The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 100

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 100 – Three years ago, Darryl and his parents were kicked out. His parents have been living in the countryside ever since. Darryl would visit them every few days.

“Darryl, I’ve heard from your uncle a few days ago that he handed the Platinum Corporation over to you. I couldn’t believe it, so I had to come here and see it for myself,” Daniel laughed brightly.

“So you’re really the President of Platinum Corporation?” asked his mother, Luna.

Darryl nodded, and explained, “Dad, Mom. The thing that happened three years ago has been settled. We reconciled—Uncle Drake was the one that passed over Platinum Corporation to me.”

He laughed comfortably. “For the past three years, I ‘ve made you two worried. Now that things have passed, for the last two days, I was just thinking about how I should bring this up to you when you both came.”

Daniel let out a sigh of relief, he said emotionally, “It’s great that the misunderstanding has been cleared. We won’t have to worry, and be at ease.”

Darryl nodded, he offered. “Dad, Mom, since you’re here, don’t go back to the countryside.”

Though the countryside is quiet, and the air is fresh, it’s not easy getting around.

Daniel thought for a while, looked at Luna, and nodded. “Alright, your mom and I will return to the mansion. We’ve missed the clan very much since we ‘ve not seen them for a very long time.”

“I’ll send you there,” Darryl offered.

Daniel waved his hands and said, “Don’t worry about it. You’re busy managing a corporation. Furthermore, your mom and I have not been to the city in such a long time. We’d like to explore

around. Don’t worry about us, go get busy.” At his father’s insistence, Darryl gave in.

After they left, Darryl took out his clay jar and started the production of the Godly pill.

Songhai’s seaside. The Darby Mansion.

Two servants were standing at the door when a rental car appeared. A middle-aged couple came down.

Looking at the mansion, Daniel and Luna felt sentimental.

“Master Daniel, Lady Luna?” The two servants were shocked. They quickly greeted them, then ran up to welcome them.

Ten minutes later, the Darby clan patriarch Drake, followed by Florian, Yumi, and the rest arrived at the living room.

Drake—with an expression of gratification— chuckled at Daniel. “Second brother, you finally thought it through? It’s great to have you back! I’ll get my men to tidy up your rooms.”

Three years ago, when Darryl and his parents were kicked out of the Darby clan, Drake felt guilty.

Daniel replied happily, “Brother, don’t have to be polite with me. This is my home. Why would I not come back? I came back because I heard that the misunderstanding with Darryl has been cleared up, so I came to see for myself.”

At the mention of Darryl, the Darby clan’s expression darkened. Jackson’s face was especially bitter.

A few days have passed since Jackson’s wedding, news of Rebecca being defiled by Darryl has spread like wildfire. Darryl Darby brings a bad name to them.

“You three were kicked out three years ago! How dare you come back now!” Yumi stomped her high heels at them.

Daniel’s expression soured. “What are you talking about?”

Yumi snickered and said, “To tell you the truth, your good son Darryl emptied our family finds and bought shares in a petroleum company. Now he still has the face to do shameless deeds!”

Yumi continued, “Him marrying into the Lyndon’s has brought us a lot of shame. Who knew he had such an ugly heart, that he would do such a thing as committing incest!”

At that, Luna could sit no longer, she frowned, “My son? What happened? Please explain!”

Yumi hinted at Florian. Florian approached them and said, “Aunt and Uncle, I’m sure you have not heard. Darryl…raped Rebecca on their wedding night.”


As if struck by lightning, Daniel and Luna stood up at the same time. Luna defended her son and said, “Impossible! Darryl is not that type of person!” She shook her head in disbelief.

“Hey, Jackson, why don’t you tell them what happened,” Florian sniggered.

Jackson approached them and said slowly, “Aunt, Uncle, the evidence on the scene all points to Darryl, he was the one that raped my wife.”

This was a huge blow to Daniel. He slumped back onto the chair.

“You’ve heard it from Jackson himself, how could it be fake? Who knows what else such an immoral person like Darryl would do! If he were my son, I would’ve disowned him a long time ago, and I’d never return to the Darby clan. I wouldn’t be as shameless as you two!” Yumi exclaimed slyly.

She got meaner, and said, “I heard that Lily Lyndon would not let Darryl touch her for three years now. I guess he can’t control himself at the sight of women! He would even touch his own sibling’s wife. Is he even still a person? Kicking you three out of the family three years ago was the best decision we’ve made, yet you have the face to come back?”

“My son would never do such a thing!” Daniel coughed, thumping on his chest.

The others sneered, “The entire family knows about your son defiling his siblings!”

“Yeah, your “good” son!”

“Like father, like son! You did not educate your son properly, yet you still dare come back to the Darby family!”

“You all three are rotten apples!”

Daniel’s eyes turned red, he pointed to everyone and shouted, “Everyone shut up! My…my son would never-”

At that he shuddered and fell to the floor in spasms, frothing around the mouth.