The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1073

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1073 – Not long after, Alisha walked out of the office in her high heels to her next class and left Darryl alone in the huge office.

Darryl’s phone vibrated just as Alisha left.

There was no one in the office at that moment. Darryl sat casually on Alisha’s seat before fishing out his phone. The screen showed that it was a message from Felix Blakely with detailed information about the Box family’s ancestral hall accompanied by a blueprint.

‘Haha! I know Felix will never disappoint me.’ Darryl took a glance at the blueprint and was delighted. He could easily navigate his way into the Box family’s ancestral hall with the blueprint and search for the Dragon Essence!

At that instant, Darryl was extremely excited. However, the next second, looking at the history textbook in front of him, Darryl’s expression instantly collapsed.

‘F*ck, I almost forgot that I still have to copy the history textbook.”

Darryl actually wanted to leave school this very moment to check up on the Box family’s ancestral hall.

However, Darryl also knew that once he leaves, it would still be alright if Alisha noticed, but if the Box sisters would definitely tell Robert Box if they got suspicious of him.

In the case he could not locate the Dragon Essence and was suspected by Robert, it would be a huge loss.

‘Fine, I’ll just have to obediently copy the textbook first.’ After contemplating the pros and cons, Darryl sat down and helplessly started copying the textbook.


On the other side in The New World’s Guang Ping Palace. Monica Vaughn’s bedroom.

One night passed by quickly as Monica slowly became sober and woke up groggily on her bed. She felt a throbbing headache.

Her alcohol tolerance was never good and she drank way too much the previous night.

“Ambrose!” The moment she sat up she called her child’s name.

However, Ambrose did not answer.

‘Ambrose must have been with the nanny, Sigh, how could I get so drunk last night?’

As she wondered, Monica was about to get down from the bed when she shuddered at the very next moment! She saw a man standing by the entrance.

“Ian?” Monica frowned upon seeing the stableman. “Why are you here?” At the same time, she saw that lan was b**e-chested with his coat casually thrown on the floor.

Monica was stunned before she quickly checked her own clothing.

She noticed that she was not violated and suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

However, she was still surprised and angry at the same time. How could any woman endure the fact that there was a stranger in their own room?

“Mistress…” Seeing how Monica is awake, Ian was inexplicably nervous as he stuttered bitterly, “I-I…”


Just when lan was about to explain, a loud sound was heard before the door was slammed open.

It was followed by Lady Denise entering with her cold expression alongside dozens of men, maidservants, and guards. It was a huge affair.

“Y-you…” Monica could barely react to the sudden commotion. She looked at Denise and asked, “Lady Denise, what’s going on? Why did you bring so many people to my room?”

“How dare you still pretend?!” At that, Denise angrily approached Monica and violently slapped her.


The sound of the slap was loud and crisp as a red handprint immediately appeared on Monica’s pretty face.

The next second, Denise started yelling with her extremely mean words. “You b*tch! How dare you s********h other men when Lord Kenny Bred isn’t here! Now that I’ve caught you red-handed, what else do you have to say?”

Denise then pointed at Ian and said, “Take this audacious servant down!”