The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 29

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 29 – Whirling around, I came face to face with the red witch. With arms crossed over her chest, she sized me up and down with her cat eyes. Her nose crinkled with disgust.

“I don’t know what he saw into you, but I’ve to say, you trapped him pretty well in your web.”

Biting my inner cheek, I cast the tissue into the bin and turned to her. “And guess what? I didn’t even have to throw myself on him like a shameless woman to trap him. Seems like that trick got quite old now.”

Her face turned red matching her dress, eyes flashing. “So you used the bed then? Otherwise a man like him wouldn’t even look at you if not you pleased him well. Am I right? Where did you take your classes to please a man like that anyway? He seemed so lost into you.”

My hands fisted into b***s, trying my best not to punch her plastic face. “From the same place you took your PhD. I’m sure you now got your answers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back inside. He must be looking for me.”

Leaving her flushed with rage, I walked out of the washroom.

B***h! How dare she?

Oh how I wanted to pull her hair out of her scalp right now!

Fuming in anger, I passed a couple wrapped around each other, pulling at their partner’s clothes out of desperation. Noticing me, they jumped away from the other like even the mare proximity b****d them. Their faces flamed crimson as they shuffled into their places.

Saving them from the embarrassment, I got out of the corridor as fast as I could.

Even my own cheeks grew hot at someone’s personal spectacle. Half of it was from my anger.

Just as I passed the huge window, something caught my eye. Halting, I neared the window ledge and peeked outside. Two figures stood there under the shadow, down in the hotel garden.

I squinted my eyes. I… knew them.

Was that- Arthur?

When he ran his hand through his hair, the numerous rings on his fingers lustered under the moon. It was indeed him. Along him was a figure of a woman, but I couldn’t make out her face properly from this far.

Who was he talking to?

The woman’s shoulders shook as she placed her hand over her face. I didn’t know Arthur could crack a joke. All I saw him do was stay emotionless and cold.

Deciding it wasn’t any of my business, when I was about to go back inside, the woman stepped behind and walked away from him with her arms wrapped around her.

And when the hotel’s walkway’s light fell on her face, a gasp slipped through my lips.


When she wiped her cheeks, I understood that she wasn’t laughing, she was crying.

What was she doing here with Arthur? As far as I knew, her presence wasn’t required here at all. And nor was she invited here. Then why was she here?

Even the other day I saw her with him. After that day, when I went to talk to her about it I found out that she took a week’s leave due to sickness. And now she was here. She didn’t look sick to me at all.

Though she looked, exhausted.

Strange. What was going on between them?

I definitely had to talk to her. Something was wrong, I could feel it.

I watched her as she rushed into the parking lot and then got into her car, before driving away. And when I looked back at Arthur, his gaze was already on me.

My breath caught at my throat.

His dark blank eyes sent an ominous shiver down my spine. But I didn’t let it show on my face as I held his gaze with my chin high.

A small smirk tugged at the edge of his lips. As if… mocking me. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he turned around and left.

What was it about this man that always unnerved me? He sounded a really kind and helpful person from Tess, Caleb and Ace’s mouth. But he didn’t feel like that to me.

Still processing the meaning of his smirk, I pulled away from the window and walked back inside.

Once I was back in the hall, the dance was over. But Ace was nowhere in the sight. He was warning me not to go anywhere, and here he was the one who disappeared.

I found Mr. Hakimi and two more Arabs conversing at a corner.

Approaching them, I cleared my throat, getting all the eyes on me. “I apologise for the interruption, Mr. Hakimi, but did you see Ace… I mean, Mr. Valencian?”

A kind smile appeared on his face.

“He’d an urgent call to attend. Don’t worry, your man is still here.” He winked.

My eyes widened at his words as a blush crept up my neck. My man?

I wrung my knuckles, glancing around. “Uh, can you please tell me which way he’d gone?”

He nodded, chuckling at my bashfulness.

Following his pointed way, I left to find him after I thanked the old man.

Everyone was here, but I couldn’t find a glimpse of him.

Getting out of the hall again, I continued my search. Even to one of the empty hallways, until I bumped into someone at the head of a corridor.

“I’m so sorry…”

My words caught into my throat realising who the person was.

The red f******g witch. And… with her eyes filled with tears?

Her eyes widened as soon as she saw me. And the crestfallen face was gone all of a sudden. Replaced a smug smile as she wiped the slight red smudge from the corner of her lips.

I frowned.

Flashing me a smirk, she glanced over her shoulder and then walked away.

And my eyes didn’t move from the person standing far at the end of the corridor. His gaze was fixed on me, expression unreadable.

With my heart palpitating down my chest, I walked to him. My legs hesitated, an ill feeling rose into the pit of my stomach.

As I neared him, my eyes fell onto his ruffled locks, and then… the red marks on his neck.

My heart stopped in my chest.

I didn’t even flinch with the nails piercing into my palms as my eyes didn’t move from the marks of lipstick. Lipstick of that f******g b***h!

“Wherever the gears of your brain are turning to, stop right there. It’s not what you’re thinking it is,” he said, not even an emotion flashing over his stoic face.

The clench of my heart made my eyes b**n as my blood boiled into my veins. My teeth gritted, mind screaming to k**l someone.

Them. That b***h!

“These marks of her lipstick are proof that I’m thinking just fine! You don’t need to hide anything, Mr. Valencian. After all, you’re a single man free to do anything with anyone!” I spat out the words.

A muscle of his jaw ticked, his eyes darkened. “I said it’s not what you’re thinking it is. Nothing happened between us. She threw herself at me and I pushed her away. That’s it.”

“Oh, really?” I snapped, stepping closer. My voice rose. The raging fire in me didn’t let me process his statement. I was too mad for any kind of understanding. “She threw herself at you and you pushed her away? Just like that? Your hair and these marks came just like that? Do you think I’d believe that?”

“Rosebud,” he warned, expression hardening. “I’m telling you for the last time. Nothing happened between us. She tried to k**s me but I pushed her away. Nothing more.”

The word k**s had me see red.

“S-she tried to k**s you?”

All of a sudden a whole different emotion ran through me. Insecurity. Though whatever I called her, she was a stunning woman. More beautiful than me, more poised than me. She was everything a man would ever want in a woman.

He must’ve felt something.

My heart squeezed at the thought.

I gulped the thickness of my throat as I pushed down on my anger. I’d no right to feel that way.

“W-whatever. I don’t care what you do or not.” I averted my eyes. “It’s your personal life. I don’t have any say in this. Forget that I even reacted any way. Let’s go inside. Everyone is waiting for us.”

His eyes flashed as I turned around and began to stride away.

A gasp slipped my mouth when I was pulled back and pinned against the wall, his body flushed against mine. My breath caught at my throat with our faces just an inch away.

“Didn’t you hear what I told you? Nothing happened between us!” he growled, lips curling into a snarl. “And don’t you dare show me your back after you just indirectly accused me of cheating on you! F**k! I can’t even think of another girl, let alone letting one come close to me!”

His hands had my hands pinned at the both sides of my head, his hot breath falling on my lips.

Pressing our foreheads together, he closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he opened those grey oceans again. “How can I be single when I’ve my Rosebud in my life?”

My lower lip trembled as a lone tear escaped my eye. Jealousy and insecurity b****d my heart. “Y-you didn’t feel anything when she touched you?”

He kissed the tear away. “Her hands were only for some seconds on me before I put her in her place. And to give your answer, no. The only feeling I felt was disgust.” Cupping my cheeks, he peered into my soul. “This heart only beats for you, my rose. It only knows to react to your touch, no one else’s. I belong only to you, just like you belong to me.”

With waves of emotions crashing into my chest, another tear rolled down my cheek as I slammed my lips against his.

And as soon as our lips touched, my eyes closed on their own. His arms wrapped around me while my hands snaked around his neck, one hand going into his thick hair as our mouths molded into an intense passion of assertion for each other.

Fingers digging into flesh and hands tugging the hairs, we were lost into a bubble of desire and possession.

I pulled him as much closer as I could, there wasn’t even an inch of space between us. I showed with my actions what my words couldn’t say.

Waves of pleasure ran down my entire being when our tongue joined the other. My m***s were desperate when his g****s just intensified the tug in my lower stomach.

Seeming to losing his control, his hand sneaked to my back and cupped my behind, pulling me more closer if possible.

“My rose,” he groaned as his hand roamed around my curves. “You’re driving me f*****g crazy!”

Even if I didn’t want to pull away, my lungs gave up. Detaching my lips from his, I rested my forehead against his, closing my eyes I took erratic breaths. My heart drummed into my chest.

He kissed the corner of my lips and then on my neck. Giving him more access to my neck, I leaned against him.

After placing a last k**s on my shoulder, he wrapped his arms around me, my face into his chest. The fast rhythm of his heart almost lulled me to sleep.

When sense started to kick back into my head, though I was shocked that how I initiated the k**s this time, I didn’t pull away. Instead, hugging him tight, I snuggled my face more into his warmth.

We stayed in that way until I broke the silence.

“Why did you do that seven years ago?”

His shoulders tensed at the mention of that night.

“What do you mean exactly?” His voice tight.

I slightly pulled away, enough to look up at him. Gathering some courage, I finally asked, “D-did you know of my… feelings for you?”

With a clenched jaw, he nodded his head. “Yes. I knew everything.”

My heart skipped. Even if I knew of his acknowledgement, his admission up front was a whole different thing.

Now I detached myself completely from him. Balling my fists, with a tightness around my throat, I asked him, “Then why did you break my heart?”


He watched me with some unrecognizable emotions in his eyes.

“I- I saw you with Tess that night. I know, just because I’d feelings for you doesn’t mean you’d also feel the same. But… your words, your actions said that you did feel something. Then why? Why did you do that?” I was scared. Uncertain. Maybe everything I presumed was wrong. Maybe I got the wrong meanings out of his actions. I was afraid that he’d start laughing at my face at any moment and call my illusions off. But he didn’t.

The only thing he did was stare at me with utmost silence.

“I know, I can be wrong. Maybe I just assumed everything and…”

“You’re not wrong.” He cut me off.

My breath hitched at my throat.

“I’d always wanted you.” His eyes darkened as he said, “I’ve always wanted you for myself.”

I opened my mouth and then closed, too shocked to say anything.

“Then why?” I asked.

Again silence.

“Why Ace?”

He titled his head. “You want to know?”

I nodded.

“Come on a date with me. And you’ll get all your answers.”