The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1034

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1034 – Little Fairy knew that her time was almost up-she could no longer be brave, so she started to sob.

“It’s alright, don’t cry, please don’t cry…”

Darryl’s heart clenched, and he could not stop his tears. He hugged Little Fairy and consoled her gently, “I would never let you leave me. Never!.”


Little Fairy pressed her face into Darryl’s chest and nodded as she said weakly, “Darryl, please hug me tightly. I love this feeling.”

Darryl embraced her in his arms tighter; his hands trembled.

“Tighter… I feel so cold…”

Little Fairy could feel that her body had turned lighter, and her mind had started to get confused.

Little Fairy knew that she would d*e soon.

However, she tried her best to keep herself conscious. She said weakly, “Darryl, do you have any other love story? I want to listen to more stories. I want to listen a hundred more, and yet it will never be enough.”

“Of course!”

Darryl tried to ignore the pain in his heart; he smiled as he nodded. He said softly, “Let me tell you the story about the Butterfly Lovers.”

Little Fairy nodded slightly as she shut her eyes. There was a happy smile on her face.

‘I am lying in Darryl’s arms during my last moments, and I’m listening to his voice. I have no regrets.’

Darryl did not notice the subtle changes in Little Fairy; he started to tell the story slowly, “Long time ago, in the Zhu family, landlord Zhu had a daughter named Yingtai…

“Yingtai loved to read and write. When she was sixteen years old, she dressed as a male to attend college so that she could study. She met Shanbo there.

“After graduation, Yingtai revealed her female self to Shanbo. He was surprised and delighted. They were secretly engaged, but landlord Zhu insisted on marrying Yingtai to someone else…

“Shanbo fell ill when he knew that, and then he died. When Yingtai heard the news, she ran toward Shanbo’s grave and knocked her head onto his tombstone.”

At the end of the story, Darryl tried his best to quell the anguish in his heart and smiled lightly. “Guess what happened next? Shabo and Yingtai turned into a pair of butterflies after they died, and they finally could live together freely…”

After he finished the story, Darryl waited quietly for Little Fairy’s reaction.

He wanted to hear her say, ‘What a beautiful story.’

However, Little Fairy did not have any reaction!

Darryl looked down at her; he could feel that something was not right.

His mind immediately spun; he was stunned.

Little Fairy was quiet as she laid in his arms. There was a light smile on her pale but exquisite, but her eyes shut tightly.

“Little Wife! Irene! Little Fairy! Please, open your eyes and look at me. I am begging you; please don’t scare me. I am begging you. I am begging you. Little Fairy, I am begging you! Please open your eyes…” Darryl screamed until his voice cracked.