The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 999

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 999 – Let Them Off Easy

If it were Kai, he would definitely have gotten rid of this woman long ago so that she could not continue mixing around in the circle.

Kai would not have let Ava stay until today. However, it was not too late now.

“Although Harvey didn’t follow her example, he was also someone who was forced here by another person…”

Kai was conflicted and truly disgusted by all this.

“Try your best. It’s best if the official spokesperson isn’t changed. In fact, Harvey’s overall style matches our product very well. There’s always a complex and profound feel to him, and our new men’s watch is being marketed as a luxury product. It won’t fit if we use a young idol instead…”

Nicole explained patiently as the butler brought her a glass of milk.

“Ms. Stanton, someone wants to see Chairman Stanton. He’s an old friend from many years ago. I’ll call Chairman Stanton now.”

’Huh, that was quick!’ Nicole raised her head and exchanged a glance with Kai.

Everyone knew that the visitor was none other than Ava’s biological father, Camron Dudley.

Kai sneered. “He still has the cheek to come?”

Nicole pondered for a moment before finding the video in her phone and handing it over to the butler.

“Let my father watch this video before deciding if he wants to meet Mr. Dudley.”

The butler nodded, took the phone, and went to the backyard where Floyd was fishing.

Not long after, the butler came back helplessly with a shattered phone.

“Chairman Stanton was too angry and…” Nicole could not help but laugh. “It’s okay…” It was clear that Floyd was indeed very angry! Fortunately, she had a spare phone upstairs.

The next second, Floyd came in through the door, cursing up a storm.

“Camron still has the cheek to come here? I originally felt that he was quite pitiful for losing his child, but it turns out that the child isn’t a good person at all. How dare she try to scheme against us?”

Nicole could not help but laugh.

“Dad, Uncle Camron probably doesn’t know about what Ava did, or he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to come over.”

Kai sneered. “Is he coming over for himself? He’s coming for the sake of his son’s company because he’s afraid that we’ll retaliate against him!”

That was the truth!

Nicole raised her brows. “The relationship between the Stanton and Dudley families isn’t that good or bad either. We’re just on regular terms.”

In fact, Nicole knew very well that the son of the Dud ley family had gone to great lengths to try to get involved with the Stanton family in the past few years. Although his ability was mediocre, he tried his best to keep his company that was on the verge of collapse.

If they did not have strong capital support, they would be eliminated from the market very soon.

Stanton Corporation never chimed in and had no intention to cooperate with them.

Their production line equipment was old, their management was lax, and they had no advantages.

Acquiring them might even result in trouble down the line.

On the surface, it had a market value of tens of billions, but in reality, it owed a huge debt to the bank.

In less than ten years, their family would go bankrupt.

There was no need.

Only that fool Ava thought she fell into the same golden nest as Nicole.

Nicole pondered for a few seconds and looked at the butler.

“Go tell the visitor that Ms. York wasn’t a member of his family when this happened. We won’t implicate the innocent.”

The butler nodded, looked at Floyd, who offered no reaction, and turned to leave.

Kai said, “You’re letting them off easy!”

Nicole said, “Uncle Camron and Dad used to have a good relationship and only gradually grew distant because of differing philosophies. Dad favored the practical work entrepreneurs, but Uncle Camron wants to preserve the achievements of the previous generation. They’re both right. We can’t make things hard for Uncle Camron just because of the distance between our families now.”


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