The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 29

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 29 – Philip nodded faintly, looking indifferent as he stood up and asked, “Professor Henry, do you have any opinion on this?”

Henry glanced at Jeffrey, screaming on the floor, and then replied, “He asked for it. To have Mr. Clarke punish him for his wrongdoing is his honor.”

His nephew had just been crippled, but the man said it was an honor instead. Theo inhaled a breath of cold air. He already knew that Mr. Clarke was not a regular man, but he never anticipated him to be this powerful!

Henry Turner was the magnate of the medical world, the Healing Hand of G*d! He had cured so many prominent figures. The man was a living, breathing network! With just a few words from Henry, Theo could easily fall to the lowest level in society.

At that moment, Jeffrey was still on the ground, staring at his uncle as he mumbled, “Uncle… avenge me…”

Henry looked furious. Although he did not know exactly what his nephew did wrong, it must have been serious! “Director Stanley, take Jeffrey away and do your best.”

Henry then added coldly, “Inform the hospital that Jeffrey Scott has been stripped of all his titles, and from today on, he can only stay in Golden City. If he ever takes one step out of the city, you have my permission to break his legs!”

Director Stanley stepped into the room and bowed. “Understood, Mr. President.”

Jeffrey was then carried out of the room.

Keagan, who had just witnessed this whole scene with his own eyes, was standing at the door, staring heatedly at Philip. This young man must be a great figure. After waiting for a bit, Keagan held out both hands and went over with a huge smile, greeting, “Hello Mr. Clarke, my name is Keagan Sanders, the mayor of Riverdale City.” This was an opportunity!

Philip shot a hesitant look at Keagan before faintly reaching out a hand to shake his. “I’m Philip Clarke.”

By now, Theo was already too shocked for words! The mayor had come here too! And he was now standing in front of Keagan with a group of his followers in this room. It was clearly a d***h wish!

Keagan, too, had noticed Theo and knew that this man was of a complicated status. Hence, he had not managed to prosecute Theo thus far.

“Theo Zander, why did you bring so many people here?” Keagan interrogated. After all, he was the mayor of this city, so how could he let the underground mobs do as they please right in front of him? Although Theo had a complicated background, Keagan figured that he ought to query the man at least since they had finally met.

Theo looked aggrieved as he stared at Philip. “Mr. Clarke…” He had started as a mobster in his early days, but in recent years, Theo had gradually cleaned his hands and was now doing legal businesses. And he was one of the biggest taxpayers with barely any criminal records in his files.

Philip knew that Theo had a complicated background, so he said softly, “Mayor Sanders, Theo is one of my men. If there’s any problem, I can come with him to assist in investigations.”

Of course, they could assist in investigations. Theo’s background was now clean, and he was a locally famous entrepreneur in Riverdale City. He had even set up Theodorus Charity Organization. Theo was now considered a legal businessman. He had already taken care of all his previous dark records.

Keagan was stunned. He glanced at Henry, then bloomed into a bright smile and said, “Please don’t say that, Mr. Clarke. If that’s the case, there’s no need for the hassle.”

Philip did not say anything else but left the room with Henry as they discussed Mila’s surgery on the way.

Upon exiting Celestial Club, Philip looked at this three-story-tall building icily and said, “There’s no need for a place like this to exist anymore. Destroy it.”

Theo bowed and received the order. After one phone call, three bulldozers and forklifts made their way over. There were loud rumbling sounds!

Riverdale City’s famous Celestial Club was torn down in a day and laid to waste! This news instantly made its way to the front page of all the news channels. Someone had even snapped a photo of Philip’s back with his party, and it became the local news headlines.


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