The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 19

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 19 – Today was Saturday. Wynn got up very early to start putting on makeup in the bathroom.

Philip came out from the bedroom to coax his daughter, who was making a fuss. “Isn’t it your off-day today? Why did you wake up so early?” Philip was carrying his daughter as he stood at the bathroom door and asked.

Wynn answered without looking at him. “I have to go back to the office today and meet a client in the afternoon.” She then looked at herself, left and right in the mirror. She put on her lipstick, then pursed her lips.

This woman was gorgeous. Even with light makeup, she was still as endearing as a fairy.

Wynn squeezed past Philip, hastily took her bag and put on her high heels. “Oh, right. Go over to the gallery today to help my dad out. Let Lynn look after Mila. I’ve already informed her last night. She will be over at about ten.”

“Come back earlier, Mama.” Little Mila was still in Philip’s arms as she waved at Wynn with her adorable and fair little arm. Dimples appeared on her tiny cheeks as she smiled innocently.

Wynn had been rushing about, getting ready to leave. When she heard that gentle word ‘Mama’, she kissed Mila on the cheeks before reluctantly leaving.

Before she went, she reminded Philip, “Don’t forget to help my dad out.”

Philip replied, “Got it. Come back soon.”

Standing at the door of their tiny seventy square foot house, Philip watched Wynn leave. Philip lovingly patted Mila’s tiny head then said, “Play with Papa.”

“Okay, Papa! I want to ride a horsie.” Little Mila waved happily.

This little house was Philip and Wynn’s nest. The renovations were simple because they did not have a lot of money back then. Philip had taken the money to start a business. Although the business failed, they still had a house, a home. But this home was now in danger of being torn apart.

After staying with Mila for about two hours, the doorbell rang. The door opened to reveal Lynn standing there haughtily in thick makeup. She shoved Philip aside as she went in. The girl was wearing extremely short leather pants and a black lace top.

Isn’t this a little too much? Do young girls dress this s**y nowadays?

Without waiting for Philip to speak, Lynn had already gone inside and plopped down on the sofa. She first glared at Mila, who was playing with her toys at one side, then she glared resentfully at Philip. “I’ll only stay for two hours. I’ve made plans with my classmates for the afternoon.”

Philip smiled sheepishly and took out the snacks he had prepared like he was coaxing his great grandmother. “I’ll be back really soon.” Philip then walked over to Mila, who looked a little scared. He squatted down to pat her head and smiled. “Mila, Papa is going out. You stay with Aunty and be a good girl, okay?”

Little Mila nodded, catching a quick glimpse at Lynn, who was watching TV while eating chips. The little girl then took tiny steps to hand the toy in her hand to Lynn, saying in a babyish voice, “Aunty, this is for you to play.”

Lynn shot her a scornful glare without taking the toy then said coldly, “Play by yourself.”

A little while later, Philip went out. Only Lynn and Mila were left inside the house. The two girls, one an adult, the other a child, did not connect in any way. Lynn kept complaining to her boyfriend about having to take care of a brat through a video call. When Mila ran around the house, Lynn would yell at her. When Mila wanted a drink of water, Lynn had Mila get it herself. When Mila broke the glass, Lynn got up and kicked her, yelling, “Little b*tch! Your dad’s trash, and so are you! You can’t even get a glass of water!”

Mila started crying out of grievance. When Lynn saw her cry, she got more agitated. She went over and slapped Mila a few times on her tiny face, scolding viciously, “If you keep crying, I’ll sell you off! B*tch!”

Mila pursed her lips. Her aggrieved eyes were filled with tears while her tiny cheeks were swelling red. She mumbled, “Papa, I want Papa.”

Lynn was tired of listening to her and locked Mila alone inside her room.

Poor Mila patted the door and cried, “I want Papa, I want Mama… wuuuu…” After half an hour of crying, little Mila was tired and fell asleep on the bed.

Lynn was enjoying herself with her video call in the living room. “I don’t think I can make it today. There is an annoying little b*****d that needs taking care of.”

“You can’t. We’re all waiting for you here. Bring the brat over. It’ll be fine.” On the other end of the screen was Jacob in a karaoke room.

“Alright, I’ll be there soon.” Lynn happily ended the video call. She opened the bedroom door and barbarically woke Mila up. Staring down at the little girl with narrowed eyes, Lynn said, “B*tch, you’re coming with me outside to play. But I’m warning you, if you make a fuss, I’ll sell you off!”

Little Mila meekly nodded in fear.

Five minutes later, Lynn took Mila and left.

Back to Wynn who had left early this morning. She had first gone back to the office because last night, Gavin told her that he had gotten some info on the collaboration with Turner’s.

A little while after she reached her office, Gavin came in with a bright smile and sat on the sofa, looking composed. “Deputy Manager Johnston, I’ll let you in on a piece of good news. The representative that Turner has sent is actually my uncle.” Gavin could not conceal the smile on his face.

Wynn looked delighted at this. “Manager Zach, are you serious? This is great! Manager Zach, you have to help me with this negotiation.”

“No problem. As long as Deputy Manager Johnston knows what to do, I will definitely help you,” Gavin said smilingly and patted the seat beside him, hinting Wynn to sit next to him.

Wynn frowned slightly but sat down. This was, after all, a thirty million dollar contract with one million commission. She would be able to pay for Mila’s surgery fees.

“Manager Zach, tell me what I should do.” Wynn smiled. She was wearing a white business suit today.

He smiled. “I’ve made an appointment with my uncle to meet at Celestial Club. We’ll talk over there later.”

Wynn pushed Gavin’s hand away and said, sounding troubled, “Manager Zach, isn’t that a little inappropriate? Let’s talk in the office.”

Gavin’s face immediately darkened. He said in a threatening tone, “Deputy Manager Johnston, you should know that even though the representative is my uncle, we might not be able to secure the deal. So many other companies have their eyes on this huge slice of cake. But if Deputy Manager Johnston is not sincere about collaborating, then I have nothing else to say.” Gavin then got up to leave.

At this, Wynn got anxious and quickly said, “Manager Zach, wait. I’ll give it some thought.” One million dollar commission! Mila’s surgery fees! Wynn comforted herself that way. She thought that she only needed to drink and sing a little. They might not do anything out of line.

Gavin’s eyes narrowed as his smile deepened. He pointed to the box on her desk and said, “Think carefully. That’s my gift for you. Once you’ve made up your mind, wear it and come with me.”

Wear it? Once Gavin left, Wynn fearfully opened the box. It was a set of clothes! Wynn felt her knees go weak. Her pupils contracted, and she clenched her fists in fury!

Just then, she received a text message from Gavin: Deputy Manager Johnston, this is a gift from my uncle. You have to wear it. If you do, I guarantee you that this deal will be yours! Oh, and I forgot to tell you. If this collaboration fails, you might be relieved from your deputy manager position. Think carefully.

After sending the message, Gavin was laughing brutally inside his office. The pure and untainted goddess of the company! Bullsh*t!

When Wynn finished reading the message, she felt her body go weak. She was so helpless and enraged. B*****d, they’re all b******s!

Not long after Gavin returned to his office, Rose barged in fuming. “Gavin Zach, what is the meaning of this? Why are you helping that witch, Wynn Johnston?!” Rose asked angrily.

Gavin beckoned Rose with a huge smile. The latter went over nonetheless and was pulled into his arms. “My dear Rose, you are my woman, so how could I be helping another woman? Relax, I’m only helping my uncle with this.”

Rose coquettishly swatted his hand away and asked with a straight face, “What do you mean?”

Gavin told Rose the whole plan, only concealing the part where he would get his share.

After hearing it, Rose’s eyes sparkled. She asked excitedly, “Doesn’t that mean that your uncle will…?”

“Ahem, it’s not too much for a woman to contribute to secure a deal.” Gavin smiled. Thinking that he could spend the night with Wynn made him ecstatic.

“What’s more, I will have to be the one to secure the deal with Turner’s anyway. Wynn is only a present for my uncle.” Gavin let out a cold laugh.

Poor Wynn was completely being toyed in the palm of his hands.

Rose nodded and smiled darkly. “This is karma! Karma! We should have done this earlier to that witch!” At the thought of Wynn’s misfortune, Rose felt an indescribable pleasure in her heart.

“Manager Zach, would it be troublesome if Wynn’s husband found out about this?” Rose was worried.

“He’s just a piece of trash, what’s there to be afraid of?” Gavin could not care less. “If he really comes to look for trouble, I can deal with him.”

Philip? Hah! A wretched piece of trash! Gavin could not wait to see the angered look on Philip’s face if he found out how his wife was being treated. Hahaha!

Rose nodded. She hugged Gavin’s neck and said, sweetly, “Then… Manager Zach, when that witch gets fired, the deputy manager’s position…” Rose had been coveting for the deputy manager’s position for a long time now. Or else, she never would have bent over backward to become this greasy and balding fat man’s lover.

“Hahaha, don’t worry. That deputy manager’s position is definitely yours!”


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