The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1047

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1047 – “The reason I helped you is simple.” Madelyn looked at Darryl with a serious expression. “I would like to hire you to work at my c****o. You might have hidden your trick from other people when you won those 20 games against Young Master Xyon, but you can’t hide it from me. Your technique was very fast. A talent like you would be wasted as a bodyguard. If you are willing to join me, feel free to tell me all your requirements. What do you think?”

Madelyn’s face was filled with anticipation.

She had noticed how Darryl had won over Kai when she was in the security camera room; he had used an incredible technique to change the dice’s value.

Madelyn had run the c****o for many years, and she had seen all sorts of tricks that gamblers used to win. However, that was the first time she had seen such an advanced technique.

Of course, she would try her best to retain talent like him.

That was the reason she helped him.

When he heard that, Darryl laughed.

“As long as you are willing to stay and help me, I will definitely treat you well.” Madelyn continued to speak as she looked anxiously at Darryl; she did not wait for his reply.

Darryl looked at her; he could see a little of her cleavage under her white blouse.


Darryl could not help but s*****w his saliva as he indulges in a brief view of Madelyn’s femininity.

‘Sh*t! This woman is so alluring that it’s k*****g me.’

Other ordinary men would not be able to handle that, but Darryl was stronger than any ordinary man.

“I am sorry, even though your offer is tempting, but I am not interested,” Darryl said with a smile. He walked away right after he said that.

As she looked at his back while he walked away, Madelyn furrowed her brows. ‘What a waste-he rather works as a bodyguard than coming to work for me at the c****o. He deserves to be poor.’

Darryl returned to the two sisters. He smiled and said, “Young Misses, are we ready to leave?”

“Of course, let’s go home.” Tiffany replied impatiently; she looked at Darryl and rolled her eyes, “Bodyguard, you are lucky. You’ve won a beautiful lady.”

Layla was so worried that she cried as she said to Darryl softly, “I-“

Layla was distraught that her cousin brother had used her as a betting chip. She could follow a bodyguard, right?”

However, she did not expect Darryl to wave his hands and said, “You may go now.”


Layla was stunned; then, she was thrilled! She thanked Darryl a few more times before she immediately left. She worried that Darryl might change his mind later.

“What’s with you, Bodyguard? You are so foolish. Why would you let that beautiful girl go?” Tiffany asked curiously.

Even her elder sister Ashley looked at Darryl curiously too.

Don’t all men love beautiful ladies? Why would he let her go so easily after he had won her?’

“Sister, do you think he has difficulties’ down’ there?” Tiffany walked toward Ashley and whispered in her ears.

Even though her voice was soft, Darryl could hear her clearly enough. He was speechless for a moment.

Ashley blushed. She stomped her feet and snapped at Tiffany. “Foolish girl! Don’t speak nonsense!”

Everyone pampered her sister all the time; how could she say something so embarrassing?

“Let’s go home. “Ashley said softly as she blushed. Then she stepped forward in her stilettos and left the c****o.

“Sister, wait for me!” Tiffany shouted. She chucked all her chips into Darryl’s arms. ” Hurry! Take these chips and exchange them for cash.” Then, she quickly jogged until she finally caught up with Ashley.

A few moments later, Darryl walked out of the c****o with the two sisters. Soon, they arrived at the mansion.

The mansion’s environment was quite peaceful; there was even a man-made lake in its compound. At night, the lake reflected lights from somewhere far away-it was a beautiful scene.

The two sisters lived in that mansion on regular days by themselves as it was very near to their school.

Their father, Sir Box-Robert Box-lived at another place.

Darryl was devastated when he realized that. ‘Sh*t, after all these efforts, the two don’t even live with their father. When can I get the Dragon Essence then?’

He was in deep thoughts as he stood in front of the mansion when Tiffany shouted impatiently, “What are you doing out there? Come in here.”

‘This bodyguard is so absent-minded and dumb.’