The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 30

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 30 – Philip got into the Audi and continued discussing Mila’s condition with Henry. Henry had already researched Mila’s condition for half a month now, and the success rate he could come up with was 80%! That meant a very high chance of complete recovery!

They went to the hospital to take a look at Wynn. She was now safe but still unconscious due to the shock.

Just after Philip left the hospital entrance with Henry, Keagan, and Theo in tow, he received a call from his father-in-law.

Charles was furious as he bellowed, “Philip! Where did you run off to? Where’s the painting I told you to deliver?”

Slap! Philip smacked his forehead then remembered that he had left the house this morning to deliver a painting to Civil Gallery. How could he have forgotten it? Without another thought, Philip quickly said, “Send me to Southville Street.”

Theo immediately went up to open the door of his Benz, inviting Philip in. Henry and Keagan, too, wanted to invite Philip into their own cars, but they were not as quick as Theo.

“Let’s follow them,” said Henry.

Soon, five Audis followed closely behind the Benz as they made their way to the old housing area at Southville Street.

The car did not stop in front of the house because Martha was at home. Philip had the car stopped somewhere else then he jogged over to the old house and knocked. “Mom, I’m here for the painting.”

Martha opened the door with a sulky expression and scolded, “Where the h**l did you run off to? Were you trying to get me to deliver the painting myself instead? I don’t even know what you’re doing with your life. You only know how to slack around.”

As Philip listened to Martha’s abusive words, he only smiled sheepishly and continued to apologize. He picked up the gift box that was readily placed on the coffee table then rushed out the door. Behind him, his mother-in-law continued to admonish, “Why did my daughter even marry such a wretched piece of trash! She must have been cursed by terrible luck!”

Martha’s voice could be heard around the end of the street. The mouths of Theo, Henry, and Keagan, who had been standing beside their cars, twitched. This mother-in-law was too much. But, why was Mr. Clarke tolerating her when he was so powerful in reality?

“To Civil Gallery. You guys can stop following me. If there’s anything, we’ll talk tomorrow.” Philip looked at Henry and the rest who still looked like they wanted to follow him.

After Philip got in, the car drove toward Civil Gallery.

Back at the gallery, all the decorations were ready and the place was filled with honored guests. Everything was going well except for the main hall where a crowd of people waited with dark expressions. Among them was Charles Johnston who was especially annoyed. He put his hands behind him as he said, “This Philip really can’t do anything right. He can’t even deliver a painting properly after being told to!”

The exhibition had already started, but the most significant piece, Companionship at the Spring Mountains by Tang Bohu, had not arrived yet. This flustered Charles!

It was such a rare opportunity for him to finally shine in front of his old friends and a few of the famous collectors within the country, but this scene was now made awkward by his son-in-law. How could he not be furious?

Aiden was standing beside Charles, unable to conceal the smirk on his face as he said, “Uncle Johnston, I think Philip is blatantly disrespecting you. This is such an important exhibition, but he is late. Isn’t he just trying to embarrass you?” This brat was really terrible! He was trying to make the situation worse even at a time like this.

“Hmph!” Charles snorted. “I don’t have a son-in-law like him!”

The people inside the gallery were mostly art collectors as well, and they were getting impatient as they spoke up.

“Charles, we’re all here because of your invitation, but what do you have to show us? Where’s the painting?”

“You’re insincere with us. Or maybe you don’t really have the Companionship at the Spring Mountains and are just trying to bluff us.”

“The other stuff here isn’t much, and we’re just waiting for this painting. Tell us how much longer we must wait.”

As everyone got restless, Charles could only smile and apologize. “It’ll be here soon, my son-in-law is on the way.” This sh*tty Philip! Once this exhibition ends, I will have Wynn divorce him!

“Hehe, Charles, wouldn’t asking that c**p of a son-in-law of yours to deliver that painting be a disgrace to the art piece?” Among the crowd, a balding middle-aged man started mocking.

He was Charles’s rival, Benjamin Money. They were in the same department in their working days and had always been at each other’s throats.

The rumors about Charles’s son-in-law being a wretched piece of trash was already spread throughout their circle, and people would at most gossip under their breaths. But for Benjamin to put it out on the table and mock him in front of everyone was going a little too far.

Just then, Philip arrived at the outer area of Civil Gallery in Theo’s car. Once he confirmed that no one around recognized him, he got out and rushed into the gallery.

Theo, too, had waited for a bit before entering the gallery on the pretense of visiting the place as he followed Philip.

With the gift box under his arm, Philip jogged over to exhibition hall number one at Area C.

As soon as he showed up at the gallery entrance, Aiden who had sharp eyes called out, “Philip’s here!” After shouting out, he rushed over and snatched the painting from Philip’s hands and admonished, “Philip, what took you so long just to deliver a painting? You didn’t go and mess around with some woman, did you?”

Aiden had seen Philip get into Anna’s car with his own eyes, so he intentionally said this loudly.


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