The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1000

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1000 – Lydia could not hide her fear; her lips trembled. “Dad, what should we do?”

Leroy was filled with bitterness. He did not know how to answer his daughter. They could no longer turn back.

‘Is this be G*d’s plan? Is G*d trying to destroy me? This is so unfair! So unfair!’

Dax and Chester had also reached them! When they realized that they were on a cliff, Dax clenched his fist and said, “Leroy Henderson, it is time for you to d*e!” He approached him with the giant axe in his hand!

Chester did not say anything, but his eyes looked m*******s too!

“It looks like a fight is starting just as I’ve arrived. How interesting.”

A cheeky voice echoed nearby. It sounded very seductive, and any man who heard it would not be able to control themselves.

The voice had spoken so suddenly, so the two brothers were stunned when they heard it. They looked toward the direction of the voice.

A few people walked on the mountain road nearby, and one of them was a high-profile woman.

She was in a long purple dress with cutouts. She had an alluring figure, and she was unspeakably seductive and s**y. However, there was a malicious smile on her exquisite face. She had such captivating beauty!

Unfortunately, it was easy to detect the danger that lurked beneath her gorgeous looks.


Leroy gasped discreetly when he saw the beautiful woman.

‘She’s so gorgeous!’

“Tsk, Tsk, Dax Sanders? Long time no see.” A cold voice echoed from behind that beautiful woman. Then, a handsome figure approached them. His attractive facial features displayed m*******s intent!

It was Donoghue Dixon!

The seductive woman was the Five Poison Sect’s Sect Master, Lindsay Jones!

A few days ago, Donoghue Dixon had decided to go to the World Universe to exact his revenge on Darryl Darby.

Their first stop was Donghai City because Darryl was a citizen there.

They had only reached the city when they saw Dax and Chester chased after Leroy Henderson.

‘What? It’s him!’ When they saw Donoghue, Dax was stunned; he was also unspeakably shocked.

‘Darryl had destroyed the entire Dixon family last year; weren’t they all d**d? How is he still alive?’

“You’re not d**d?” Dax clenched his fist; he almost roared in a low voice.

Dax also felt Donoghue’s powers. His heart sank again.

A Level Two Martial Emperor? Donoghue was already a Level Two Martial Emperor?

Donoghue laughed when he saw the changes in Dax’s expression. Still, he could not hide the contempt he felt for the man. He gritted his teeth and said, “Dax Sanders. You and Darryl are still alive, so how could I d*e first?”

Fury flashed in Donoghue’s eyes, and his body emitted a m*******s aura as he was reminded of how his family had been destroyed!

“Who are you?” Donoghue’s eyes slowly landed on Leroy.

Leroy’s soul shuddered when Donoghue’s eyes landed on him. He quickly replied, “My hero, I am Leroy Henderson. I was initially the Kunlun Sect’s Sect Master. A year ago, the three brothers destroyed my sect, and now they want to k**l me. I beg you for your help!”

Although he did not know Donoghue, Leroy could feel his powers! The man had unfathomable strength!

At the same time, Leroy learned that Donoghue had a feud with Dax.

Leroy was a cunning man; he knew to bend to the direction of the wind. The situation had changed, and so he needed to grab the opportunity! He and his daughter could stay safe if Donoghue were to help them. They would not need to d*e that day!