The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 998

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 998 – She Ain’t Worth Sh*t

Everyone got the news about how Harvey became the new spokesperson of Stanton Corporation’s new product.

It was all a trap set by Ava York. Nicole was just retaliating openly.

However, Harvey seemed to give off a different impression for someone who had a reputation for domestic violence.

Why did Harvey seem like a decent person?

Not courting d***h along with Ava showed that this person could still be redeemed.

It was Ava who was completely hopeless.

Who were the people in Nicole’s social media?

They were business partners, high-end international talents, and countless elites and well-known noblewomen in the circle.

With this, everyone knew what kind of i***t Ava, the person who had just been accepted by her family, was.

Who would dare to continue mingling with Ava?

Nicole and Yvette casually left the beauty salon and ran into Ava who was about to lose control and go crazy.

“Nicole Stanton, are you insane? What was that video? How dare you secretly take a video? You have no regard for our families’ reputation…”

Ava spoke incoherently.

She really hated Nicole’s innate sense of superiority. Although Nicole was not from the entertainment industry, her influence was much stronger than those actresses.

Every time Nicole made it to the trending topics because of a conflict with someone else, the netizens always took Nicole’s side.

It was like they were bewitched. Nicole sneered.

“Wrong. I just don’t care about your family’s reputation. Although our families used to have a good relationship before, we haven’t worked together for a long time. All that’s left is just surface politeness. Also, the ’victim’ in the video is the Stanton family. I believe your father will understand.”

Ava’s phone rang incessantly, and she could barely answer all of them. All of them were from people at home asking why she had to offend the Stanton family.

The gentle attitude from before had completely disappeared from their tones.

She finally felt panic!

Ava looked at the calm Nicole and felt her blood surge. A chill rose from the bottom of her feet and invaded her body, penetrating every pore.

Nicole revealed a faint smile of satisfaction and walked forward with her high heels.

“Nicole—” Ava shouted.

Nicole raised her brows and smiled. “Don’t worry about the rest. Your father will come to me personally.”

Ava’s apology was worthless.

With Nicole’s position, even if Ava’s father wanted to see her, he had to make an appointment in advance.

In other words, Ava was not worth sh*t.

Nicole left with a flourish. Yvette and Nicole went back to their respective homes.

The people on social media were making huge waves against Ava.

There was no hint of soft-heartedness.

Ava could not stand it anymore. ’I can’t lose everything I just obtained!’

“If I apologize, will you delete that video?”

Ava gritted her teeth and tried to calm down and negotiate with Nicole.

Nicole went straight to Stanton Mansion.

If she was right, Ava’s father would have gone to Stanton Mansion to find her.

Floyd was still fishing and knew nothing about what was going on online.

However, Kai was so angry that he started cursing with expletives.

When Nicole entered, he ran over and snapped severely, “I was wondering why the company was so stupid to insist on that troublesome Harvey Sage. We spent so much manpower and resources to clean up his image. Why didn’t you tell us that the woman was trying to trap you?”

Nicole smiled calmly and looked at him.

“It wasn’t time yet. Back then, I wanted to see what other tricks she had. She just returned to her biological family, so I had to let her have a good day or two, right?”

Kai looked at Nicole with anger. He still felt that Nicole was too soft-hearted.


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