The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1021

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1021 – As for the level two technique, the Mountainous River Art, Darryl had not been able to complete it.

However, when he saw his mother k****d and his father had cried his lungs out, Darryl felt a door opened in his mind. He was desperate, and thus, he had managed to complete the level two technique-the Mountainous River Art. The skill that he performed was the Mountainous River Art!

The Mountainous River Art technique could a****b all the energy within an area of a few hundred miles!

The flowers, grass and trees in the few hundred miles around that area had been grown quite healthily. However, the moment Darryl used the Mountainous River Art, all of them had wilted! The energy from the lava and the plants had all gathered into Darryl’s hands to form a fireball! The fireball had a diameter of a few thousand feet! It was as powerful as the sun!

Everyone on the ground was stunned when they felt the fireball’s terrifying power! However, they were excited beyond description, as well!

“Donoghue, I want you to d*e!”

Darryl roared crazily; the giant fireball immediately bounced toward Donoghue!

The sky and the earth twisted wherever the fireball passed by the area. It was as if it was the end of the world!


Donoghue was shocked; he quickly lifted the Sky Breaking Axe to block the fireball!


The fireball clashed with the Sky Breaking Axe-scary energy exploded, and its brightness could be seen from as far as a few hundred miles away!


Donoghue vomited a mouthful of fresh blood as his body flew backward!

Even though he had the Sky Breaking Axe, he could not defend against the Mountainous River Art! After a continuous battle, Donoghue had exhausted almost all of his internal energy.

He required massive internal energy to activate the Sky Breaking Axe!

After he bounced a few hundred feet backward, Donoghue tried to stabilize his body. He vomited a few more mouthfuls of fresh blood!

Darryl, on the other end, became extremely weak after he performed the Mountainous River Art technique.

The Grand Destruction Art was a way to destroy the sky and earth. It was out of anyone’s expectation that Darryl could even activate the Mountainous River Art technique.

After he performed the Mountainous River Art, he would need to rest for at least a month!


Everyone was stunned; their eyes and mouth were open wide. They could not even gather their thoughts for quite some time.

Did that mean Darryl had won the battle?

Darryl had performed an incredible technique.

“Good. That’s great! Darryl, you do have skills! No matter what, I must k**l you today!”

Donoghue tried hard to hold on to his weak body. He held the Sky Breaking Axe tightly and charged toward Darryl again! He did not have much energy left, but he knew that if he did not k**l Darryl that day, it would pose a greater danger for himself in the future! Hence, Donoghue must use all his might to k**l Darryl.

When Darryl saw Donoghue charged toward him again, he clenched his fists. He wanted to avoid the a****k, but his body was too weak; there was no way for him to dodge it.


At that moment, Debra leapt toward him and activated a protective shield to defend Darryl from the a****k.

At that same time, Cindy and the rest had almost recovered their internal energy. The Six Fairies and Debra went forward to fight Donoghue!


As Little Fairy whipped her leather belt, a loud and clear sound was heard- Donoghue had screamed.

The belt had struck him until his flesh was pulverized!


Donoghue clenched his teeth as he swore, He had no energy left; he did not want to continue with the battle. He had used all his might to swing the axe to force the ladies to step backward as he turned around to escape!

“Sisters, go after him!” Cindy shouted. She led a few fairies and Debra as they went after Donoghue.

Donoghue had k****d so many people from the Carter family, and he had even k****d Darryl’s mother; they could not let him escape!

Donoghue tried his best to leave, but he saw the Six Fairies and Debra chased after himself as he turned around. He smiled wickedly and increased the speed of his footsteps.

On the other end, at the Carter family, Darryl’s eyes were blood-red. His body was too weak-he sat p*******d on the floor.


Jewel screamed and ran over to him quickly.

Yvonne’s face was icy as she trailed behind her.

At that time, no one noticed that Yvonne held a short blade tightly in her hands.

Once she reached Darryl, Jewel held Darryl as she spoke worriedly, “Mister, are you alright?”

Jewel almost cried. She realized that Darryl was remarkably weak, and his face extremely pale.

Darryl shook his head. “I am fine.”


Before he could continue to speak, Darryl felt a chill on his chest. Then, he saw a blade had pierced through his chest as fresh blood immediately oozed from the wound!

Darryl felt his vision turned dark; he tried his best to turn his head. He saw Yvonne held a blade cover in her hand as she stood expressionless in front of him.

“Yvonne, you-“

Darryl was stunned. He had only said a few words when his vision turned black, and he fell onto the floor.