The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 15

Read The First Heir By Master Yu Who Smokes Chapter 15 – Aiden, who had been looking cheery, was now in a daze. What was going on? Mr. Clarke was upset, so the gallery was not to be opened to the public. Could there be any other reason more random than this? No, he must have done something wrong.

“What’s wrong Addy, did something happen?” Charles and Martha found Aiden’s expression a little odd.

“Oh, it’s nothing, nothing at all. They’re just reporting the gallery’s situation to me.” Aiden forced out a smile then added, “Uhm, Uncle Johnston, I have some urgent matters, so I will be leaving now.” He then stood up to leave.

“Oh, Addy, is it really urgent? Won’t you be staying for dinner?” Martha followed closely behind him and saw him out the door.

“Maybe next time. Goodbye, Uncle Johnston, Aunt Martha.” Aiden hurried away. Of course, he would be in a rush. If something happened to the gallery booking, he would lose all face in front of his future father-in-law. He had to rush over to the gallery to see what was going on.

After seeing Aiden off, Martha came back inside with a smile on her face. When she saw Wynn carrying Mila, she suddenly burst out scolding, “I won’t be raising this little b*****d.”

“Mom, what are you saying? Isn’t Mila still your granddaughter?” Wynn was vexed. She had been coaxing Mila to sleep in her arms. How could her mother say something like that? This was her daughter’s flesh and blood, after all.

Charles, too, felt that Martha was going overboard. He removed his reading glasses and interrupted. “That’s enough from you. Clean this up quickly and bring me the painting from Aiden. I’m going out for a spin.”

Charles was heading out to show off, of course. He wanted to let his friends take a good look. He carefully hugged the gift box, hummed a joyful tune, and went out the door. He was feeling delightful, very delightful, indeed!

After he left the Johnston family house, Philip hailed a cab to Civil Gallery. Since he had already bought over the company and no longer needed to make deliveries, he now had time to go over to the gallery and take a look. He did not really plan to close it to the public. He just wanted to teach Aiden a lesson.

Upon reaching the gallery’s entrance, Philip only knew how stylish the gallery was. It was not flashy but luxurious and had a depth to it. The whole structure was designed by line patterns with monochrome as the main color. It looked extremely elegant and stylish. On both sides of the door was a small gallery paved with monochrome cobblestones, giving it a simplistic Western beauty.

Right in front of the door was a black granite sculpture. This was a piece made by the master architect who had designed and built Civil Gallery, Sirius Burton. This internationally famous architect only produced one piece of artwork every year, and thousands of people sought after his work, getting into disputes just to buy it.

Civil Gallery was Sirius Barton’s final work. Hence, to host an exhibition in this Civil Gallery would bring about great prestige and fame.

Philip stood in front of the sculpture, stared at it for a moment before mumbling to himself, “To think this is something that that old thing made. Looks normal to me.”

Philip recalled some memories. Back then, Sirius had been chasing after him, begging Philip to allow him to build something for him. Philip found his daily visits annoying, so he gave the man three hundred million to let him build Philip a mansion on top of a hill, mainly to keep his sports cars and private jet.

Oh, how I miss those beloved cars of mine. Philip exclaimed internally then headed toward the gallery entrance.

“Good day, sir. The gallery is temporarily closed to the public.” It was a young and beautiful receptionist dressed in a monochrome business skirt set with a scarf embroidered with gardenia flowers tied around her neck. She had an impressive figure.

Philip was stunned before looking inside and said, “I’m looking for someone.”

“May I know who you are looking for?” The receptionist did not treat Philip any differently just because he was in casual clothing. Instead, she had asked very politely.

“I’m looking for…” Philip was just about to answer when a tall woman walked over haughtily from within and interrupted him. She was wearing the same outfit, but the scarf on her neck was embroidered with blue enchantress hydrangeas.

“Jasmine Conner, what are you doing? Didn’t I tell we’re not open to the public today and not to let anybody in?” The woman with the cold aura got closer and swept a look at Philip as she spoke arrogantly to the receptionist.

“Sister Allison, he says he’s looking for someone.” Jasmine was apparently afraid of this woman, as she explained with a frightened expression.

Allison Cooper was the leader of the female receptionists at Civil Gallery. She was a proud person and would not hesitate to order her subordinates around. Hence, she had a hidden nickname called ‘the witch’.

Allison looked at Philip icily, sizing him up and asked suspiciously, “You’re looking for someone?” This man looked so broke wearing an over-washed T-shirt, a pair of faded jeans, and sandals. A typical get-up of migrant workers. He must be one of the construction team workers.

“That’s right. I’m looking for…” Philip smiled, revealing his pearly whites.

“Okay, okay, I got it. Follow me.” Allison abruptly interrupted Philip’s words. She turned to shoot a vicious glare at Jasmine and said, “Guard the door properly and stop letting in random strays.”

Jasmine lowered her head and bowed, apologizing profusely. She then stole a glance at Philip and smiled at him. Philip smiled back. This girl looked young but had a pleasant personality.

Without thinking much, he followed Allison inside. Philip could not help looking at Allison’s back profile. This woman had a great figure that most men could not resist.

“What are you staring at?” All of a sudden, Allison turned back with a frosty glare, staring hatefully at Philip.

“Ah, no… nothing.” Philip felt awkward. He was caught red-handed.

Allison let out a cold snort. “I’ve seen enough of you migrant workers with your snooping hands and d***y eyes. If anything goes missing in our gallery, you’ll be the first I’ll catch!” She then turned to moved forward as the disdain and contempt for the man behind grew in her heart.

Migrant worker? Philip was fuming slightly. Did she get the wrong person?

Allison led him to a construction site and started ordering him pompously, “Hurry up and get to work. Finish it before sundown. And you guys over there, don’t even think about loafing on the job. I’ll be here to supervise. If anyone slacks, your salary is gone.”

The few workers started working harder upon hearing this, terrified of their salaries being cut.

Philip was confused. They were painting this area. So, am I here to work?

“I’m sorry, are you mistaken? I’m not here to…” Philip turned to the woman beside him.

Allison narrowed her eyes and barked, “You’re not here to what? Stop with all this nonsense and start working!”

“I’m not here to work. I’m here to look for Anna Carter.” Philip was displeased with Allison’s attitude toward him. What’s with this woman’s eyes and tone. How rude! He had asked George to purchase this gallery not long ago, so he was surprised there was a snobby staff here.

“You’re looking for our manager?” Allison sized Philip up again and snickered. “You want to see our manager, with the likes of you? Why? Trying to complain to her?” What gives? This man was not even working, and he was trying to complain now.

“What?” Philip was puzzled. What was she talking about?

“I’m telling you now, and the rest of you there, listen up! Our Civil Gallery does not lack workers. There are tons of migrant workers out there fighting to work here. Don’t think that just because Manager Carter takes care of you, you can slack off. In my, Allison Cooper’s eyes, you’re all rubbish, do you understand?”

Allison then snorted. “Especially you. Who do you think you are? Even asking to see our manager. If you’re not going to work, then scram!” Allison put her left hand on her waist while her right hand pointed at the door.

Philip was outraged now. Forget being mistaken as a migrant worker. He was now even lectured by an unreasonable woman. No matter how good his temper was, it was now about to burst.

“Your name is Allison Cooper?” Philip asked darkly.

“That’s right. Why? Upset? Wanna beat me up? I can call security and throw all of you out immediately!” Allison crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. What a bunch of garbage who doesn’t know their place. With just a little money, they’d come swarming over like dogs. Growing up, Allison’s environment had made her develop a habit of being arrogant.

“Great. I don’t think you have the right to stay in Civil Gallery.” Philip nodded, the dissatisfaction was clear in his eyes.

Upon hearing this, Allison immediately held her sides. “Hahaha! What a fool! I don’t have the right to stay here? And what, can you fire me?”

Suddenly, a crisp voice sounded from afar.

“What’s going on Allison? You’re so noisy. It’s unsightly!”

A beautiful silhouette was strutting over from a distance. She wore a white women’s suit while largely curled brown hair flowed behind her. Her fair earlobes were decorated with hoop earrings. She was overflowing with elegance.

“Manager Carter, you’re finally here. There’s someone causing trouble here.” Allison quickly jogged over, trying to flatter.


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