The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 20

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 20 – At the same time, Philip had reached Civil Gallery. Today was his father-in-law’s exhibition, so he had come to help out.

As soon as he entered the door, Philip noticed that the hall had been luxuriously decorated. There was quality and taste. It was definitely not done simply. It seemed that Anna had put in a lot of effort.

Jasmine then noticed Philip, who was looking around at the door. She walked over with a smile and greeted, “Hello, do you need my help with anything? Uhm, you are…”

The exhibition today was extremely important. Manager Carter had instructed that everything had to be perfect as the guests today were all prominent figures in Riverdale City. Hence, all the staff had to be respectful and humble. They should never judge a person by their looks.

Jasmine had thought that Philip was a guest here for the exhibition. After all, she had already received a few, and they were now waiting at the resting area in the next hall. But to her surprise, it was him.

Philip looked up and smiled faintly. “Hello, we meet again. I’m looking for Charles Johnston.”

“Mr. Johnston?” Jasmine asked curiously before she put on a smile. Bowing slightly, she said, “Follow me, please.”

Philip nodded. This young lady was not bad, after all. She was very sincere.

However, they had only taken a few steps when a mocking voice called out from behind.

“Yo, you’re here, Philip?” Aiden was leading a few people into the gallery, looking very smug.

Philip turned around and answered with a smile, “I just got here.”

Aiden walked over. He was dressed in an expensive navy blue suit, looking very handsome and emitting a domineering aura. He reached out to pat Philip on his shoulder and insulted him, “You shouldn’t be here today. It’s just a disgrace. The guests here at the exhibition are all prominent figures of Riverdale City. Wouldn’t a useless son-in-law like you just put Uncle Johnston to shame?”

This Philip still had the guts to show up. It’s like he can’t gauge his own worth.

Philip frowned. He had no intention to respond to Aiden and turned to leave.

Seeing this, Aiden flared up. This rubbish actually dares to be this arrogant! Can’t you see that I’m talking to you? What’s with your attitude?

“Mr. Grant, your friend seems to be looking down on you.” The few people behind Aiden teased.

“Philip, stand there!” Aiden was furious. When he recalled what happened yesterday, he got even more annoyed. He rushed over, clamped down on Philip’s shoulder, and said viciously, “A trash like you has no place inside Civil Gallery. Get out this instant!”

“S**t! Is this Philip Clarke, the one you said who gave out a counterfeit painting?”

“He looks really broke. With this poor getup, he looks like a farmer.”

“A defect like this is actually Wynn Johnston’s husband? What a pity.”

The few friends Aiden had brought over started insulting Philip. At this, Aiden finally felt a little better. Look at you, Philip, you’re such a disgrace. Wynn has lost all face just by being with trash like you.

Philip frowned. His expression was a little dark. “I’m here to help.”

“Help?” Aiden laughed out loud. “How hilarious! Is there a need for wretched trash like you to help out here? Can’t you see where this place is? Or what? Are you here to deliver food boxes to the prominent figures?” Aiden was now exposing his occupation to humiliate him.

“Mr. Grant, he’s a delivery man? You didn’t tell us!”

“No wonder he smells like sewers.”

“Chase this person out immediately. Don’t let him taint the air inside.”

The few people ridiculed without holding back.

Philip frowned hard. He glared icily at Aiden and said, “Occupations are not divided by class. I don’t think making deliveries is d***y.”

These people are real snobs. What’s wrong with making deliveries? Is it shameful? How many white-collared workers do you think waits for us, delivery men, to bring food over? Do you think I got arrogant from it? This won’t do. I need to change everyone’s views on delivery men. I need to spare some time to switch out the vehicles for everyone in the company. Scooters definitely won’t work, but Harley’s, maybe.

Seeing Philip’s frowning expression, Aiden laughed coldly. He patted Philip’s shoulder heavily and said, “Trash will be trash. They will never be presentable.” He then turned to Jasmine while pointing at Philip and said, “Why are you letting trash like him inside? Isn’t it just an insult to Civil Gallery? Hurry and chase him out.”

Jasmine’s expression darkened. “I’m sorry, Mr. Grant. Our manager has instructed that everyone who comes here are guests. Please forgive me for being unable to comply.”

Unable to comply? Fine, fine, fine!

Aiden swung his hand away. After shooting Philip a vicious glare, he led his friends away. He was in a rush to flatter and boast in front of Uncle Johnston.

After Aiden left, Philip courteously said to Jasmine, “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to. Let me take you to the resting area.” Jasmine smiled. Her slender body turned, and she walked ahead.

Philip studied her back profile. Although this young lady could not compare to Wynn, she was still gorgeous. She was sincere and polite to people as well. She was a nice girl.

Back to Wynn. She was in the washroom, staring at her reflection in the mirror. Beside her hand was the box Gavin had given her while inside. It was a humiliating dress.

“Huuu…” She heaved a heavy breath. Wynn mumbled to her reflection, “For Mila, I can do this for this home.”

This pitiful and foolish woman unwillingly changed into the humiliating outfit Gavin had given her.

Fifteen minutes later, Wynn put on a trench coat, left the company building, and directly got into the Benz waiting at the entrance. Just in case, Wynn had typed out a message to Philip. She then carefully placed her phone in her bag.

Gavin was sitting in the back seat. When he saw Wynn walking over in sensual steps, his mouth cracked into a hideous and lustful smile. Hahaha! Wynn Johnston, you wore it, after all.

The door closed, and the car immediately took off for Celestial Club.

In a private room, 888, of Celestial Club. Gavin pushed the door open, leading Wynn inside and called out, “Uncle, look! This is our Deputy Manager Johnston, Wynn Johnston.”

Wynn followed Gavin in. The room was huge, dimly lit with colorful lights. Sitting on the sofa was a man in his forties with s**y ladies in both arms as he smoked a cigar.

Jeffrey courteously stood up to welcome her. “I’ve heard of Deputy Manager Johnston before. After meeting today, I can see that you’re a real beauty. Come, come, have a seat.”

“Mr. Scott, you’re too kind.” Wynn took a seat and shook Jeffrey’s hand. This d***y old man was still longingly holding onto Wynn’s hand with no intention of releasing her.

Jeffrey squinted as he scanned Wynn over and over again.

Wynn tugged her hand back awkwardly and gave a small smile. “Mr. Scott…”

Jeffrey noticed that he was forgetting his manners and quickly let go. He sat down with a smile. “Deputy Manager Johnston is just too enchanting. Come, come, this is a French wine I’ve brought over, Remy Martin. I’m sure Deputy Manager Johnston will love it,” said Jeffery with a smile and a cigar in his mouth. He poured a full glass for Wynn.

However, Wynn did not take it. She refused to. “Mr. Scott, I can’t drink.” She then tugged on her trench coat to cover her legs because Jeffrey had been staring.

Seeing Wynn hesitating, Gavin sitting nearby, said with a cold laugh, “Deputy Manager Johnston, my uncle has personally poured you wine. Isn’t it inappropriate if you don’t drink?”

Jeffrey put the glass down on the coffee table and leaned back, saying coldly, “Deputy Manager Johnston, are you looking down on me? If that’s the case, we don’t need to talk about the collaboration anymore.”

A blatant threat. Just moments through the door and already, he was showing his true colors.

After Wynn pondered, she quickly took up the glass and said, “Please don’t get upset, Mr. Scott. I’ll drink.” Then, with a frown, she drank the whole glass of Remy Martin in one go. This was all for Mila, for her family.

“Mr. Scott, here, this should do it, right?” Wynn wiped the corners of her mouth and gestured to the empty glass.

Jeffrey clapped, smiling to his eyes. “Deputy Manager Johnston has great alcohol tolerance.”

For the next half an hour, Wynn was continuously forced to drink by Jeffrey and Gavin until she felt her head spin and fell to the sofa, mumbling drunken words.

Gavin and Jeffrey exchanged glances. The latter immediately got up and walked to Wynn, flashing a d***y smile. “Deputy Manager Johnston… Deputy Manager Johnston, why don’t we play something else…” Jeffrey impatiently reached out to remove Wynn’s coat.

“What are you doing!” In her drunken state, Wynn saw doubles and abruptly shrunk away in fright. She grabbed her coat tight and yelled out helplessly, scared. “Don’t come closer. I… I’m going back…” Wynn dragged her heavy body and staggered to get up. She ran to the door but…

The door would not open. At that moment, Wynn cried out to the heavens and earth, but no avail.

Behind her, Jeffrey was now acting like a p*****t as he hugged her. He buried his face into her hair like a creep and took a deep sniff. “Deputy Manager Johnston, you can’t run. If you serve me well, the collaboration will go well.” Jeffrey gave her a d***y smile.

Wynn’s whole body froze. After a struggle, she shoved Jeffrey away and slapped him. She grabbed her bag and dug out a fruit knife, powerless and helpless as she leaned against the wall, enduring the splitting pain in her head. “Don’t you come any closer, don’t come closer…”

Jeffrey l****d his lips. The pain in his cheek induce his urge to conquer, and he bellowed, “Stupid b*tch! Stop acting pure!” Jeffrey rushed over and snatched the fruit knife from Wynn’s hand. He then grabbed her hair and gave a vicious slap.

Slap! Wynn winced as the back of her head hit the wall. She fell powerlessly to the floor, feeling dizzy. Gavin, who was sitting nearby, was watching everything with a cold smile.

Jeffrey went over and grabbed Wynn’s ankle, laughing out lecherously.

Wynn yelled out weakly, “Help, help…”

At that moment, she only thought of Philip!

Struggling with her life, she fumbled in her bag and pressed on the send button with all her might.


Grabbing onto Wynn’s ankles, Jeffrey dragged her to a sofa beside. Gavin, too, stood up, and the two men with malicious expressions laughed lecherously as they looked at Wynn, who was out cold with blood trickling down her forehead.

At the same time, in Civil Gallery, Philip was about to enter the lounge when his phone rang. Feeling confused, he opened the message to see it was from Wynn. The content was simple but made his eyes widen, and pupils dilate.

‘Philip, Celestial Club, save me!’

Just the five words almost made Philip go insane! S**t! Wynn… Wynn’s in trouble!


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