The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1017

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1017 – As he spoke, Darryl raised his hand, and the White Lily Cold Flame leapt over and floated toward the direction of Lindsay’s face.

All the women in the world cared most about their beauty-especially beautiful ladies. It was as if their face was more important than their life.

As expected, Lindsay panicked as the White Lily Cold Flame approached her. Her body shook, and she quickly said, “I will tell you! It’s the one in the white bottle.”

When she said that, Lindsay’s face was full of fear; she no longer showed her arrogant self.

Darryl quickly poured the antidote into the white medicine bottle and fed them to Debra and the others.

Soon, they felt the weakness and numbness on their body had all but disappeared.


When he recovered his internal energy, Dax immediately stood up and slapped Lindsay’s face as he scolded her fiercely. “B*tch! I will k**l you!”

Dax held the axe tightly; he was about to k**l Lindsay.

“Dax!” Chester quickly stopped him. “Spare this woman; she might be useful later.”

Chester turned and looked at Darryl, “Let’s get to the Carter family immediately. Let’s go now; it will be too late if we delay any further!”

“Yes!” Darryl did not say anything else; he nodded his head. He leapt and jumped onto the back of the snow eagle and headed toward the Carter family hurriedly.


Meanwhile, at the Carter family’s mansion.

Donoghue and the Six Fairies used their internal energy in a battle in mid-air!

They had fought for a few hundred rounds. Donoghue managed to identify a loophole in their formation and had destroyed it. Then, he took the opportunity to a****k them with his internal energy.

Donoghue had the Sky Breaking Axe that would continuously replenish his internal energy; there was no way for the six fairies to win the battle. However, none of them showed any sign that they would give up soon!


Donoghue roared; the air turned! The Six Fairies’ faces were pale as they dropped from the sky! All of them held their hands to their chests; it was apparent that none of them had any energy left.

Donoghue was laughing insanely; his eyes glanced at the Carter family. “These six women had no energy left. Let’s see who else can save your Carter family!”

Donoghue swung the axe and hit Daniel, who was closest to him!

“You are a terrible person! You have k****d Auntie, and now you want to harm Uncle! Mister will never let you off easily!” At that moment, a girl ran forward and stood in front of Daniel. It was Jewel!

“Little girl, go away! Leave quickly! Leave me!” Daniel shouted as loud as he could.

Even though Daniel had not spent much time with Jewel, he had liked her. He felt warm when he saw Jewel tried to block the a****k for him.

Jewel’s was furious as she continued to cry. She spread her arms in front of Daniel; she would not leave! She knew that Darryl would be devastated if anything were to happen to his father. ‘I will use my life to protect Uncle and will not allow him to be harmed further! As long as I am still breathing, I will stand right in front of him!”

Jewel’s eyes were red as she looked at Donoghue and shouted, “I will not let you harm him. I will not let you! Wait till Mister returns; he will not let you off so easily! He will not let you off!”

“Will not let me off?!” Donoghue stared coldly at Jewel; his vision was deviant. ” When I hacked Dax 36 times, Darryl had cut me 360 times in return! Each cut was not even meant to be life-threatening! When I see him today, I will repay it ten times more! I will slice him a hundred thousand times! Let me k**l you first, and then I shall look for Darryl! None of you can escape!”

Donoghue lifted the Sky Breaking Axe and charged toward Jewel!

At that moment, no one in the Carter family had any energy to battle anymore!

The axe carried incredible power!

Jewel stood there; she did not show any sign that she would retreat! However, she closed her eyes; she knew that she would have nowhere to go even if she wanted to hide.

As the axe approached closer, Jewel’s tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably. She felt utterly hopeless!

‘Mister, where are you? This bad man had k****d Auntie. He is also bullying me. Mister, where are you now? Do you know that I may not see you again?’

“Donoghue, you b*****d!”

At that moment, a loud roar was heard from afar; the voice shook heaven and earth.

A giant white eagle flew mid-air!

It was Darryl on the back of the snow eagle, and he held the Blood Drinking Sword in his hand! His anger boiled, and his eyes were blood-red!