The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1003

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1003 – Meanwhile, at the Carter Mansion in Mid City.

Darryl and Zoran sat on a chair in the main hall as they sipped their tea.

Darryl had been immensely depressed for the past few days.

Dora had fallen to her d***h, and the public had blamed Darryl for her d***h. There was also a rumor that Darryl wanted to s********h her, but she refused, so he k****d her. Some even said that he had tried to force her, so she jumped to her d***h. Some said that as the Alliance Master, Darryl had misbehaved, and he was morally corrupt. There were all sorts of comments.

Darryl was speechless; he felt wronged!

“Darryl!” Zoran took a deep breath; his expression was solemn as he said, “The incident with the host, don’t think too much about it. The truth will prevail one day.”

The incident with Dora Simpson was all over the internet; even Zoran had heard about it.

“It’s fine if the people on the internet slander me, Godfather. Right now, I just want to find the k****r.” Darryl smiled bitterly as he clenched his fist tightly.

He had suffered too much injustice for the past few years.

Darryl was not resentful; he was heartbroken because Dora Simpson was such a kind girl, yet someone had attacked her!


A loud roar echoed from outside of the door. Then, Dax and Chester walked into the hall. The two brothers’ faces were pale, and their energy field seemed extremely unstable. It was apparent that they had been in a fight!

Darryl was stunned when he saw them. “Dax, Chester, what happened?”

Dax and Chester were both Level One Martial Emperors.

They had strong powers, and almost no one was their match in the entire World Universe. Who could have hurt them?

Chester walked forward and sat on a chair; he was about to greet Zoran.

Before he could open his mouth, Dax took the tea on the table and downed it. Then he said, “B****y h**l, Darryl! Guess who we met? Donoghue Dixon! Do you remember him?”

Dax poured himself another cup of tea and drank a mouthful. Then he said, “That dude is now the prime minister of Westrington. He even has the Grand Weapon. When the enchanted barrier of the Nine Mainlands vanished, it was all because of this Grand Weapon!

“Chester and I were chasing after Leroy Henderson when we met him. F*ck, the Grand Weapon’s power is way too strong!”

Dax seemed aggrieved and unhappy!

‘What? Donoghue Dixon? The Grand Weapon?’ When Darryl heard that, his mind buzzed; he was utterly baffled.

They could not find Donoghue’s body when they destroyed the Dixon family. Darryl did not expect to hear that he was stronger than ever in only a year!

Chester sighed; his expression was grave. “Darryl, Donoghue said that he wants you to meet him at the Wishing Star Tower in three days to settle everything once and for all and battle each other to d***h.”

Chester could not hide the worry on his face.

Donoghue’s Grand Weapon, the Sky Breaking Axe, was extremely terrifying!

Darryl sighed; he had no words.


A voice echoed from outside. Then, Zephyr Dixon entered the hall hurriedly with a conflicted expression on his face.

He approached Darryl with hesitation before he said in a low voice, “Brother Darryl, we just received some news from the martial arts community. Donoghue has invited all the sects to watch as he fights you at the Wishing Star Tower in three days. I think all the sects would attend this event.”

Zephyr’s heart was conflicted when he said that.