The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 78

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 78 – “Samuel Warren! Don’t just call me when you feel like it and make me clean up after you! This is a difficult time right now. You could put me in danger for this!”

From the other end of the line was the voice of a pissed and irked man.

Samuel was far from angry and replied in a flattering tone, “Johann, my brother! Something came up, you see. I can only turn to you, Brother.”

Johann Sullivan was Samuel’s source of power in Riverdale.

It was thanks to Johann that he was where he was today.

As a result, he had paid a considerable amount of respect in return.

It was just that Johann had specified not to contact him unless something great occurred.

Johann begrudgingly left his bed and wore his presbyopic glasses. “What happened?”

Samuel was not a horrible person. He knew the rules, so something big must have happened for him to call him this late at night.

“Something’s happened to the company, Johann. There’s a young man by the name of Philip Clarke who wants to buy our company. He says he’ll make us go bankrupt if we refuse to sell,” Samuel said worriedly.

“Samuel Warren! Is this what you’re calling me so late for? What the f*ck? Did you drink yourself into oblivion or are you sleeping with too many women? It’s such a small issue and you find the need to report it to me? Deal with it yourself!”

Johann was enraged. ‘What the h**l is up with Samuel?

‘Is he growing old or is he just growing stupid?

‘What Philip Clarke?


‘What a joke!’

Samuel was quick to reply, “No, no, wait. Johann, my brother, I really don’t think I can deal with it myself.”

Johann frowned as he heard Samuel mutter over the phone. Pulling on his jacket, he walked to the study and asked, “Who is this man? A figure so powerful that you can’t deal with yourself?”

“You know of Arc de Triumph right, Johann?” Samuel asked.

“The hotel group you invested in? The one worth 20 billion in the market, right? What about it?”

“That Mr. Clarke, he bought all its shares. All 20 billion of it!”

‘He bought it?

‘20 billion!’

Johann’s frown deepened as he understood the gravity of the matter.

“Why does he want to buy your company, then? Did you offend him?” Johann had an immediate idea.

‘The other party wants to buy Samuel’s companies, threatening bankruptcy too if he isn’t willing to sell. They must have enmity between them.’

Samuel muttered, “I don’t know yet. But I think Wesley might have had a conflict with him.”

“Then why the f*ck haven’t you gone over to take a look? Apologize if it’s required, compensate if you must. Does someone of his caliber look like what either of us can take? I***t!”

Hanging up, he stood before his window as he smoked, unable to calm his heart.

Then, he dialed his secretary. “Check for a man by the name of Philip Clarke in Riverdale. I need the information as soon as possible.”

Samuel did not have time to dally either. Pulling on a top, he quickly left for Arc de Triumph Hotel.

At the same time, Wesley stood before Philip and his group with a face full of mockery. “As long as you prostrate before me and I hear a ‘Master Wesley’ coming from your mouth, I’ll let you go. But if you wish to continue your stubbornness, then I’m sorry, I don’t have the time to waste on you!”

Wesley was irked for he still had to meet the secret millionaire behind the 100 BMW motorcycles parked outside.

‘Who has the time to waste on this f*cking i***t?’

Yet Philip watched him with an expression of serenity. “What’s the rush? Your dad should be on his way over.”

“My dad? What kind of f*cking joke is this? Why would my dad come here for you? What, are you gonna tell me next that my dad’s here to apologize to you?” Wesley snorted. “You can’t possibly think that this is some dumb f*cking novel plot where my father comes and begs you for forgiveness, can you? Wake up, Philip Clarke. Stop playing around.”

Philip did not answer. Instead, he opted to watch indifferently.

Right then, the doors to the hotel opened. Outside, a Mercedes-Benz was parking.

Out the car slowly jogged a middle-aged man.

Clad in a black shirt and white slacks, the man wore gold-rimmed glasses and clutched a briefcase next to his muffin top body. Cold sweat was perspiring all over his forehead.

“Dad! Why’re you here?”

Wesley paled at the arrival of the older man, his heart skipping a beat out of fear.

After entering the main doors, Samuel glared at Wesley. Irregarding everything else, he reached before Philip and spoke with a slouch and an apologetic smile, “My apologies for the tardiness, Mr. Clarke.”

Wesley, Zayn, and everyone else were shocked at the scene before them.

This was Samuel Warren, the chairman of Arc de Triumph’s Riverdale branch!

To think he would bend his back for a young man with the expression to flatter?

This was shocking news!

Wesley was especially shocked. He was dazed.

How could this be?

Philip nodded in return. Checking the time, he said, “You’re not tardy. You still have 20 minutes. I wonder what you, Mr. Warren, have decided to do in the end?”

Samuel Warren would naturally decline the offer. With a smile, he replied, “It’s not nice to joke about things like this, Mr. Clarke. Those companies of mine are mere small corporations. They have no future. They’ve been raking up losses after losses these few years. To sell them to you would be taking advantage of you.”

Wesley ran up right as his dad finished talking. In a frustrated tone, he yelled, “What the h**l, Dad? Why are you being so polite to this dumb f*cker? What Mr. Clarke? He’s just a delivery boy! Aren’t you mixing him up with someone else?!”


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