The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 103

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 103 – Upon hearing the nurse’s words, the people around started speaking in hushed voices again.

“Can’t even pay to seek treatment, so hopeless.”

Shelly heard the crowd’s discussions and looked Darryl deep in the eyes. “It’s fine, let’s help him first, I believe him.”

When Shelly was at the wedding banquet, she heard that Darryl was the Second Young Master, and he gave three billion bucks to help fund the family!

The medical fee was only a measly 700000 bucks; how could Darryl not afford it?

The nurse started to feel anxious. The man in front does not seem like a wealthy person, how did Director Sullivan know him? Director Sullivan was too generous. If the patient was treated first but afterward this peasant is not able to afford it, Director Sullivan had to pay the 7oo.000 bucks medical fee herself!

Since Director Sullivan insisted on performing the surgery first, the doctors and nurses could not say a word and simply wheeled Daniel to the operating room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best,” said Shelly to Darryl as she proceeded to follow the rest of them into the room.


Darryl let out a deep sigh and sat beside his mother.

“Mom, how could this happen? Didn’t you guys went to visit the family?” Darryl could not hold back and asked.

Darryl’s father’s body had always been healthy; why would he fall sick out of a sudden.

Luna sighed but did not directly answer Darryl’s question, instead, she looked at Darryl and asked, “Darry, tell me honestly, what did you do during Jackson’s wedding?”

Darryl was shocked. “I didn’t do anything?”

As he spoke, his mind could not help but wander to the eight-diagrams mirror.

Could it be that his father was also affected by the mirror? Impossible, that evil spirit mainly targets women. Although his father was old, he still had the energy of a man. Under normal circumstances, he would not have fainted because of the evil spirit.

As Darryl was deep in thought, Luna was struggling to speak. “According to them, you violated Jackson’s newlywed wife. Your father and I argued with them and he fainted.”


Darryl violated Jackson’s wife? Where did this come from?

In an instant, Darryl’s mind went blank as his whole body was stunned.

“Mom, they must have made a mistake. During that wedding banquet, I left even before dark.”

Luna felt relieved. “Your father and I definitely believe you, but they insisted that it was you’re doing, even Jackson said so.”

As Darryl clenched his fists and was about to speak, a middle-aged man walked toward them.

“Why are there so many people crowded around here? What’s going on?”

It was the Chief of Staff of the hospital, Richard Stone.

The medical staff and the side hastily greeted him and spoke a few words softly.

“What? Shelly is performing surgery without payment? Isn’t this a mess?” Richard furrowed his eyebrows and commanded, “Go, go get Shelly for”.

She knows the rules of the hospital and yet she dared make such a mistake, who gave her such courage?”

The medical staff looked at the time and hesitated. “If Director Shelly must have begun the surgery by now, if we rush in, I’m afraid…”

Before he could finish, the chief stared at him. “So   what if she’s in the middle of surgery? I order her to stop immediately! After the surgery, are you going to pay the 700000 bucks medical fee?”

“I’ll f*cking see who dares to go in.”

At that moment, Darryl stood up with a cold expression on his face.

“Who are you?” said Richard unhappily.

“The person inside that’s being saved is my father!”

Richard sized up Darryl and took a few glances at the simple-looking Luna. He let out a cold laugh. “You lot must be Shelly’s relatives, trying to come in through the back door? Trying to receive treatment without payment? In your dreams.”

“Are you even worthy of the white coat you’re wearing?” Darryl stepped forward with fire in his eyes!

“The medical fee is 7oo.oboe bucks, right?”


Darryl threw a bank card from his hand onto Richard’s body.

This is… Amethyst Bank’s black card!?

Richard felt the hair on his body stand on end! The doctors and nurses around were at a loss. They do not know about the black card, but how would Richard not know!?

But… a man like Darryl can have a black card? “Who are you trying to fool with this fake black card from Amethyst Bank?” Richard let out a cold laugh after his initial stun had wom off.

After that, he said to the medical staff beside, “Take his card, let’s have a look and see if there’s any money.”

As the medical staff took the card away, Richard called for two hospital security guards. “Keep your eyes on him, don’t let him get away later.”

At that moment, Richard had determined that Darryl was merely bluffing him.

He had made up his mind.

Once he had confirmation that the Amethyst Bank black card was fake; he was going to call the police.

Soon enough, the medical staff returned with the bank card.

“Greetings sir, here’s your bank card and your receipt.” The medical staff walked to the front of Darryl, his attitude was the opposite from before, he was extremely polite!