The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 59

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 59 – This was the most savage statement Isabelle Ford had ever heard after so many years of selling Harley-Davidsons.

He just came up and asked her if they had 100 bikes.

Isabelle was stunned. After a while, she said bitterly, “Sir, are you sure you want 100? And you want 100 of the latest models?”

Philip nodded indifferently. “Right. Do you not have that many? If not, it’s fine as long as they are Harleys.”

Isabelle was stunned once again.

It was fine as long as they were Harleys?

Just how much did this man like Harleys?

“Sir, we only have 32 in stock. We just did the count this morning. We don’t have 100,” Isabelle said sadly.

Was this man really a nouveau riche?

When Philip heard that, he lifted his eyebrow and looked around. “Only 32?”

According to Philip’s calculation, he would at least need 100. Even though they only had more than ten employees, it would be fine if he hired more people.

This was the first time Isabelle met a client who wanted to buy 100 Harleys in one go.

She could not help but look at Philip up and down.

What if he was crazy?

After looking at him, her face changed. This guy’s outfit was very normal. He was wearing a pair of jeans that were already white from frequent washing and a white t-shirt. He was also wearing a pair of d***y sport shoes, and he had a rough stubble on his face.

A person like this could afford 100 Harleys?

Was he just here to be pretentious?

When she thought about this, Isabelle’s expression fell. After seeing Philip deep in thought, it made her even more sure that this guy was here to cause trouble.

“Sir, do you still want them?” Isabelle asked while controlling her emotions.

Philip frowned and shook his head. He said, “You don’t have 100 anyway.”


This time, Isabelle smirked coldly. He had just blown his cover.

‘100? I think you can’t even afford one. Why are you still pretending to be rich?’

“Are you sure you’re here to buy motorcycles?” Isabelle said in a despicable way as she crossed her arms. In just a second, she became arrogant and overbearing.

“Yeah, I’m here to buy motorcycles. 100. Do you have them?” Philip frowned. This salesperson did not have the enthusiasm she had just now.

“Enough! How long are you going to pretend? 100? I don’t think you can even afford just one! Can’t you see where you are before coming here to put up an act?”

Isabelle started shouting in anger.

‘Who the h**l is he? How dare he come and cause trouble in the early morning? He must be tired of life!’

“How do you know if I can afford them or not? Plus, I made a reservation.” Philip was unhappy.

Why was this salesperson looking down on him? Plus, did she s*****w a stick of dynamite this morning? Or was she suffering from an irregular period?

“Hahaha, are you kidding me? You’re saying you can afford 100?” Isabelle looked at Philip from head to toe and scoffed. “Sir, if you want to buy a car with two wheels, please go out and turn right. Yadea is just right there. A poor man like you should drive a motorcycle like that. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.”

“Isabelle, stop joking. A poor man like him wants to buy a motorcycle?”

Another salesperson walked over and jeered. “Do you see what he’s wearing? I don’t think he can even afford a Yadea. He’s just here to take pictures and post them on his social media to show off.”

Isabelle chuckled sarcastically and warned Philip. “Get out now. Not every piece of trash can come in here.”

Philip was agitated. These people were too snobbish. Did they not know that the rich liked to keep low profiles?

Did he really look that poor?

Agnes ran in from the door at this moment. She asked, “Mr. Clarke, what’s wrong?”

Philip shook his head and looked at the Harleys in the shop. “Let’s go. They don’t welcome us here.”

“Don’t welcome us?” Agnes asked surprisingly.

Looking at the overbearing salesperson, Agnes knew what was going on.

“Hello, I made a reservation to look at the motorcycles today. Please get your manager for me,” Agnes said unhappily. She was trying to control her emotions.

“What reservation? There are no reservations today. Get out now. These two actors have even started acting. Mr. Clarke? Are you two idiots?” Isabelle scolded like a madwoman.

“You!” Agnes was livid.

Philip grabbed her arm and said, “It’s fine. We’ll go next door.”

Agnes stomped her feet in anger.

The two turned around to leave when Isabelle said sarcastically, “Hehe, you have no money for Harleys yet you want 100.”

“Yeah, the moment he came into our shop, I knew he was only here to look at the motorcycles. Next time, we have to put a signboard outside of our shop that says, ‘Poor people and dogs are forbidden to enter’.”

Philip clenched his fists and suppressed his anger. He walked out of the door and turned left into a shop selling BMW motorcycles.

When he entered the shop, a young salesperson came over. “Sir, do you want to buy a motorcycle?”

Philip said flatly, “Yes. I’m buying 100.”

“Alright, which one do you like? I can let you know more about it,” the salesperson smiled and said. Even though he did not think a person dressed like Philip would be able to afford it, he still had to introduce the motorcycles to him as it was his duty.



The salesperson was stunned. He repeated while stammering, “100?”

“Yes. 100. Do you have them in stock?” Philip smiled and said.

Insane. That was insane. 100 BMV motorcycles.

“Sir, please wait. I’ll go get my manager.”


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