The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 981

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 981 – He Wants a Hug

However, there was no sound for a long time even after the footsteps stopped.

Nicole had just felt that something was off when a familiar deep and soothing voice broke the silence.

“What are you looking at so intently?”

Nicole froze and turned to see Clayton’s tall body standing there.

“Why are you here?”

Clayton smiled gently. His eyebrows were slightly lowered, and his eyes carried a light warmth.

“Of course, it’s because I miss you, my girlfriend.”

He stood there with his arms open and gave her a look.

Nicole stiffened for a moment. ‘Did he want to hug me?’

This kind of action was simply too obvious.

Nicole was already used to Clayton breaking the boundaries time after time.

She did not recoil every time he touched her, and he had a very pleasant fragrance of agarwood around him that was quite addicting.

Nicole gritted her teeth and silently walked over, then leaned stiffly in his arms.

The sound of laughter that emanated from his chest made her face redden abruptly.

It was burning.

She instantly wanted to run away, but his hands tightly wrapped around her waist to confine her in his embrace.

It was gentle yet strong.

Clayton’s hands stopped on her lower back and looked in the direction she was staring at earlier.

His voice was raspy and light as he whispered in her ear.

“It’s quite nice to look at…”

Nicole felt like a feather brushed the tip of her heart. A flash of electricity seemed to pass through her heart, making her numb for a moment.

There were hidden implications in his words, but Nicole could not assume that he was talking about her.

She struggled a little, and Clayton sensibly let go.

Clayton knew he could not go too far.

He had enough sweetness for today.

Nicole turned around as if nothing happened and sat in the chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

“Why didn’t you bring Lil Michael with you?”

Clayton’s warm face instantly appeared a little aggrieved.

“I didn’t want him to disturb us, so I got the nanny and bodyguard to study with him in the library until the evening. I didn’t expect you to miss him so much.”

Nicole pursed her lips and gestured to the chair across from her.

Clayton walked over and sat down. The sunlight spread over his body, carving a deep and meaningful shadow around him.

His long legs curled up. His profile was handsome, and his facial features were warm and quiet without the slightest hint of aggressiveness.

At that moment, his eyes were looking deeply at Nicole opposite him. The corners of his lips curled into a smile.

Nicole avoided his gaze and paused.

“You’re really good at scheming against children!”

Clayton laughed. “Boys, y’know? You can’t spoil them.”

The moment Michael was spoiled, he would run to Nicole’s side. Clayton could not stand it.

Nicole suddenly remembered about Isaac. “By the way, I forgot to tell you. Isaac came here.”

Clayton was not surprised. It was as if he had expected it.

“I know.”

“You know?”

Clayton nodded. A trace of coldness flashed in his eyes.

“How would he give up that easily? He must be impatient to persuade you to agree with him. That way, he can completely trample me underfoot and make a joke out of me.”

Nicole opened her mouth. Her expression was somewhat conflicted.

She wanted to ask but did not know whether or not she should.

Clayton noticed her expression and smiled.

“What else did he say?”

Nicole shook her head. “He just talked about your father d***g. Are you sure you don’t want to go back and visit him?”

After all, if it turned out to be true, Clayton might regret it for the rest of his life.

Clayton lowered his gaze, hiding the coldness that was about to erupt from the bottom of his eyes.

“No. From the moment I left the Sloan family, his life or d***h is no longer my concern.”

His tone was forced as if he was desperately trying to suppress something.

Nicole watched him silently for a few seconds, smiled, and said nothing at all.

‘Forget it. It was better not to ask. It didn’t seem to be a happy experience.’


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