The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 987

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 987 – Is He Better Than Me?

Nicole naturally knew that there were no emotional developments with Julie and that Julie was conflicted about whether or not to accept Kai’s goodwill.

Nicole advised Julie to calm down and think about it before deciding.

However, she did not dare to say this to Kai.

Kai scoffed. ”That’s more like it. Aida, if you have any celebrities that you like, I can invite them to the engagement ceremony. Consider it my congratulatory gift

In the entertainment industry, Kai was a steady big boss. Aida looked up in surprise and spoke without hesitation. “Really? Fabian! I like Fabian!”

’Oh? That young idol?’ Nicole subconsciously looked up and saw Aida with stars in her eyes as she clasped her hands.

“Little Fabian is just too adorable. I want him to come. Is that possible?”

Kai gave a wicked smile and looked unconcerned. “Of course…”

The moment Kai looked up, he saw Grant’s warning look, so he instantly took back his words.

“Of course… not!”

Aida’s starry eyes dimmed for a moment. “Is it difficult?”

With Kai’s position, there should not be a problem in inviting a popular young idol, right?

Kai smiled sheepishly.

“I heard that Fabian was taken under the wing of a famous director and will be training for two months. He’s not allowed to take time off.”

Aida sighed. Her beautiful and gentle face was filled with disappointment.

“That’s such a shame. Could you help me tell Fabian to work hard on the film? I’ll support him forever and wait for him to grow up…”

Wait for him to grow up?

Kai and Nicole exchanged a glance. Why did that sound slightly dangerous?

They felt the air in the room cool down.

Floyd did not want to get involved in this and stood up while covering his head, acting like he wanted to leave.

“My head hurts. I’ll go upstairs and rest for a while.”

He really could not handle the topics young people talked about.

Grant smiled dangerously.

“Wait for him to grow up? Is he better than me?”

Aida froze.

“It was just a figure of speech…”

Nicole and Kai both stood up in unison, intending to get away from this place.

However, before they could get far, they heard Grant start to smear dirt on Fabian extremely patiently.

”That young man got to the top by sleeping with a bunch of bigwigs, both men and women. He looks simple and bright on the surface, but that’s just a persona. You can’t be fooled by appearances, understand?”


Nicole’s footsteps stalled. She really could not look her eldest brother straight in the eye.

His possessiveness was too strong.

Lies came out of his mouth the moment he opened it. Was it really good to say that about a young man?

Kai muttered, “How did he know? I thought I hid it quite well

Nicole looked at him in shock. “It’s true?”

Kai said, “Didn’t you have a s*****l with him? You didn’t


He thought that she knew.

In reality, Nicole did not know anything.

She even instructed Dominic to give more resources to this kind and simple young man.

Kai pouted when he saw Nicole’s confused look.

“News about that spread a long time ago, but maybe it didn’t reach your ears. Maybe it just couldn’t be spread to you. After all, you’re one of those ’bigwigs’…”

Nicole was speechless. Her worldview was shaken.

Nicole really had to use one night to slowly digest this sudden gossip.

She could not look at people with her eyes closed in the future.

Early the next morning.

Early spring was about to pass, and the weather was gradually warming up.

Nicole went to the office from the mansion. She was busy the whole day.

When she finally had some free time, she looked at her quiet phone and felt a little unused to it.

This strange feeling popped up as she seemed to realize something.

Clayton did not contact her the whole day.


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