The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 28

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 28 – When I was finally outside, I was frozen in my place. And the cold breeze wasn’t the main culprit for it. It was him. Looking like just dived out of a magazine, he stood there leaning against his car, waiting impatiently. The crease between his brows was the proof.

Even comparing him to those models printed on magazines would be an insult to his beauty. He was… beyond gorgeous.

Flaunting a three piece navy blue Armani suit, paired with a charcoal black shirt beneath and a pair of polished expensive shoes, he took my breath away. As always.

Noticing me, he stood straight. “You’re five minutes late.” And then his eyes went to the rest of my body. My skin b****d under those heated stormy gaze of his as they raked over me.

With shaven strong jaws clenched, nostrils flaring, he let out a curse. Grey eyes deepened two shades darker.

“You aren’t seriously going to wear that in front of all these men, are you?” asked his now deep Greek accent, pointing at my dress.

Oh boy! He was mad.

His eyes flickered to the small display of my cleavage and legs again, hands curling into b***s.

“Why? What’s wrong with this dress?” I feigned innocent.

Striding closer, he pinned me with his hard stare. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you? You wanted to get on my nerves.”

My eyes widened slightly. Oh, so he figured out?

Now you feel Mr. Valencian, how does it feel when someone irritates you out of your mind?

I gave him a look of h****r. “What’re you talking about? Why’d you think like that? I wore it because I liked it. I didn’t think of you when choosing this dress! Don’t be that delusional!”

Stepping more closer, he gently cupped my chin. “Let’s not waste anymore time arguing, shall we? Go and change it. We’re getting late for dinner.”

My eyes narrowed. “I’m not changing this dress.”

“Until you’re changing this dress, we aren’t leaving.”

Tone serious.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I shrugged. “I’m fine with curling under my blanket right now and watch Netflix.”

“Rosebud.” With warning etched into his voice, he waited for me to abide.

But I was too comfortable in my place.

His lips curled into displeasure as he let out a curse. “Fine! Let’s go! But I swear, It won’t be my fault if someone goes to their early grave tonight.”

“You won’t dare!” Casting him a look, I passed him and sauntered into the warmth of the car.

Thank G*d, he couldn’t see through my skin. Otherwise he’d definitely notice how badly my bones were shivering with cold.

Irritating him had cost me too much than I thought.

Once inside the car, he shrugged off his coat and put it around my shoulders, still scowling.

“I- I don’t need it!”

“I can see that very well. Now put it on and stay quiet,” ordering me with a grunt, he adjusted the heater and then drove away.

And I didn’t argue anymore.

Once we were outside of The Blue Paradise, the hotel the Arabs were staying at, he got out and opened the door for me. Stepping outside, when I was about to give him his coat back, his hands stopped me.

“No, keep it on.” Securing the jacket around me, he took my hands in his. “They’re cold.”

I didn’t pull my hands from his much warmer ones as he rubbed them in his. My heart fluttered with warmth. My silence remained even when he took my hands and kissed them, mumbling how I needed a pair of gloves.

I wished I could just hide myself from the cold into the cocoon of his arms and never pull away.

“Mr. Valencian!”

At the voice of Mr. Hakimi, I jerked my hands away from him and took a step away. Composing myself, I flashed the approaching old man a smile.

“Welcome, Mr. Valencian and Ms. Hutton! I’m glad you both could join us tonight for dinner.” He shook hands with Ace followed by me.

“Our pleasure, Mr. Hakimi. It wasn’t possible that you invited us with such respect and we wouldn’t show up,” said Ace, wrapping an arm around me. A blush kissed my cheeks when the old man’s observing eyes caught the gesture.

“I’m glad you did. Now please, come in. It’s freezing outside.”

But before we could even move, a flash of red engulfed him into a hug, causing his arm to fall away from my shoulder.

“Oh my G*d! You’re finally here, Mr. Valencian! I was waiting for you for so long. I almost thought you wouldn’t show up!” Pulling away, she threw him a red lipped seductive smile.

My fists clenched.

The witch of a secretary of Mr. Hakimi, Cindy. How could I forget her?

My eyes cut through her from head to toe. She wore a red gown with a high slit and neckline so low that if she lowers herself a little, her assets would spill out. Was red her favorite color? Even that day she flaunted all red.

The nickname was perfect for her. Red witch!

With a hardened face, Ace gave her just a curt nod before turning to pull me back into his arms. But his disinterest seemed to do nothing to her shamelessness as her cat eyes eyed him up and down.

My nails dug into my palms.

“Please come inside, Mr. Valencian, Ms. Hutton,” said Mr. Hakimi with a tight smile before turning to Cindy, his eyes harboring warning. “And Cindy, why don’t you recheck everything in the meantime, so that our guests don’t have to face any inconvenience?”

Tearing her gaze from Ace, she looked at her employer and nodded her head, before sauntering away. Her hips swayed as she walked.

Where did Mr. Hakimi even find this witch?

Once we were inside, we met the other Arabs and Arthur was already present there. I didn’t know he was supposed to attend. After all the Arabs welcomed us with warm regards, drinks were served. As always, Ace didn’t have any. And the whole time his arm was around me, clutching me to him firmly.

“You don’t need to tie me with you all the time, you know? I’m not a kid. I won’t get lost,” I whispered, as another man came up to us and started a conversation.

His form tensed for a fleeting second before he composed himself. Even though it was just for a second, I noticed it. What was that?

He nodded at something the man said and tightened his hold around me. “I know. But you’ll have to stay in my clutch no matter whether you like it or not. Think of it as your punishment for wearing this ridiculous dress. You should be happy that I’m not pulling every man’s eyes out of their sockets in this room for staring at something that’s mine!” his words came out as a hiss as he murmured into my ear.

I shook my head at him. “You’re a crazy man, do you know that, Achilles Valencian?”

Holding my gaze, a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. “Oh, you’ve no idea.”

Something flipped inside me at the emotion that flashed across his eyes. It was totally unknown to me. The more time we were spending with each other, he was opening up to me. He showed me his emotions, his state of mind. But I always felt there was still something I was left into darkness with. Something that hid inside him I didn’t know. He held himself back every time he was around me. As if hiding a vast part of him. And this emotion that just washed over his eyes, it was a flash of that side he still kept as a secret from me.

And I couldn’t comprehend the emotion his gaze held.

Whatever it was, it was profound enough to send a shiver down my spine.

Our gazes broke away from each other at the voice of Mr. Hakimi as he invited us to join them in the entertainment room. And I was surprised to see that they’d specially organised a belly dance in our honor. Though I didn’t like those stunning beauties in their provoking dance attire, I was excited to behold this famous traditional dance.

Traditionally their dance clothes weren’t that revealing, but on foreign lands, things tended to change a little. Because it has become one of the most popular dance practices among folks.

The dance started once we took our respective seats. Me of course beside Ace, when Artur enjoyed the show with Mr. Hakimi and others. In between the dazzling dance and enticing Arabic music, I kept glancing at Ace from time to time to see if his eyes were watching more than the dance. And I didn’t know what I should feel about it, he was too busy playing with my hair and taking a whiff every once in a while. He didn’t even pay any attention to the show.

And to my utter surprise, I didn’t mind him doing that. I was happy that he wasn’t even looking at those beautiful dancers. Even at that witch, who was glaring holes at me standing afar, and watching Ace’s attention on me.

An involuntary smirk etched on my lips as my eyes locked with her.

Her facial features only twisted more.

As soon as I realized what I was doing, I looked away and concentrated on the dance.

What’s wrong with me? I shouldn’t be behaving like a jealous girlfriend.

But I couldn’t help it. This ugly sensation seemed to rise its head and snare every time some other woman whirled around him like a bee. I wanted to just hide him somewhere every time one of these bees came into my sight.

“What’s the matter, Rosebud? You seem to have lost interest in the dance,” he asked, his voice close to my ear.

I didn’t turn to him. “What told you that?”

“That adorable scowl on your face. It looks like you’re planning to m****r someone in a very innocent way.” His tone was filled with amusement.

This time I did turn to him, frowning. His face inches away from mine. “It’s nothing like that! And no one can m****r in an innocent way. A m****r is a m****r. And it’s always vicious.”

A deep chuckle left his lips. Leaning in, he kissed my nose. “My Rosebud can.”

“How?” I asked like a dumb.

“With those turquoise eyes of yours.” His voice turned husky as he pinned me with his hot gaze. “Just like they did to the conscience of my heart and turned it into a s***e of theirs.”

My heart stopped beating down my chest as I s****d into my breath. A delicious shiver ran down my entire being. Those stormy eyes of his engulfed me whole into his flames.

And then my heart started racing with the realization of his words. Of what meaning they hid behind. A shaky breath left my lips when he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Mr. Valencian!” Mr. Hakimi’s voice tore his attention from me. “Sorry for the interruption, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to have a word with you.” The old man threw me a glance of apology while I just turned crimson out of the situation.

And I didn’t miss the unreadable look Arthur gave me from the other corner of the room. His face blank of any emotions.

“Sure, no problem,” replying politely, Ace turned to me. “Stay here. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back in a minute, alright?”

I rolled my eyes, my wild heart still thumping under my rib cage. “I can take care of myself. You go.”

Still hesitating, he nodded. “Just don’t go anywhere alone. If you need anything, just call me.”

When he was finally assured that I wouldn’t go anywhere, he left with Mr. Hakimi. But not before leaving me another glance.

I let out a deep breath I didn’t know I was holding. His words still affected like wires to my heart and body.

Grabbing my purse, I got up and asked the passing server where the washroom was. And once I was away from the hubbub, into the washroom, I let the cool water calm the haywire of my nerves.

Closing the tap, I grabbed some tissues and dabbed onto my face. My eyes met the reflection of mine.

With every passing day, he was breaking my walls. The boundaries I made around my heart to keep everyone away from it. Especially him. But I was finding them crumbling. Crumbling with his presence, actions and words.

How long could I hold myself from falling again?

“Tsk, tsk! Look who has I got here!”