The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 22

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 22 – Stepping out of the VIP elevator, I blew out a breath eyeing the doors of the penthouse. And the big guards stood at the both sides of the elevator like a statue, statues with dark glasses.

My heart drummed down my chest as I approached the entrance, standing before the fingerprint scanner. I still couldn’t know how he got my fingerprint.

Though the nervousness of meeting him after that night was overwhelming, the eagerness to see him and find out if he was alright won over my hesitation.

Once I was inside the doors, to my surprise, it automatically closed behind me. And the feeling of getting locked with the devil of my dreams was knee weakish. But I walked ahead, the memories of my last visit here rushed into my mind.

Oh, I forgot about the blouse I left here.

I made a note in my head to grab it before leaving.

When I entered the living area, I stopped at my track.

There he was. Sitting onto the grand couch, his form was bent over, elbows resting on his knees with hands joined together before him. And his stormy eyes were set on me, freezing me in my place.

Those grey orbs were dark today. Shoulders tensed.

“Took you long enough, Miss. Hutton.” Greek accent deeper than usual. The boss was extremely mad for some reason.

But that didn’t stop me from running my eyes on his face. It oddly was like an ice to my burning heart.

“Well?” Again that tilt of his head. But today it didn’t irritate me.

“I could ask you the same,” I said, walking closer. Black full sleeved high neck t-shirt fit him well, manifesting the cuts of his hard muscles to me. “What took you so long to come back?”

Surprise flashed over those grey pools, but it was fleeting.

“I didn’t think you cared if I were here or not.” He observed me, as if waiting for my answer.

Another skip of heart. The words ‘I do care’ was at the tip of my tongue, but I held myself back. “It’s not suitable for a businessman to leave his companies behind for days like that.”

He stayed quiet. The anger behind the calm facade threatened to blow out as he watched me. But I could tell he wasn’t mad at my comment, it was something else.

Come on, Ace. Get out with it.

When he managed to keep calm for another half a minute, my patience ran out. He couldn’t just stay quiet when I was in a constant h**l worrying my a*s for him.

“Why did you leave like that?” I spilled. “You weren’t even picking up your phone! I called you like hundred times! What the h**l were you doing?”

Are you okay? I wanted to add, but held myself back.

Both surprise and shock flickered over his face. But again, he was quick to cover it. D**n him for such control where I was a mess here.

He stood up, strolling towards me making my legs urge me to step back.

Grabbing my chin gently, he peered into my soul. “And may I ask you what the h**l you were doing last night, sweetheart?” The edge of his deep voice sent shivers down my spine. Grey eyes flashed with rage. “I was away just for one f*****g day, and you manged to get yourself into trouble already?”

My eyes widened. Last night? How did he know about that?

“How- how do you know?” I blinked.

“Do you really think I’d leave you behind just like that? Without anyone to watch over my Rosebud?”

A gasp left my lips. “You had someone to stalk me around? How dare you!”

“And how did you dare to put yourself in such a risk by going in that shady place alone! Anything could’ve happened out there and nobody would even get to know where you’re! D**n it, Emerald! What h**l were you thinking?” His nostrils flared, stepping back. “Thank G*d, my men were there watching over you! Otherwise- I…”

His hands balled into fists as his intimidating form shook with rage, jaws clenching and unclenching. The flaming of his eyes told me he wanted to destroy something, a volcano inside him wished to unleash. I never saw him that furious before.

Remembering last night’s event sent chills down my neck. He was right, anything could’ve happened to us over there if those men suddenly didn’t get…

So it was his men who did the miracle last night.

Though it was ridiculous for him to hire bodyguards for me, I was grateful deep down. But I’d definitely talk to him about it later when he’s calm.

“I… uh, I went there to get Beth. She needed me.”

“Then you could’ve just informed Caleb or Tobias. Why did you go there all by yourself?” A muscle of his jaw ticked.

Pressing my lips, I narrowed my eyes. “I know I shouldn’t have gone there alone. But I didn’t know where that bar was exactly located, alright? I’d no idea that area would be that eerie at that time.”

“You…” Letting out a sigh, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Then my gaze fell onto his knuckles, they were bruised.

“What happened to your hands? How did they cut?” Rushing near him, I took his hands in mine.

“They’re nothing!” He tried to retract them but I held them firm.

“Hold still! Where’s your first aid kit?” I asked, checking the bruise and cuts. They turned blue and badly injured. How did he get them?

When he stayed quiet, watching me in silence, I cast him a look.

A sigh left him. “In my bedroom.”

Dragging him in his bedroom, I made him sit at the edge of the bed and got out the first aid kit from the washroom cabinet as he mentioned.

Sitting beside him, I grabbed his hand and sanitized them first and then applied balm on the spots. And during the whole process, he didn’t even flinch for once; he just kept watching me with something intense swirling in his gaze.

“How did you get them? And why are they still unattended?” I tried my best not to look into his eyes.

“They weren’t that serious. So I let them be,” he replied, not answering my first question. “And I’m glad I didn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be here treating me.”

This time I did look up into his grey pools.

“T-that’s ridiculous! You could get infected!”

A shrug. “I’m used to them.”

Used to these pains? Why?

“You didn’t tell me why you left all of a sudden.” I wrapped the bandage around his right hand.

After a moment of silence, he answered, “I needed some time alone.”

“For what?” I whispered.

“To clear my head and think straight.”

Just as I thought talking to him gently gets him to give straight answers, he proved me wrong. He was back with his complicated replies.

“Is- is everything alright?” I cast him a hesitant glance, completing his bandaging.


And then a gasp slipped through my lips as he hauled me onto his lap.


Snuggling his face into my neck, he inhaled deep. “Now, everything is alright.”

With blood rushing up my cheeks, I wiggled into his arms. “W-what are you doing? Let go of me!” His hold tightened around me.

“Never. I’m not letting you go away from me, never again.”


A shiver ran through my whole body when his hot lips touched the sensitive skin of my neck.

“My Rose,” a groan left his mouth as his hand roamed around my curves, littering sensual kisses behind my ear. As embarrassing as it was, a whimper sneaked out of me.

“A-ace,” I wanted to stop him, but my voice came out much like a m**n with his hot tongue directly against my burning skin.

My hands gripped his strong shoulders when he turned me to him and our eyes met. The intensity and desire in his stormy grey eyes had me stop breathing.

“Those turquoise eyes of yours, they’ve captured my heart and locked it under their spell the moment they fell on me,” he whispered, kissing my closed eyelids one by one. And then on my forehead, then both of my cheeks, sending my heart on skyrocket.

When he pulled me whole against him, not even an inch between us, I closed my eyes, snuggled my face against his. Warmth and many emotions soared into my chest.

My arms around his neck as a whisper left my lips.


“My Rose.” A breath escaped my lips when he placed a lingering k**s at the corner of my lips.

Sagging against him just as I let myself loose into his warmth, the blare of my phone pulled me out of my bubble.

Blinking, when I jerked away, he didn’t let me. His brows furrowed in disturbation.

Fighting with him was useless, so I fished out my phone from my pocket and checked the name of the caller.

Guilt hit me like a truck seeing Warner’s name flashing on the screen.

We were still in a relationship when I was…

I felt Ace getting tense against me, his eyes set on the phone, strong jaws locked tight.

“I’ve to take this,” saying, I leaped up from his lap. But a hand stopped me, grabbing my hand.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, voice rough.

I was surprised seeing the sudden malice in his eyes. Was that- jealousy?

“To talk to Warner.”

“Ignore it.”

I frowned. “I can’t. He…”

“He’s more important to you than our moment?” Eyes flashing, he cut me off, his grip tightened on my hand.

“He was always important. He’s my b…” I squeaked when he tugged me to him and the next thing I found was, I lay flat on the bed, with him above me.

“Ace! What’re you doing…”

And again he cut me off. But this time, with his lips. Right against mine.

“He’s nothing to you, you understand?” he growled against my lips, biting my lower one hard. “Nothing! You’re f*****g mine!”

My mind was on a haywire. Shock, surprise, rage, warmth and… desire shot through my veins like a wildfire. Pushing against his hard chest, I attempted to snatch my lips from the capture of his scorching ones, but he only deepened the k**s.

Grabbing my wrists, he placed them above my head with one hand, while the other went to run over my body with freedom, raising a painful tug in my abdomen.

“Only mine!” An unintentional m**n left my mouth as he s****d my lower lip into his mouth with ferocity. My body was on fire. His free hand ran down my leg and then my t***h. And then sneaking behind, he grabbed my butt, getting another gasp from me.

He took this chance to enter his tongue in my mouth, devouring me. Just as his hot tongue touched mine, a jolt of pleasure ran through me, my body hummed into delight. My eyes closed on its own as I kissed him with equal urgency and desperateness.

I’ve never been kissed like this. Never this deep, rough and intense.

My hands struggled into his hold. This time not to get away, but to pull him closer, to feel him.

It wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I needed more.

“Ace,” I managed to whisper out in between his earth shattering kisses. And he understood as he released my hands.

And then there was no going back. I clung to him like I was falling and he was the only thing to grab on in this whole world. Moulding our lips around each other, we got tangled into a momentum of want and desire.

And then another ring of my phone reverberated across the room. At first both of us didn’t acknowledge it, but then senses started to kick start in my brain.

Disbelief and shame fell over me as I realized what I just did.

How could I do this?

Pushing him away, I grabbed my phone and ran out of the room, not even waiting to see his expression.

“Emerald, wait!” He called out behind me, but till then I was already out of the room. I heard him coming after me, but I didn’t stop.

I ran and kept running until I was safe in the four walls of the elevator. Clutching my chest that was still pounding from his touches and kisses, I leaned against one of the walls and closed my eyes. A tear slipped down my cheek.

I cheated on Warner. Though it was unintentional, though I didn’t love him and soon was going to reveal it before him, it didn’t justify my actions. I did wrong to him. I did wrong to the person who was always there for me in good and bad.

Why couldn’t I just control myself? Why couldn’t I just push him away?

Because I can’t. I can’t resist him. I never could.

With still weak knees, I let out a choked breath and rubbed my face in frustration and guilt. It was wrong. I couldn’t do this anymore.

I knew it could happen again. Because my heart just didn’t know where to stop around him. I’d have to fix this.

I’ve to talk to Warner. As soon as possible.

Wiping my cheeks, I dialled his number. But it went busy.

I dialled again, but it still was busy.

Getting out of the elevator, I sent him a message.

Sorry, couldn’t receive your call. I called you but it went busy. Call me as soon as you’re free. I need to talk to you.

It hurt to even think of breaking his heart, but I couldn’t lie to him anymore. I needed to tell him everything about my feelings, about Ace and… about the k**s.

I hope he can forgive me. Because I don’t want to lose a friend like him.

Putting back my phone, as I was about to walk away, I caught a figure around the corner that led to another hallway. Half of their body could be seen from where I stood, other half covered by the wall. Nearing slightly, I recognized her.

It was Liza.

She was on the phone with someone, eyes flickering her left and right. As I was behind her, she didn’t see me.

I frowned at her tensed shoulders and alert movements.

I took a few more steps ahead.

“Yes!” she hissed over the phone. “The job is done. Everything happened just as you wanted. Now I want you to fulfill your promise.”

She listened to whatever the other person said and then nodded her head.

“Alright. I’ll call you later. I’ve to go now. Bye!” Disconnecting the call, she glanced around again. I squinted my eyes when she took out something from her purse with shaky hands and threw it into the bin.

As she rushed away from there, I went to the place where she was just a second ago, my eyes still on her.

What’s wrong with her? She looked extremely nervous and tensed.

Looking down into the dustbin, I saw a big white crumbled plastic packet. Some white substance lied at the bottom corner inside it.

My eyes narrowed.

What’s that?

My gaze went back to where Liza just disappeared.

Something was wrong with her. Maybe I’d just talk to her later at lunch.

Then my mind went back to what just happened upstairs. My hand went up and touched my still tingling swollen lips. Warmth and guilt washed over me at once.

The worst thing was, I loved every second of it. And I hated myself for that.

Letting out a sigh, I headed back to my cabin, with a lot of thoughts jumbled into my brain.

When I was just outside my cabin, I saw Tess rushing in my way.

My eyes widened seeing her disarranged state.


She grabbed my hands with her cold ones, her face pale with panic. “Em! Where’s Achilles? I’ve been calling him for twenty minutes but he’s not picking up his phone! Where’s he?”

“Hey, shh, relax first. What happened? Why are you so riled up?” I grabbed her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

She shook her head, her blue eyes moist with unshed tears. “Caleb…”

A bad feeling loomed over me. “What? What happened to him?”

Her lips quivered as tears left her eyes. “He’s in j**l.”