The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1012

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1012 – “Everyone from the Carter family, come out here and d*e!” Donoghue smiled coldly as his entire body released a strong k****r’s aura!

Zoran felt terrified deep in his heart with his eyes full of fear upon sensing that k*****g aura!

“Y-you are Donoghue?”

Zoran could not help but opened his mouth in shock!

The person holding an easily identified as a grand weapon axe in his hand and floating in the air should be Donoghue!

“That’s right, it’s me.”

Donoghue smiled evilly with his arrogant face. “I’m here to destroy the Carter family today. You may say your last words if you have any before I take action.”

Donoghue’s face showed arrogance as he said that.

He was not bothered by Zoran who was in front of him as Zoran only had the abilities of a martial saint.

At that moment, every Carter family disciples were there with all of them looking upward in the air at Donoghue. They felt a tightness in their chest and could barely breathe!

In an instance, the entire Carter family was in complete silence!

Zoran was surprised and furious.

‘What had happened? Isn’t he supposed to be battling with Darryl at the Wishing Star Tower? W-why did he suddenly come to the Carter family?’

Donoghue smiled coldly and spoke as he saw no one had even spoken a single word, “Come and accept your d***h since you don’t have any last words.”

A shiny ray of light exploded from the Sky Breaking Axe just as he spoke, Donoghue lifted the axe and was about to massacre the entire Carter family!


At that moment, a voice shouted from not far away before four shadows speedily flew over right in front of Zoran and blocked!

It was Zephyr and his three brothers!

‘Zephyr, Nimbus, Levin, and Volt?!’ Donoghue was stunned when he saw the four of them. His eyes instantly turned blood red as anger was burning fiercely in his heart!

“Great, great. The Dixon family has been treating you well all these times, but the four of you did not even seek revenge for us when the Dixon family was destroyed. In fact, you actually went and joined Darry!! You are worse than animals for betraying my family! I had planned to look for all of you, but you have already come before me.” The cold voice from Donoghue’s mouth was full of extreme anger.

“Mister Dixon!” Zephyr’s face was glowing as he tried hard to cover the complicated feeling in his heart as he slowly spoke, “We had committed countless crimes against society when our four brothers were previously with the Dixon family. It’s fated for the Dixon family to be destroyed. We have since joined the Elysium Gate in punishing the evil and helping the good. I hope Mister Dixon will stop doing these! Otherwise, when will this vengeance end?”

Donoghue had told the truth. The Dixon family well-treated the four brothers- Zephyr, Nimbus, Levin, and Volt.

However, they had never regretted joining the Elysium Gate! It was because they had been doing good deeds for the society by punishing evil while helping good since joining the Elysium Gate. They had never been ashamed of those things they had done under Elysium Gate!

Volt also took a step forward. “Mister Dixon, please stop.”

“Yes, the four of us betrayed the Dixon family! Come to us if you want to release your anger but please let the Carter family go!”

Donoghue was furious upon hearing those four brothers’ words. “Shut up, the four of you!”

Donoghue tightly held the Sky Breaking Axe with an extremely furious face. “All of you still have the guts to persuade me? Great, you wanted to protect the Carter family, right? I’ll give you a chance! All four of you together, come fight with me. Come on!”


Zephyr took a deep sigh and looked at the three brothers beside him upon noticing that he could not persuade Donoghue.

The next second, Zephyr pulled out the longsword. “Us four brothers shall have to comply since Mister Dixon insisted.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As he spoke, Nimbus and his other two brothers also drew out their weapons. They leaped into the sky and surrounded Donoghue!

The four brothers were at the Martial Saints level. The air twisted as the four brothers joined forces with an intimidating aura!

“Four traitors! Get lost!”

Donoghue’s eyes were red and did not speak any more nonsense before lifting his hand and swung hard!