The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1024

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1024 – When Yvonne regained her consciousness, everyone’s face looked conflicted.

What a joke!

If she knew that she had stabbed Darryl when she was under someone else’s control, how terrible would she feel?

Finally, Yvonne managed to gather her thoughts. She turned toward the Six Fairies in front of her and asked, “Six Palace Masters, where is Darryl?”

When the Seven Fairies had assisted Donghai City in their battle against Sloan, Yvonne had remembered them. She knew that they had a close relationship with Darryl.

If they were there, then Darryl would be there as well.

“Darryl, he “

The few fairies looked at Darryl.

Yvonne’s eyes followed the direction of their vision. Her body shivered when she saw what was in front of her, and her tears started to fall!


Yvonne rushed toward him. When she saw Darryl was covered in blood, she cried, “What happened? Who injured Darryl? Darryl, wake up, please wake up…”

At that moment, the Six Fairies sighed, but they did not say anything.

Dax and Chester looked at each other and sighed as well.

“Miss Young, have you forgotten? You were the one who stabbed him with the blade just now.”

One of the Carter family’s disciples decided to tell her about it.

Yvonne was utterly devastated!


‘I harmed Darryl?’

Yvonne’s heart shivered. She figured that Lindsay must have controlled her.

“No…” The next second, Yvonne started to wail!

‘Darryl will be fine! He will definitely be fine!’

Yvonne hugged Darryl tightly in her arms. Her hands s****e Darryl’s pale face gently.

Images of her time together with Darryl played over and over again in her mind.

‘Darryl, we spent more time apart than together; we have not had any good time together yet. Please don’t scare me, please don’t scare me! Please wake up, please don’t scare me anymore…”


Yvonne’s tears flowed uncontrollably, “Darryl, I do not allow you to d*e, do you hear me? I am Yvonne, your Yvonne. I am sorry, please wake up and look at me. You can stab me too-once, ten times, a hundred times. I am begging you to say something.”

Yvonne was devastated; her tears continued to fall.

Everyone was sad when they saw that.

“Miss Yvonne.”

Cindy said softly, “Miss Yvonne, let’s bring Darryl into the house to lay him down quickly. Darryl’s internal organs are damaged; we need to figure out a way to help him quickly; otherwise, it will be too late.”

“Very well.” Yvonne nodded. Her tears dropped onto Darryl’s chest.

Little Fairy, who was at the side, was anxious too. Her eyes were red.

Even though Darryl had addressed her as his little wife and had always flirted with her, she hoped that he would be fine.

When Leroy Henderson controlled the Fuyao Palace, the man had used Little Fairy ‘s name to lure Darryl to meet him. Darryl had gone without a single hesitation.

Little Fairy always remembered that incident in her heart, and she was forever grateful for him.

At that moment, Little Fairy still did not realize that she had fallen for Darryl.

She only knew that her heart was broken into pieces when she looked at Darryl; she did not know if he would live.

Little Fairy put her hands on Darryl’s abdomen and started to pass her internal energy to him. However, it could only help relieve Darryl’s pain temporarily and keep him alive for a little while longer.

Then, a few of the Carter family’s disciples carried Darryl into the bedroom. The man was severely injured, so fresh blood covered the bedsheet.

The entire Carter mansion stayed silent that day.

The Carter family had sustained severe injuries and losses for that battle. It was the family’s worst battle in a few hundred years.

Anger, sorrow and sadness covered the entire family.

The Carter family had almost been destroyed in a single day. At the same time, the news about Darryl’s injuries was spread throughout the community.

All the sects and even those from the New World had discussed that matter.

Various rumors spread everywhere.

Some said that Darryl had caused the d***h of an innocent female newscaster, and then he had suffered severe injuries in a battle-that was his karma.

Some said that Darryl was a person who valued love and relationship, and it was a pity if he had died.

In summary, there were too many rumors out there.

Two days had passed, but not a single sect had visited Darryl at the Carter residence. Since they no longer recognized Darryl as the Alliance Master, they no longer cared about his life or d***h.

The Six Fairies and the Carter family felt disgusted at those sects’ cold- bloodedness.

Darryl had done a lot for the World Universe. He destroyed dark forces, helped the other people, and defended them against the New World army.

However, they had treated him so badly because of the d***h of a female newscaster.

That was a sad situation.

Over the past two days, Dax, Chester, the Six Fairies and Debra took turns to pass their internal energy to Darryl every two hours to maintain his life.

Darryl had performed the second level of the Grand Destruction Art-the Mountainous River Art technique-and he had exhausted his internal energy. He was already weak when Yvonne stabbed his heart. That was the most severe injury that Darryl had sustained ever since he became a cultivator.

Under those circumstances, Chester and the others had to give him their internal energy every two hours to maintain his life. Otherwise, Darryl might d*e at any given time.