The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1063

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1063 – “Haha…”

The New World Emperor laughed as His Majesty looked at Sawyer who was kneeling on the ground and nodded in approval. “Okay, quickly get up.”

“Father Emperor!”

However, no one thought that at this moment Yvette would step forward with an anxious expression on her face. “I… I won’t get married!”

Yvette bit her lip and glanced at Sawyer before stomping her feet and said, “I’m not close with Sawyer at all. It will be too arbitrary for Father Emperor to betroth me to him! I don’t like him at all. Why should I marry him?”


The whole hall was silent!

All the civil and military officials originally were warmly congratulating the Yates family. However, they were looking at each other with complicated expressions at that moment.

Eason and his son were also exchanging looks!

Everyone knew that Princess Yvette was the Emperor’s favorite child, but who would have thought that Princess Yvette would dare violate the imperial edict in public!

The atmosphere in the hall was quite heavy.


The New World Emperor was angry and suddenly slammed on the Dragon Throne before shouting at Yvette, “How dare you! Do I need your consent to betroth you to Sawyer? I’ve already made my decision!”

In all honesty, the New World Emperor loved Yvette dearly since she was a child.

However, it was not the excessive spoiling kind of love!

He was the almighty Emperor! Who would dare violate his edict? However, his precious daughter openly violated the imperial edict in the presence of several hundred civil and military officials. The New World Emperor would of course be furious!

Yvette anxiously stomped. “I said I’m not getting married… Not getting married…”

After that, Yvette covered her mouth and rushed out of the hall with reddened eyes.


The hundreds of civil and military officials below had complicated expressions when they saw what happened.

The atmosphere of the hall became more and more awkward.

Who would dare to speak indiscriminately when the Emperor was angry at that moment?


The New World Emperor was very angry. He took a deep breath and said to Eason and his son, “Lord Ping Xi, that’s how Princess Yvette is. Don’t worry, I’ve already appointed this marriage and won’t change it. Alright, everyone is dismissed.”

The New World Emperor stood up and walked out of the hall slowly having said that.


Meanwhile, Yvette ran out of the hall crying and went directly to the Empress’s palace.

In the palace, the Empress dressed in a phoenix robe was sipping tea in the company of several court ladies.


Yvette quickly walked in and shouted in a sad tone.

The Empress smiled faintly upon looking at Princess Yvette. “What’s the matter?”

The Empress waved her hand while saying that, beckoning the court ladies beside her to retreat.

Yvette hugged the Empress’s arm with an aggrieved face and told the Empress what happened.

“Mother, I don’t want to marry Sawyer.” Yvette pleaded at the end, “Mother…can you persuade Father to recall the imperial edict, alright…?”


The Empress sighed with her love-filled compassionate eyes. “Stupid Daughter, don’t you know what your father said is an imperial edict? You’ve been betrothed to Sawyer in front of more than a hundred civil and military officials. How can he take it back? Where will His Majesty place his face if he does that? How could he maintain his majestic posture in the future?”