The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1014

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1014 – “As long as I am alive, don’t you dare to think you can destroy my Carter family!” Zoran roared with his blood-red eyes. He leapt forward and charged towards Donoghue after he said that!


Susan’s body was shivering beside him as she pulled out her longsword and leapt forward!

“Both of you together? That’s great. I’ll let both of you d*e together,” ridiculed Donoghue.

As he spoke, Donoghue raised his hand and the terrifying energy exploded again. The Sky Breaking Sword spun in the air and charged fiercely towards them both!

Everyone on the ground was shocked upon seeing that.

“Father… Mother…” Sara stomped her feet worriedly with her reddened eyes.

Zoran used all his energy to form a protective shield to defend both of them when he saw the axe was about to land!


A protective shield was formed at that moment the golden light fiercely chopped down! Zoran vomited a mouthful of fresh blood before his body landed heavily on the ground!

On the other hand, Susan flew a few hundred feet away like a kite with a broken string and also landed heavily on the ground-her life and d***h was uncertain.


Sara rushed over and hugged Susan into her arms upon seeing that.

At that moment, Susan’s face was completely pale with her eyes tightly shut and her long dress fully covered in blood. She was unconscious.

“K**l! Defend our family!”

At that moment, all the surrounding Carter family disciples went crazy and charged toward Donoghue fiercely with their blood-red eyes.

However, the family disciples’ abilities were not a match for Donoghue at all.

Donoghue laughed insanely as he continued swinging the giant axe at hand. The surrounding air seems to have completely broken into pieces as those family disciples were also torn into pieces before they could even charge forward!

It was a completely one-sided massacre!

At the blink of an eye, only a dozen remained standing out of the few thousand Carter family disciples! The entire familial grounds was covered red in fresh blood with the place looked like an actual h**l!

Donoghue used his might to swing the axe and sent dozens of people in front of him flying. He gradually walked toward Zoran with a merciless cold smile shown on his mouth. “Sir Carter, aren’t you trying to defend your family? That’s all you’ve got?”

At that moment, Donoghue could have easily k****d Zoran but he did not want to do so as he wanted to torture Zoran first and made him suffer before letting him d*e.

“I want you to suffer to the extent that you won’t d*e but can’t live either,” roared Donoghue angrily and kicked Zoran strongly at his chest!

Zoran had completely exhausted his internal energy, hence there was no way he could have avoided that.


The kick had broken Zoran’s ribs into pieces and caused his body to fly and landed heavily on the ground before hearing him shouting in pain with his entire body covered with blood. It was too horrific to watch!

“Brother Zoran!”

Darryl’s father, Daniel Darby shouted upon seeing that with a completely worried face!

Over the past year, Daniel and his wife had been cultivating hard at the Carter family and had achieved the Level Five Master General, but his power was too insignificant before Donoghue!

“Sir Carter, it’s time for your d***h,” Donoghue spoke coldly at that moment and raised the Sky Breaking Axe again!

“Brother Zoran!”

Daniel shouted upon seeing that and dove right in front of Zoran without further thoughts to block!

“Oh, another one asking for d***h.”

Donoghue’s eyes shone at the instance as his gaze locked onto Daniel. He turned his hand which held the Sky Breaking Axe and directed the golden light to shine towards Daniel!

Daniel would d*e once the axe made contact!


Darryl’s mother Luna Shaw shouted in shock while shedding tears at that moment and immediately charged over to hug Daniel.


The axe landed strongly on Luna’s back as fresh blood uncontrollably and instantly sprayed out! The strong force then sent Daniel flying away.


Daniel shouted crazily as he dove over to hug her upon seeing Luna lying on a pool of blood!

He saw Luna’s completely pale face and a horrible b****y wound on her back with all her internal organs crushed into pieces.

Fresh blood would not stop flowing out. Luna was extremely weak when she opened her mouth and said, “Daniel, I-I have to leave first…”