The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 61

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 61 – Agnes’ expression changed. How much money did Philip have?

“How many can you get today?”

“Um… I have to try.”

John trembled. However, he was fueled with motivation at the same time.

If he managed to get this business, he would definitely be the best sales representative this year!

Ten minutes later.

“Mr. Clarke, the 100 BMW motorcycles you’re asking for comes up to a total of 28,570,000 bucks.” John walked over with his bill. He had already contacted the other shops and got them to deliver the bikes today.

Philip looked at the time and took out his card for the salesperson. “Take my card.”

George had given him this card when they were at the dessert shop last time.

He said there was 100 billion inside. He could use it however he wanted.

This was the first asset the family gave Philip.

To be honest, 100 billion bucks was nothing to him.

Before this, he saw his family mining for gold and diamonds in Africa and South America.

John was still in shock. He grabbed the card while being in a daze. He asked suddenly, “Are you not going to take a loan?”


This time, Philip was the one who was shocked.

“Take a loan? Why should I? I have the money,” Philip said.

Nouveau riche!

This was a truly rich man!

He was buying 100 BMW motorcycles just like this.

After John swiped the card and Philip signed the contract, the former finally came back to his senses. This man really bought them!

‘F*ck me! He really bought them! It’s a transaction of 30 million bucks!

‘Oh my. That man is so willing to part with his money. He instantly bought 100!

‘Are they hiring? I want to work for him.’

Under everyone’s envious gazes, Philip took over a bunch of keys from John and walked out the door with Agnes.

A bunch of car keys!

However, that was not all.

He would come back later to get the rest of them.

Behind them, the salespeople stood in one row and yelled in unison, “Congratulations Mr. Clarke for your 100 new BMW motorcycles.”

They were yelling very loudly. The staff in the Harley-Davidson specialty shop were amused by what they heard, so they ran out to see what was going on. Isabelle was one of them.

“F*ck me! BMW sold 100 bikes? That’s a 30 million transaction!”

“Who’s that rich person? Let me see.”

“Over there! He’s coming.”

The staff from Harley-Davidson stood at their shop and watched the people who were walking out from the BMW motorcycle specialty shop next door.


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