The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1057

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1057 – Darryl felt dizzy when he looked at the exam paper.

He might know a little if it was another subject, but he had no idea about history at all.

How on earth would he know anything about Mistloren’s history?

Darryl scratched his head. Alas!

‘F*k it! There is no other way out but to make things up!”

After he made up his mind, Darryl picked up his pen and started to write nonsensically. When he finished the last question, Darryl felt as if his entire mind was blown away. After he handed in the papers, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Darryl did not know how he had survived his first day of school.

The moment the bell rang, Darryl wanted to laugh at himself, F*k! He was finally liberated.

Darryl trailed behind the crowd and went all the way downstairs. Then, he realized that Bobby followed him.

“Why are you following me?” Darryl looked at Bobby in surprise.

Bobby scratched his head. His plump face looked somewhat awkward. “Brother Darryl, let’s hang out together from now onward.”

Bobby was shocked when Darryl challenged Fred. No one dared to challenge Fred in school–Darryl seemed so powerful and brave.

Bobby decided to address Darryl as his older brother from then onward.


Darryl was stunned. Then, he said with a smile, “What do you want with me? Just study hard.”

Darryl went to Mistloren for the Dragon Essence, not to get a younger brother.

He thought it was weird that Bobby would come up with such a wild idea.

Then, Darryl turned around and strode toward the university gate. From a distance, he spotted the two Box sisters.

Darryl was about to go to meet up with them. Then, he heard a loud curse!


More than a dozen strong men came through the gate! Those men pushed the students out of their way and ran up to Darryl.

Fred was the one who led them!

“Hey, fcker!” Fred held a baseball bat in his hand and pointed it at Darryl.

Darryl had dared to challenge him in the class earlier; Fred would never let him off so easily!

Before school was over, Fred made a call and summoned the elite bodyguards in his family. Those bodyguards had gone through rigorous training.

“That’s him. Surround him!” Fred roared as he pointed at Darryl; his eyes flashed red!

Fred’s bodyguards quickly surrounded Darry!!


School was over, so hundreds of students had gathered at the gate; most of them watched the excitement from a distance. They even mocked Darryl.

“This kid dared to challenge Fred in the class; he probably regrets it now.”

“Well, serve him right! Why would he act so arrogantly when he’s a newcomer?”

“Looks like we’ll get a good show.”

Ashley and Tiffany went forward curiously; the commotion attracted their attention. When they saw that Darryl was surrounded, the two sisters looked at each other.

Fred looked arrogant as he turned to Darryl and said coldly, “Hey, Brat! No one dares to show me up at Wanhai University! You’ll pay the price for that!”

Fred raised the baseball bat and slammed it at Darryl!

“Hey! Don’t cause any trouble at the school gate.”

Suddenly, a security guard walked toward them and shouted.


Fred cursed discreetly. He waved his hand quickly and sent his men to the alley across the street.

Fred was not afraid of the security, but he thought it was better to play safe as he might inevitably alarm the school authorities.

“Come here, Brat, I’ll go to the alley opposite the school.” Fred pointed at Darryl and beckoned at him.

Fred sneered. He knew that Darryl would not dare to go with him. After all, he had so many people.

As long as Darryl went with him, Fred would make him kneel and apologize publicly to him. He thought that was the better way to relieve his anger than to beat up Darryl.