The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 22

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 22 – “Sister Anna, why are you here?” The bouncer who had been arrogant earlier was now meek as a child. They were working for Celestial Club, so these men had been used to flaunting their authority. But meeting Anna still made them feel uneasy because if they were not careful enough, they might end up offending Theo.

“Hmph!” Anna snorted. After a few more words of reproach, she did not waste any more time with them. She could see the restlessness in Philip’s eyes, so she quickly let Philip inside after forcing the two men to back down.

The bouncers scratched their heads in fear and confusion as they watched Philip and Anna go in.

“Hey, who do you think that guy is that Sister Anna would personally escort and protect?”

“Don’t be so nosy, unless you feel like separating your head from your body.”

The interior design of Celestial Club was indeed luxurious. Gold was the primary color of the interior with dragons and phoenix as the central theme. The place looked extravagant. Even the front desk was made from Calacatta marble, worth a king’s ransom! However, to Philip, these were all rubbish.

Anna and Philip had just entered the lobby when a stunning woman came over. She was wearing red pumps while her voice sounded like a melodious string instrument. “Hey, Sister Anna, what brings you here today?”

This woman with a vintage appearance was the manager of Celestial Club, Jade Quinley. Everyone called her ‘Sister Jade’. She gave off a vampish and mature vibe.

Jade’s status in Celestial Club was quite similar to Anna’s status in Civil Gallery. She was the confidant of Drogo and his lover. However, her influence was only limited to within the club. Once outside the club doors, Anna’s status could overpower Jade’s by a mile. Hence, it was publicly known that Jade disliked Anna. These two women were destined to be rivals.

“Jade Quinley, enough with the nonsense. Where is Miss Johnston?” Anna could not get used to the coy look in Jade’s eyes.

“Sister Anna, you must be joking with me. There isn’t any Miss Johnston on my premises. Only men come here, not women. What’s more, isn’t it a little inappropriate for Sister Anna to just barge in like this?” Jade cocked an eyebrow, waving her Victorian hand fan with an arm crossed below her chest. Her contempt for Anna was evident in her tone.

Philip had no time to waste in a pointless argument. He asked coldly, “I’ll only ask once, where is she?”

Jade finally noticed the man standing behind Anna. “Wow, Sister Anna, isn’t this little boy toy of yours too ignorant? Is there any place for him to speak up here?”

Slap! The crisp sound of a slap resonated in the air.

Jade held a hand to her face, feeling incredulous. She yelled out in fury, “Ann Carter! How dare you slap me? You’re only Theo’s dog, what right do you have to lay a hand on me? Don’t you have any respect for our Celestial Club?”

“That’s right,” Anna replied icily. This woman had the nerve to call Mr. Clarke ignorant! One slap is already kind enough of me! Celestial Club? Haha, sorry, but to me, this place is trash! And in Mr. Clarke’s eyes, this place is lower than trash!

Philip frowned hard, already losing his patience. “I don’t care what you think this place is or who supports you in the dark. I’m warning you, don’t provoke me or I’ll flatten this whole place! Spill! Which room is Wynn Johnston in?” Philip was furious. The consequences would be dire. If this woman did not know what was good for her, Philip did not mind laying this building to waste.

Jade was initially stunned but then quickly laughed and pointed at Anna. “Anna Carter, this boy toy of yours sounds more arrogant than you. Flatten my club? No one has dared to say something like that in a long time. You’re the first.”

Anna smiled coldly. She was not at all worried about Philip’s declaration. She knew that Mr. Clarke would do just as he said. Even if he tore half of the city apart, Anna would not be surprised, much less this club.

Anna faintly added, looking indifferent. “Jade Quinley, I don’t want to waste time with you. Lead the way now. Even a second’s delay is not something you can afford to compensate for!”

Seeing Anna be this forceful, a flicker of annoyance flashed in Jade’s eyes. “Are you trying to scare me, Carter? Don’t think that just because you’re under Theo that I would be afraid of you. I’m telling you, the guest at Celestial Club today is not someone you can provoke. Even if Theo himself is here today, he would have to play by the rules! And you two want to take that woman away? Dream on!”

“So, you won’t lead the way?” Anna’s eyes were ice-cold. She looked extremely aggravated. This Jade Quinley was just asking for trouble.

“Heh! I’ll be honest with you Carter, the guest inside is a big-shot from Golden City. As for that Miss Johnston, she sure is a great beauty, very enticing. It’s her honor to be able to serve that guest. Perhaps, by now she’s already…” Jade did not continue but the smug look on her face was apparent that she was provoking them.

Anna’s scalp felt prickly. She stole a glance at the man next to her.

Philip looked calm but the fury behind his eyes made Anna shiver. Even Jade could now sense the change in Philip.

Philip’s expression was dark as night, and his voice was ice-cold. “Don’t challenge my patience. Take me there now or I’ll make sure you live the rest of your life in pain and regret!”


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