The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 70

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 70 – Six men stood there in the middle of the room. Before Arthur, stood a man in his early fifties with short height, a thin mustache on his upper lip and a shining bald. Four more much younger men surrounded him with the same black clothes the guards wore before the VVIP entrance.

The way they stood behind and around that bald man, indicated theirs being his men.

And obviously working with Arthur.

“Pozdravlyayu, Mr. Valencian,” said the man with his thick Russian accent. His mustache twitched as a smirk tugged onto his dark lips.

Arthur shook his hand with his. “Congratulations to us, Ivanov. After all, it’s the result of both of ours hard work.”

I frowned.

Ivanov? Why did this name sound familiar…

My lips parted in shock. Ivanov, one of the partners of the Russian company Ace was going to sign the deal with.

He was with Arthur? Oh G*d!

And what are they congratulating each other about?

That Russian shook his head. “Nah, I just helped you for the sake of my friendship with Antonio and the promise you gave me. All the planning was yours. And finally, that nephew of yours signed the contract. I was starting to doubt your plan, but seems like your nephew trusts his uncle blindly.”

A silent gasp slipped my lips. With my hand over my mouth, I stood there shocked.

Ace signed the contract? But, how? I sent Carter to stop him. Didn’t get my message?

Oh no! S**t!

This shouldn’t have happened! Why did Ace sign it? He should’ve waited for me.

Or was I already late? Maybe he signed even before I arrived here?

A feeling of failure and disappointment ran through me.

I was right. It was a part of Arthur’s master plan. But the sad part was, I couldn’t stop it from happening even if I knew it.

I wish I would’ve told Ace earlier…

And the fact that Ivanov was connected to Antonio didn’t surprise me at all. Even when Antonio went down, he left his friend behind to help Arthur with his plan to destroy us.

But what promise Arthur made to Ivanov that he agreed with his plan?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t still too late. If I tell Ace everything about them and the deal, he would find a way to deal with it.

Arthur let out a joyous chuckle. “Honestly, even I had a little bit of doubt that he’d agree to sign such a risky contract. One mistake and it can cost his company half a billion. Even though half a billion isn’t a big thing for him, but for my plan, I needed him to sign it. And he wouldn’t go for it if he was the Achilles a few months ago. To escape his haunted past and the absence of the love of his life he threw himself deep into work. He concentrated on his business. But now that his Rosebud is in his life again, he turned into a total fool from a shrewd businessman.”

He snorted. “All he can think about is f*****g that annoying b***h to give attention to his business.” My fists clenched at his use of words. Rage boiled through my veins. He was calling Ace a fool just because he trusted him?

This b*****d!

“But I think it came handy to our plan. With just a request of mine he accepted your offer to work with you and make me the head of the contract.”

“Ah, that beautiful young lady-” the Russian twirled the end of his mustache upwards “-I can not blame your nephew to be so smitten by her. I’ve seen her pictures on newspapers posing beside him. A beauty I must say.” While I wanted to throw up, he cocked his head, giving Arthur a look of wonder. “Weren’t she becoming a hindrance in your way? How did you take that wild s**y cat off your back?”

Arthur’s mouth twisted with disgust. Walking to the small bar across the room, he popped open a bottle and poured some drink in a glass.

“She was. That b***h was all set to expose me before Achilles, even sent her ex-boyfriend’s spy cousin after me to collect evidence against me.”

Taking a sip on his drink, he turned back to the Russians. A smirk tugged on his lips. “I threatened her about destroying her precious Ace using his past if she tries to open her mouth. And like I said, fools in love, she believed my fake threats and backed out. She got to know about my illegal businesses, even suspiciously went to meet Sierra after she saw me with her, unfortunately. Then she went to meet Liza in the j**l. Even though I knew those girls wouldn’t open their mouths, I was pretty sure that b***h got to know more than she needed to. And I couldn’t let that happen.”

As much as I wanted to slap that smirk off his face, he was right. I was a fool to believe him. I thought he really had evidence against Ace. I couldn’t take any chances. But the truth was, he didn’t have a s**t with him against Ace. If he did, he would’ve given it to Antonio way before Ace grabbed Reymond’s neck.

“So that’s why you sped up your plans and took action?” asked Ivanov, raising an amused brow at him. His men stood behind him silently, with their arms crossed over their chest.

Arthur nodded, passing a glass to Ivanov. And he took it gladly.

“Yes. Even if I kept her mouth shut with my fake threat, which I wish was real because I’ve been trying to get an evidence of Achilles’ accidentally k*****g my moron brother but got nothing in my hand, I knew she wouldn’t keep quiet for long,” he said, thinning his lips in displeasure. “I knew sooner or later, my threats wouldn’t affect her and she’d spit out everything to Achilles. So I sped up my plan. And brought you into the picture. Because Antonio was in no shape to help me in any way.”

Ivanov chuckled. “Achilles Valencian isn’t that foolish. He wouldn’t leave any evidence behind which can harm his reputation in the future. Obviously, you didn’t find anything just like Antonio except knowing just what happened to your beloved brother.”

“Antonio was another fool. I thought he could help me ruining Achilles, but he couldn’t do a s**t except framing Caleb into that d**g case. Even then Achilles got him out of that mess with just a flicker of his finger. And see where he is now. Suffering on a f*****g hospital bed and then will rot in the j**l.”

“Yeah, that poor friend of mine. He took Achilles too lightly, thinking of himself untouchable.” Ivanov shook his head. “Anyways, now that Achilles signed the contract, what’s next?”

Arthur shrugged nonchalantly before casting Ivanov a sinister look.

“He dies.”

I froze. My blood ran cold in my veins as my heart stopped beating in my chest for a moment. As the words slowly set in my mind, parting my lips I let out a shaky breath, stumbling a step back from the door.

T-they are planning to k-k**l Ace?

No! No, no. I won’t let that happen. I won’t let him do any harm to my Ace. Over my d**d body!

My hands shook at my sides with fear and uncontrollable rage, fear of losing my love and rage to destroy my enemy. My heart pounded down my chest, eyes burnt with tears, but my feet were glued to the ground even if my mind was screaming to go in and k**l him or run away and tell Ace everything.

“That I know. But how? You didn’t tell me how you were gonna pull it off.” Ivanov quirked a brow.

That b*****d gulped the remaining drink in his glass in one go and placed it on the bar. “Simple. He gets into his car for his new home that’s a little far from the city and an accident happens in the middle of the road.”

The more I heard the more I felt my breathing to get heavy. I felt suffocated. Clutching the phone in a d***h grip in my fist, I listened.

“Ah, an accident would be a nice cover for your heartless strategy,” Ivanov mused. “But I don’t understand one thing, even after Achilles dies, how come you get the company? I mean, after him, as your brother’s adoptive son, your other nephew, Caleb gets everything. Even before that, Achilles made his girlfriend an equal owner of everything he owned. So obviously, Emerald Hutton would be the sole owner of everything after Achilles’ d***h.”

Arthur smirked, fixing the collar of his shirt. “Caleb wouldn’t be a problem. He’s just a puppet under Achilles’ hand. He doesn’t know s**t about how to run a company successfully. So of course, after Achilles’ unfortunate sudden d****e, the company would come to a disaster. The board members would want another Valencian to take his place. So once I prove everyone Caleb’s worthlessness, the throne would automatically become mine.”

Getting out his phone from his pocket, he typed something before putting it back.

“The thing that will work in my favor is the contract. And right now, it’s the biggest project they’re going to handle. So to avoid any chances of loss after the chairman’s d***h, as I’m the head of the project and know everything from A-Z about the company, the board members are going to want me to take responsibility. Which I gladly will. And about Emerald Hutton,” saying, he cocked his head. “They’re like love birds. If one dies, the other follows. Achilles is the Alpha here, once he’s gone, it won’t be much of a hassle to get rid of his b***h.”

So this was running in his head all the time? And again, I was right. He wanted the company, everything Ace owned. That leach!

But he was right about one thing. Without my Ace, I wouldn’t be able to live. Without him, I’d d*e even before he would try to do the work himself to get rid of me.

My heart clenched painfully in my chest at the thought of the love of my life’s not being in the same world I was breathing.

But I wouldn’t let that happen. I’ll fail his conspiracy.

“That’s why before getting rid of him, I needed this contract in my hand. Besides, you’ll also support me taking Achilles’ place before the world. As you’re an important client to the Valencian Corp, everyone would respect your wish,” he added.

“And when would I get my share of the pie?” Ivanov raised his brow.

“Right after I take everything as mine, which is my actual birth right.” The backstabber’s face turned cold, hatred laced into his voice. “The right my brother took away from me just because he thought I wasn’t good enough to be able to run the company beside him, just because he thought I’d turnish the Valencians name due to my reckless illegal businesses.” Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and looked at Ivanov again. “But I’ll get my right back now. And as promised, you’ll get 45% of the shares of the company.”

So that’s what he promised to this Russian?

Ivanov flashed a slimy smile. “Now that’s what I wanted to hear. Now I can’t wait for your final plan to take action and watch the news of the famous business tycoon’s sudden d***h all over the news channels.”

I gritted my teeth.

This dream of yours will never come true you b*****d!

I’ve to tell Ace. I’ve to stop him before he leaves the building and sits in his car. Wiping the tear that rolled down my cheek, I turned around and ran.

But as if the whole universe was against me, my feet came in contact with a small flower base that was lying on the floor in the darkness, making an unfortunate noise across the empty hallway.

Their conversation stopped immediately. My heart stopped in my chest.