss you if you leave so suddenly. Heed my orders! Come pour him a cup of tea. Ian, please accept this tea as I send you off.”

Only Denise, April, and Ian left in the room at that moment.

There were hints of cruelty in her smiles when Denise said that.

April instantly understood her as she took up the teapot that was prepared beforehand and poured a cup for lan. She handed the cup to him and said, “Ian, this is Lady Denise’s reward for you. Drink up. I’ll go get your money once you finish drinking.”

“Thank you, Lady Denise. Thank you…”

Ian nodded and bowed to thank Denise before accepting the cup and downed it. He felt relieved in his heart.

‘After getting the money, I’ll leave immediately in case there are any sudden changes.’

However, Ian saw that April did not leave to go get the money, Instead, she just glared at him coldly.

“Miss April!” Ian opened his mouth as he realized something bad was up. He just said a few words before he felt an excruciating pain in his stomach which caused his whole body to uncontrollably twitch.

The next second, he felt as if his throat was blocked and could not speak and could only grunt.

He finally realized Denise wanted to k**l him. However, it was too late when he noticed it.

In a blink of an eye, Ian stopped twitching and took his final breath with his eyes wide open. He died tragically.

“Woo!” Denise looked at him quietly and said, “Ian, don’t blame me for being cruel. If I didn’t k**l you, what would happen if Lord Kenny Bred came back and you told him the truth?”

Denise then flatly said to April, “Quickly deal with the body. If anyone asks, tell them that Ian felt shameful and committed s*****e.”

“Don’t worry, Lady Denise! I know what to do,” said April respectfully as she coldly looked at Ian’s d**d body.


On the other side of Mistloren’s Wanhai University.

Darryl was listlessly copying the history textbook in the office. Time passed by quickly that day. The school bell rang long ago, yet Darryl only barely copied half of the textbook and was almost in tears while looking at the history textbook in front of him.

‘F*ck, my hand hurts yet I’ve only done half, Please don’t tell me I’ll have to stay overnight in school today?’