The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 994

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 994 – He’s Lame Now

Lil Michael and Clayton watched Nicole’s fleeing back, and Clayton smiled meaningfully.

Lil Michael said, “Why is Pretty Lady’s face red again? Is she still running a fever?”

Clayton stroked his head. “The bodyguard is already downstairs waiting for you to go to the library. Go on…”

If Michael had not begged and pleaded to wait for a glimpse of Nicole before leaving, Clayton would not have tolerated him until now.

Lil Michael sighed weakly. ’If only Daddy had a fever every day, I’d be able to take care of him at home all day! I’m really the most filial son in the world!’

A few days passed.

Yvette’s mood fluctuated between good and bad, and she insisted on dragging Nicole to do beauty treatments.

Julie was unable to make time, and Ian fought with her the moment they met.

Thus, Nicole had no choice but to go by herself.

The two of them booked a VIP service in advance, so there was a person responsible for receiving them.

After more than two hours, they finally finished the program and lay on the rest chair for an automatic massage.

During this period, Nicole told her about Grant and Aida’s engagement.

Yvette was silent for less than three seconds before laughing in a relaxed tone.

“It turns out that fairy tales are true. I believe in love again.”

Nicole knew that the impact of this matter on her was no longer that severe.

Yvette slowly accepted it all.

Sean Moore pestered Yvette for a while after his divorce. When he heard the news of her engagement, he went to the Quimbey family like he had gone crazy.

Unfortunately, Yvette’s mother just happened to be there, and he was kicked out by the bodyguard on the spot.

Rumor had it one of his legs was lame now.

Regarding this, Yvette said that it was none of her concern. He deserved it.

After that, Sean disappeared from Yvette’s world.

The whole world knew about Yvette and Lance’s engagement.

They did a good job with public relations, giving everyone a feeling that they were lovers that were finally getting married, and that they were a lovely young couple who were a great match.

However, in reality, Yvette and Lance had no private contact with each other. Even when they met up, they would ask their assistants to make an appointment in advance.

There were a few minutes of silence.

Suddenly, a familiar laugh was heard walking in from the door.

The mention of Nicole’s name was what got them to notice the voices.

”It’s ridiculous. Nicole is soft and weak on the surface, but in reality, she’s better than anyone at holding a grudge. You guys don’t know this yet, but she was the one who stirred up the trouble that caused me to leave Cyndro International.”

It was Ava’s voice. Yvette looked at Nicole.

Nicole raised her brows. She naturally heard it.

Now, both of them had masks on their face and wore the same clothes, so none of the three people opposite them recognized her as the person they were talking about.

They sat down on the massage chairs diagonally across Nicole and Yvette, looking very relaxed.

The girl beside Ava looked a little familiar.

Nicole could not remember her name, so she was probably from a mediocre background. The elite circles did not take her out much and only let her join insignificant drinking parties.

The other woman used to curry favor with Ingrid. Nicole

remembered her very well. Her name was Macy.

As soon as Ingrid left the circle, this woman also gradually disappeared.

It was probably because Ingrid offended too many people, and Macy followed her example and abused her power, so no one wanted to hang around with her.

Right now, these three people appearing in front of Nicole made her feel very uncomfortable.

However, Nicole did not intend to stand up and leave. After all, since she was the protagonist, it would be a pity if she did not stay and listen to what stories they made up about her.


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