The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 24

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 24 – Philip lifted his leg and kicked hard at the door!

Bam! The door was burst open.

Jade was stunned. She never expected the boy toy to be this barbaric and immoral. She would definitely get Brother Drogo to take care of him later!

The loud music inside the room muted the sound of the door being kicked open. The colorful shining lights made it hard to see what was going on inside. There was a crowd of men and women, n***d as they drank, played games, and fooled around.

Tap! Philip pushed the switch on the wall, and all of a sudden, the whole room was brightly lit, exposing various hideous activities. The occupants of the room shrieked as they picked up their clothes from the floor in a flurry.

Philip was dumbstruck by this scene. He quickly swept a glance around the room in search of Wynn’s presence. Where is Wynn? Where is she?!

Just then, a hostile voice rang from within the room. “Anna Carter, this isn’t Theo Zander’s turf. A b*tch like you causing a ruckus here with your boy toy means you’re blatantly disrespecting me, Drogo Hanks!”

Somewhere below the stairs, sitting on a sofa was a man with a square face, triangular eyebrows, and a beard. His expression was dark.

This man was Drogo Hanks, the owner of Celestial Club! He was also one of the five most powerful men in the underground world.

He stared darkly at Anna, completely ignoring Philip’s existence. Anna Carter was indeed a woman worthy of becoming Theo Zander’s confidant. Drogo had long wanted a taste of Anna. Men like him were fond of conquering strong women like her. It gave them a sense of thrill.

The whole room was divided into two areas. Up the stairs was another area blocked by bead c******s, and through those c******s was the silhouette of a few people.

This was not the room Wynn had initially been in. Drogo knew that he had a valuable guest today, so he came over personally to offer them the presidential suite.

Anna’s voice sounded cold as she said, “Brother Drogo, we’re here for someone. We hope you can take the initiative to hand her over.”

Just then, all of a sudden, a desolated shrill rang from behind the bead c******s. The voice sounded distinctly helpless. “Ah! No! Go away…”

Wynn! Philip flared up in an instant, looking in the direction of the voice. Behind the swaying bead c******s, two men were roughly dragging a woman as they tore the garments from her body.

“F*ck! Get your filthy hands off!”

Whoever touched the dragon’s nerve had to d*e!

In an instant, Philip’s eyes turned red. He roared out loud, grabbed two glass bottles, and rushed up the stairs!

Drogo barely had time to react when he saw a silhouette fly past him. How dare he make a move! I am Drogo Hanks! The man everyone has to greet whenever they see me, but this boy toy just went ahead and took action?

Before he could react, two smashing sounds resonated from behind him! Simple and rough!

Philip smashed the two bottles of wine in his hands onto the balding men’s head! The moment the bottles were smashed open, red wine mixed with blood flowed to the floor.

“Ahh!” Two shrieking voices rang throughout the whole room. Gavin and Jeffrey both instantly fell to the ground, holding their heads. Blood flowed through from in between their fingers. It was terrifying.

Philip went over to snatch the coat from the sofa and wrapped it around Wynn, whose shirt was torn to pieces. He hugged her tight in his arms and comforted her. “It’s okay, sweetheart, I’m here.”

Wynn was in a state of panic and confusion. She continued to struggle in Philip’s arms, screaming as tears poured out. Then, she bit Philip viciously on his arm.

It hurts! Philip endured the pain, hugging Wynn tightly as the fury within him threatened to b**n a hole in the sky!

“Ahh! Wuuu…..” Wynn sobbed, eventually regaining her senses. She tilted her head up to look at Philip through tear-filled eyes, mumbling, “Philip…” Just after calling his name, Wynn passed out.

Anna had run over. After a look, she anxiously said, “Mr. Clarke, let’s go outside first and send Miss Johnston to the hospital.”

Philip nodded. He picked Wynn up in a bridal carry and turned, ready to leave.

Just then, Drogo came over to block their way. He growled in a low voice, “Leave? Anna Carter, what place do you think this is? You beat up my valuable guest and now you want to leave?”

Philip’s pupils contracted as his gaze turned cold.

Without waiting for him to speak up, Anna replied sternly, “Drogo Hanks, don’t think that I’m afraid of you. Would you even dare to lay a hand on me? Aren’t you afraid that Brother Theo would come for you?”

Drogo’s expression stiffened. Sure enough, he did not dare lay a hand on Anna because she was Theo’s follower. Laying a hand on her meant smacking Theo in the face. The consequences would be severe.

However, his valuable guests had been attacked right in front of his eyes. If this matter got out, Drogo would lose his standing within the city.

“F*ck! No one’s leaving today!” Jeffrey, whose head had been cracked open earlier, was now getting up shakily. His face was covered in blood and his expression was frightening as he roared, “Drogo, seize that man! I want him d**d!”

Drogo hurried over and urged, “Mr. Scott, they are Theo Zander’s people.”

Jeffrey raged and bellowed, “Theo Zander? Who the h**l does he think he is?”

Soon after he spoke, suddenly! Bam! The door of the room was kicked open again. A group of hitmen in black suits rushed in! In an instant, the room was filled with people.

Drogo’s expression stiffened as cold sweat rolled down from his forehead. He stared fixedly at the door of the room.

A striking silhouette, dressed in a full white suit and white shoes, wearing a white gentleman’s man and a cigar in his mouth, strode into the room before everyone’s eyes.

“Whoever lays a hand on Mr. Clarke is offending me, Theo Zander!”


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