The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1038

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1038 – Darryl was not sure how many people he had questioned when he arrived in front of a wise looking man. He furrowed his brows as he asked, “Who are you?”

‘Sh*t, not even a single doctor here?’

The person smiled and said, “Master, I am Yuan Tiangang, and I am a fortune-teller. I also know about feng shui.”


A fortune-teller!

Darryl was disappointed; he was about to move on to ask the next person.


As he arrived at the next person, Darryl suddenly realized something. He turned and looked at Yuan Tiangang again. He could not hide the shiver in his heart as he asked,” What did you say? Yuan Tiangang?”

Yuan Tiangang?!

Yuan Tiangang was a famous feng shui master in the Tang Dynasty. It was said that he had designed the Tang Dynasty Emperor’s grave.

That person supposedly knew about everything on the earth and in the sky. Before Wu Zetian took the throne, he managed to predict that she would be an emperor!

“I am Yuan Tiangang.”

He smiled as he replied Darryl respectfully.

Darryl could sense his power–a level three Martial Emperor! He must be the most powerful person in the pagoda’s second tier.

‘Sh*t, Yuan Tiangang?’

Dax was stunned, too; he could barely stand on his two feet. Everyone knew about the Tang Dynasty’s famous feng shui master.


Chester, Debra and the others also rushed toward them when they felt the vibration.

When Yuan Tiangang and the others appeared from the pagoda, it created an energy vibration so strong that the entire Carter family felt it.


The moment they saw the situation, Chester and the others were in shock too.

What had happened?

Why were there so many people?

However, Chester and others were relieved when they knew that those people had appeared from the pagoda.


Darryl grabbed Yuan Tiangang and dragged him to the crystal coffin. He pointed at Little Fairy and said, “Rumors said that you know everything; there is nothing that you do not know. You have the ability to communicate with the sky! Tell me quickly-how can I save her?”

Darryl’ face was full of anticipation.

Yuan Tiangang looked at Little Fairy and replied bitterly, “Master, I am only a feng shui master. All those rumors about me were exaggerated. If I could resurrect a person, I would still be trapped in the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda.”

Yuan Tiangang told the truth; he did not have the ability to resurrect the d**d, but he had great talent and knowledge in feng shui and other areas.

When he heard that, Darryl immediately sighed; he was disappointed again.


At that moment, Yuan Tiangang changed his words and spoke again. “Master, if I am not wrong, this person lost her spiritual energy? I can’t do anything for her, but there are two things in the world that could save her.”

“What are they?”

Darryl’s eyes shone and b****d with hope as he stared intensely at Yuan Tiangang.

The man smiled and said, “The Phoenix Pill and the Dragon Essence-these two things can a****b spiritual energy and carry the power to live. However, there is only one Phoenix Pill and one Dragon Essence in this world. If you can find either one, then you’ll be able to resurrect this lady.”

A Phoenix Pill and a Dragon Essence?!

Darryl felt so delighted! He finally found a way to save Little Fairy!

Apart from the Phoenix Pill, there was also the Dragon Essence in that world!

Yvonne had consumed the Phoenix Pill, so the only way to save Little Fairy was to look for the Dragon Essence.

‘But I have never heard of the Dragon Essence. Where would I find it?’