The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1010

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1010 – Darryl’s eyes reddened. He felt as if his heart had bled.

Donoghue was about to destroy the Carter family, but the World Universe sects would not help them.

The only solution was for Darryl to head over to the Carter family to stop the a****k.

“Darryl.” Lindsay smiled and said to him, “It’s true that the Prime Minister is heading to the Carter family to k**l them. However, if you were to go help them, then your good brothers-Dax, Chester, and that woman called Debra-would definitely d*e. They were p******d with the Heart Bone Rotten Poison. In half an hour, if they do not take the antidote, they would d*e terribly.”

Lindsay laughed and stretched out her hand; it was a small packet of medicine. She flung it in front of Darryl. “This is the antidote. If you want it, come and get it.”

Her mission was to stall Darryl and not let him help the Carter family-the longer, the better!

“Pass me f*cking antidote!” Darryl growled as he attacked.

Lindsay smiled; she did not bother to fight Darryl. She turned and ran! Not only that, at that very moment, a few thousand Westrington soldiers surrounded the Wishing Star Tower and rushed forward!

“Listen up!” Lindsay ordered the troops. “K**l only Darryl; do not hurt anyone else!”

“Yes!” The army yelled in unison; they held their spears and rushed forward to k**l Darryl!

Darryl clenched his fist and waved it extensively-a high tower suddenly rose from the ground! Five hundred mighty men poured out of the tower! It was the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda!

The pagoda had 500 hundred strong men in it; Darryl was not afraid of the Westrington army at all! However, he could not retrieve the antidote from Lindsay!

With the Blood Drinking Sword in his hand, Darryl could barely catch Lindsay as the army continued to a****k him. At that very moment, he wanted to cry. He panicked and sweated profusely.

As he chased after Lindsay, he turned back and looked at the various sects and yelled loudly, “I’m begging you. Please! Go and help the Carter family! I’m begging you! Please!”

Master Leonard slowly stood up and said, “Darryl, I’m part of the martial arts world, and I like to be direct. I will tell you directly; it is impossible for us to help you.”

“Yes!” Aurora Hansen stood up and looked straight at Darryl. “You are a piece of filth! Not only did you k**l my junior sister, Abbess Mother Serendipity, you even k****d the innocent Dora Simpson! Yet, you still hope for us to help you? To help the Carter family?”

At those unkind words, Darryl’s anger rose!

“Whoever wants to be the Alliance Master, go ahead, take it! I am not worthy of it!” Darry! forced those words out of his mouth, He plucked the jade pendant that hung from his waist and threw it on the floor violently, That jade pendant was the symbol of the Alliance Master, Only the past Alliance Master could wear it!

“Darryl, if these people won’t help you, then the Fuyao Palace will step up to the place! Stay here and get the antidote for Dax and the others. We will help the Carter family.” The Six Fairies said as they stood up. Then, they quickly flew toward the Carter family.

Darryl was extremely touched; he almost cried out.

“Darryl!” Dax yelled weakly, “You have to go help the Carter family. Quick! Don’t bother with the antidote!”

Chester chimed in, as well. “Yes, Darryl. We can still hold on. Quick! Head back to Mid City and stop Donoghue.”

Chester and Dax knew that without the antidote, they would not survive for long. They already knew that the poison in their body had spread toward their meridian.

However, when they saw Darryl tried to get the antidote and did not help the Carter family, Dax and Chester got anxious!

So what if they died there? Darryl had to go back and help the Carter family!

“No!” Darryl yelled. There were tears in his eyes.

Dax did not want to be a burden to Darryl; how would Darryl not know that?

“Darryl, I’m asking you to leave, Leave now! The longer you waste time here, the more dangerous it is for the Carters, Don’t you get it?” Dax almost roared. “If you don’t f*cking leave, then you’re no longer my brother!”

He realized that the Westrington soldiers were elites. If Darryl were to fight with them, he would not be able to get the antidote in a short time. If he wasted more time, the entire Carter family would be destroyed!

Chester said weakly, “Darryl, go! Go and protect the Carter family first. You can avenge us later. Go!”