The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 106

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 106 – Darryl was not in the mood, he replied curtly, “I’m at the City Hospital. Come and find me.”

“Alright, I’ll be there shortly,” the caller laughed before hanging up.

Richard—on the floor—spit blood out and glared at Darryl loathsomely. “I dare you to stay here!”

He then pointed to Shelly and said, “You! You brought him here on purpose, didn’t you! Don’t even think about being a Director!”

At that, he took his phone out, trying to dial a number.

“Calling for backup? Sure, I’ll be here waiting,”

Darryl laughed coldly.

Shelly on the other hand was anxious. She approached Darryl and said softly, “Darryl, you better leave. Richard’s the Chief of Staff, he has important people as his backup. He knows many rich and powerful people.”

Shelly was worried about how Darryl might not be able to leave the hospital in peace, as well as her own career here.

“Don’t worry, I will handle it,” replied Darryl.

Handle? Shelly was slightly dumbfounded. During Jackson’s wedding, Shelly could see that Darryl does not have a good relationship with his family. Also, he has no standing at the Lyndon’s.

Richard was about to dial when footsteps were heard outside of the office.

“Is Mr. Darby here?” A well—dressed middle—aged man walked in slowly, followed by two bodyguards.

The man, though with a friendly face, has a frightening aura. The man is called Zachariah Wright. Three years ago, he was the Commander of the Donghai Military Region. After he retired, he founded Hydro Hill Group, the most successful forestry company in Donghai City. Most of the company’s earnings were donated to charity, planting loads of trees. They have an exceptional reputation. Zachariah spent half of his life, dedicating to protecting Donghai City, he has a very prestigious standing.

Although Richard is Chief of Staff, he has no authority to kick any patients out of the hospital; yet with just one word from Zachariah Wright, Darryl’s father could be thrown out!

Richard put his phone down—as if holding on to his only hope—and pleaded, “Pre…President Wright, you came at the right time! I was just about to call you. You have to help me!”

Shelly looked down in remorse. Now she’s done for. The powerful people are here. She’s sure she won’t be able to continue working here anymore.

No one would have guessed that Zachariah ignored Richard. He approached Darryl and asked, “Mr. Darby?”

“That’s me,” replied Darryl. He did not bother to stand up.

Seeing that Darryl remains seated, Richard reprimanded. “B*stard, show him some respect!”

“Darryl, please…please stand up,” pleaded Shelly. She was extremely nervous.

Zachariah walked up to Darryl politely and asked, “Mr. Darby, I have prepared everything. Did you bring the item?”

“Yes, it’s here with me,” replied Darryl. He then pointed to Richard and said, “Let’s settle this first, then we’ll discuss the rest.”

“Sure!” replied Zachariah immediately.

Zachariah stared at Richard coldly, and asked, “Richard, what’s the matter?”

Richard—realizing that something was off—was struck dumb.

What’s happening? How does this guy know President Wright? Also, why is President Wright so polite with him? Impossible! Even Drake Darby, who came by the other day, had to bow down to President Wright!

What Richard did not know is that this is the first time Darryl and Zachariah have met. However, for the Godly pill, Zachariah is willing to do anything! Even kneel! After all, to be able to level up to a higher cultivator realm, it’s a dream that most cultivators can only dream of.

Shelly was completely stunned by their interaction as well!

Darryl laughed, “It seems Chief Stone is too embarrassed to say. Director Sullivan, why don’t you tell us what happened.”

Shelly trembled, lowered her head, and related what happened. When she finished she blushed in embarrassment.

“Richard Stone! I promoted you to Chief of Staff, is this how you should act?” Zachariah reprimanded. Then he kicked Richard in the stomach.