The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 67

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 67 – She refused to believe this.

Ruby did not believe this.

Kyle and Jacob did not believe this either.

Lynn also did not believe this.

She knew what kind of person her brother-in-law was. He was just a spineless coward who lived off of a woman.

He even borrowed money from everyone to cure his daughter. How would a man like him have 30 million to buy 100 BMW bikes?

Where did he get the money?

However, at this moment, Philip put his hand behind his back and said indifferently, “I never said I had no money. You’re the one who put a label on me. So what if I have no money? So what if I do? Everyone only has one life and this is the first time everyone became human. There’s no reason for me to submit to everyone else because I have no money nor power. Also, there’s no reason to bully someone because one’s rich or powerful. I didn’t ask you to be kind, I just wanted to tell you some principles.”

Philip’s voice was resonating.

Now that everyone’s eyes were on him, his words were amplified even more.

Philip looked at everyone and said with a cold smile, “I, Philip Clarke, has a lot of money. If you’re not convinced, then you should just stay on the floor. If you’re not happy with me, I have all the money in the world to make you kneel on the floor and l**k my feet.”

He sounded so domineering.

He had sounded so righteous in his speech earlier, but in the next moment, he became overbearing.

Everyone was shocked.

Especially Isabelle and her gang. They were looking at Philip with complicated eyes.

Philip was enjoying their gazes on him. They looked like they were in fear and yet, they were unconvinced at the same time.

At that moment, a horde of BMW bikes sounded loudly from the junction.

The riders stopped and parked the bikes. Then, they took off their helmets and got down. They were lined up in neat rows.

The ones in the shop were also being driven out. They all stopped at the plaza with the engines rumbling.


There were 100 bikes!

It was such a sight. Everyone took in a deep breath.

Several passersby stopped and took pictures of this.

Philip said to John, “Drove them to Arc de Triumph Hotel. We’ll be having dinner there tonight.”

After that, John nodded and took out his walkie-talkie. He announced to the drivers that were called in from all over the city.

“Hurry, Arc de Triumph Hotel, now!”


The 100 BMW bikes drove down the street with their engines rumbling loudly.

Isabelle and the gang sat on the ground lifelessly like their spines had been taken out after Philip left. They started wailing loudly without caring about their images.

Ruby bit her red lips fiercely. Blood started seeping out from the wound. She looked at Isabelle with red eyes. “Belle, do you believe that he’s that nouveau riche?”

Isabelle said while smiling bitterly, “What else can I believe in? They’ve already driven the bikes away.”

She knew she was in deep trouble. She had kicked out such a big client. A discharge letter would definitely be waiting for her.

At this moment, John walked over. He patted the dust on his suit in a pleased manner and towered over the wan and sallow-looking Isabelle. “Thank you.”

That one statement broke Isabelle’s last defense.

However, Ruby still refused to believe this. She got up and grabbed John. She asked, “I want to know why he bought so many bikes.”

John thought Ruby was good looking, but she was too snobbish. He said coldly, “Mr. Clarke has a delivery company. He’s changing bikes for his staff. Mr. Clarke is so generous. From now on, all of the delivery guys in Riverdale will be riding the BMW bikes from our shop. How f*cking flashy.”

After he said that, John guffawed and left.

Ruby was stunned for a while. Then, she stomped her feet and screeched, “F*ck! Philip Clarke!

“He lied to all of us! He did not buy the bikes! His company is just changing their bikes! He’s pretending to be the boss to flex on us!”

Ruby was screaming and shrieking to release her anger.

She did not believe that Philip had ten million bucks. She figured that Philip’s boss wanted to change the bikes in his company and he was just here on behalf of his boss.

Her friend started gathering around. They were all in disbelief. After they understood what was going on, it was like they were being injected with chicken blood. They pointed and hurled abuses at the figure that was long gone.

Lynn and the guys were still there. When they heard that, they let out sighs of relief.

“F*ck me. Lynn, your brother-in-law really is something else. He’s a whole new level of pretentiousness.” Kule nodded and smirked coldly.

“He’s just a good-for-nothing!” Lynn hurled some abuses at him resentfully before leaving with Kyle and Jacob.

Her brother-in-law was so devious!

On this side, Ruby took out her phone and made a call. Then, she started sobbing and saying coquettishly, “Tiger, where are you? You have to help me. Sob, sob, sob…”


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