The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 69

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 69 – Walking through the endless corridors, I walked watching out for the room numbers not to get lost.

The hotel was huge. Not just a hotel, it was a palace built in the middle age, now turned into a lavish five star hotel. With the mixture of antique architect and modern decorations, it gave out a feel of royalty. From the masterpiece paintings on the walls, to the gorgeous chandeliers shimmering with golden glow. Not to forget the huge gold plated flower pots at the both sides of the corridors, aside the red carpet down the way.

As soon as I neared my destination, I found the whole area totally separated from the others by a pair of glass doors. VVIP Area was written in bold red letters on the glass. Two bulky men in black stood at the both sides of the door.

Not again!

I remembered Carter warning about some restrictions.

Mentally groaning, I approached the VVIP conference area. The guards stood straight seeing me, their hands blocking the way in.

“Our apologies, Miss. But random people aren’t allowed here,” one of them said in their thick Russian accent.

Random? Whom are they calling random?

My brows creased. “I need to go inside. It’s important. And I’m not any random girl wanting access. I’m Emerald Hutton, Achilles Valencian’s girlfriend and a board member.”

“We don’t know you. And no matter who you are, no one is allowed to go inside who is not on the list. And you’re not in the list we were given.”

What the h**l? Not allowed? Were they having a CIA meeting or something?

They were definitely not Ace’s men. Otherwise they’d have immediately recognized me.

“Listen to me, I need to go in there, please. I need to talk to Achilles about something very urgent. Please, let me go,” I pleaded.

That rude man shook his head. “We’re afraid, we can’t, Miss. We have strict orders not to let anyone until the meeting is over.”

I gritted my teeth in annoyance. “And who gave you the orders?”

“Arthur Valencian.”

Of course! I should’ve known that!

That f*****g leach didn’t want anyone to interrupt the signing. That’s why he put guards in here.

I groaned.

What do I do now? They won’t let me in at any cost. I can’t even call Ace.

D**n it!


Carter must’ve the access.

I looked over my shoulder. There was no sign of him. Where the h**l was he?

Distancing myself a few feet from the guards, I dialed Carter’s number. He didn’t pick it up.

Why isn’t he picking up his phone!

As I dialed again, I saw him approaching me with hasty steps, still panting.

“Carter, where the h**l were you?” I snapped. “They won’t let me in, please talk to them. You’ve an access, right?”

“I do. But just to deliver these files,” he huffed. “I’m sorry, Ms. Hutton. I had to wait for the elevator.”

His words went ignored by my ears when my eyes found a shadow at the end of the corridor, around the corner. Someone stood there with their phone against their ear, their back facing me.

I knew the person very well.


But what was he doing here out of the conference room?

“Then I came after you as soon as possible. But you were too fast,” he finished, wiping the perspiration on his forehead.

“Please tell them to let us in,” I said, not moving my eyes from that silver haired villain.

Nodding, Carter went to the guards and told them something. I still stood there, watching Arthur. When he slightly angled his side to me, I saw his face.

A smirk was tugged on his lips, with malice in his expression, he nodded at something the other person said through the phone.

Without knowing, my feet walked closer, wanting to hear what he was talking to the other person. Though I managed a good amount of distance to be in his sight. But enough to hear his words.

“Everything is ready?” he asked, glancing down at his watch.

Then he nodded, old eyes sparkling with malice.

“Meet me where I told you. I’m coming,” saying, he turned on his heels and walked away. But not towards the elevator, but to somewhere more deep into this floor.

Who was he meeting here? Was there another of his partners who was involved in all his conspiracies along Antonio?

I had to know.

“Ms. Hutton?” Carter called out, making me turn to him. “I’m going in, but unfortunately, they won’t let you through, as yours name isn’t on the list.”

I took a swift glance to where Arthur just disappeared before speaking, “No worries. You go in and give Ace my message. Tell him I’ll meet him in a few. You go and stop him, I’ll just be back.”

A confusion etched into his features. But before he could ask anything, I turned around and followed Arthur’s trail, ignoring the way the guards shared a discreet look with each other and getting stiff all of a sudden.

But I had a much more important task to do than thinking anything about it. Ace wouldn’t sign if he gets my message and wait for me. I trusted that. But now I had to see if someone else was with Arthur in his plan to destroy us. Because if we kick him out of our company and life after I expose him before Ace, it wouldn’t be that beneficial to us if he leaves a minion of his behind to continue to betray us.

Today was a very important day for him. He was close to finishing his plan. And at this time if he wasn’t in the conference room and going to meet someone, then it must be something important.

Turning to the left, I came face to face with a long wide hallway. A man was talking to a woman, but no sign of Arthur.

Continuing down the hallway, I took another turn. And I knew he came this way because there was no other way.

But where is he…

Still talking on the phone, his silver head disappeared around the corner. And I followed. Thanks to my sneakers, it didn’t announce my presence with loud clicks like heels would have done.

I stopped in my track once he halted before a staircase that led upstairs. But at the feet of it, ‘No Entry, Under maintenance’ was written in bold words on a white board, a caution tape stretched across the way in.

And to my surprise, he ducked in and climbed up the stairs, vanishing upstairs.

Why the h**l would he meet someone in a forbidden place?

Of course! So that no one can see him.

Should I follow him there?

My legs hesitated. If upstairs was under maintenance, and then no one would be there right now. The workers wouldn’t be there at this rush time.

But…I needed to know. I wouldn’t let him do any more chaos behind the c******s.

With a determination surging through me, I put my phone in silent and went forward.

Once Ace gets my message, he’d call me. And I don’t want to get caught while spying on Arthur. Especially when no one would be there for my safety.

I knew this step could cost me a lot, but I would do it for my Ace. I want this backstabber out of our lives.

Once I reached the upper floor silently, I kept a good distance from him. His distance murmurs could be heard, along the noise of his heavy footsteps.

My eyes glanced around. Compared to the rest of the hotel, this place was covered with dust. And… extremely eerie. Not to forget the flickering of lights every once in a while.

I froze as he suddenly stopped in his tracks, shoulders rigid. My breath caught at my throat as he put the phone down slowly.

S**t! I was in the middle of the corridor. Where should I hide now?

Just as he started to turn around, I jumped and curled into a ball behind one of the huge flower pots. My back slammed against the wall due to my harsh movement. Slapping a hand over my mouth, I covered my whimper.


I could hear my heart pounding against my ribcage as I waited for a sound. Sound of his footsteps.

But for some moments, there were none.

Then I heard him taking some steps closer.

No! No! No!

Closing my eyes, I shrunk more against the cold wall as he approached.

S**t! I can’t get caught!

As I prayed in my mind relentlessly, suddenly the blare of his phone echoed throughout the empty hallway.

His footsteps stopped.

“Hello?” Came his slimy voice.


And then I heard him again.

“Yeah, I’m almost there. Did you bring the dogs with you?”

Dogs? Here?

“Alright, see you in a minute,” saying, his footsteps retreated and slowly faded away.

I let out a sigh of relief.

Coming out from behind the flower pot, I stood up.

It was close. Thank G*d for that phone call.

I’ve to be more careful now.

But what dogs was he talking about?

Without wasting anymore seconds, I tiptoed down the single corridor that led to another wide one, a darker one.

Gulping, I tried to ignore that fear that knotted inside my stomach. I felt the pepper spray in my back pocket that I always carried and gripped my phone tighter in my hand. Just in case.

My heart thumped down my chest as I slowly peeked around. No sign of him. The corridor seemed endless, with endless rooms at both sides.

Where did he go so soon?

Sweat trickled down my spine as I took slow steps ahead.

Carter should’ve told Ace by now.

Then why isn’t he calling me yet? I just hope he didn’t sign the contract.

I looked at the phone to see if there were any missed calls or messages. But there was none. Keeping an eye around, I called Ace. It went unreachable, again. With a silent groan, I called Carter.

But it was switched off.

What the h**l? What’s wrong with his phone now?

He knew I’d call him.

I tried again but no avail. It went directly to voice message.

Something churned inside my stomach. An ominous feeling rolled inside me.

Why are both of their phones off? Ace should’ve switched on his phone by now. And Carter? He never keeps his phone off, nor does he let his bettery d*e down. He handled half of Ace’s job, without his phone, his work would be basically p*******d.

Is everything okay?

And then I heard them. Two, no, more than two male voices.

Following the sound, I came to a halt before a room with its door slightly ajar. Though the hallway’s light was dimmed, the room was bright enough for me to see every faces clearly.