The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 976

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 976 – Change Your Tastes

Dominic and Kai watched as Nicole led Harvey out.

Harvey’s face clearly had a relaxed smile.

Dominic clicked his tongue and looked at Kai.

“Is she really your sister?”

Kai’s eyes were helpless. “Yeah…”

Kai would like to think that Nicole was not his sister, but the truth did not allow it.

Nicole was really hungry after working all morning.

She found a quieter restaurant nearby.

There were very few people in the restaurant, so Nicole sat at a seat against the window.

Harvey sat down on the opposite side. It was clear that there was less gloom in his eyes.

He smiled, a little embarrassed. “Ms. Stanton, this meal is on me.”

Nicole looked at him. “Sure!”

It was just a meal, so it did not matter whose treat it was.

This was Harvey’s way of expressing his gratitude, so Nicole accepted it.

After ordering the food, Nicole went to the bathroom.

When she came back, she saw another person in her seat.

That person’s back figure was cold and familiar. He was sitting several meters away, but Nicole could recognize him at a glance.

It was none other than Eric Ferguson.

Harvey sat opposite Eric and looked very cautious.

Eric said something that made Harvey’s face a little glum.

Nicole wanted to turn around and leave, but when she thought about Harvey, she still walked over.

Her tone was dull. “Mr. Ferguson, aren’t you sitting in the wrong seat?”

They had not seen each other in a few days.

Eric’s temperament was cold and noble. He was exuding a chill that was even more frightening than before.

Eric looked sideways and saw Nicole standing in front of him. He smiled and said slowly, “I saw an acquaintance, so came over to say hello. I didn’t expect you to be here.”

Harvey opened his mouth, but when he saw Eric’s warning glance, he closed his mouth again.

However, Harvey looked at Nicole and shook his head, indicating that it was not at all as Eric said.

Nicole also knew that Eric was lying. If Harvey knew Eric, why would he end up like this?

She had a dull look on her face as she said, “Mr. Ferguson, we haven’t eaten yet.”

What Nicole implied was for Eric to hurry up and leave.

Eric’s cold and depressive eyes suddenly relaxed. “What a coincidence! I haven’t eaten either. Let’s eat together then.”

Eric tried hard to make himself appear gentle and calm and struggled to hide the anger and cold-bloodedness in his eyes.

He had just finished eating with a client earlier. When he came out, he saw Nicole talking and laughing with Harvey.

That scene was really harsh and obtrusive to him because it turned out that Nicole was not only gentle to Clayton. She was also gentle to others.

Eric thought, ‘Nicole is only merciless to me. But why did I become an exception?’

Nicole stood there and looked at Eric dully.

She was obviously not willing to eat with Eric.

Eric saw that Nicole was not moving. His face sank slightly. He raised his head, with darkness and madness in his eyes. A certain emotion in his eyes seemed to gush out. “What? Can’t ordinary friends have a meal together? Will Clayton Sloan get angry? Doesn’t he know that Stanton Corporation and Ferguson Corporation have ties that can never be completely severed?”

His voice had a hint of warning and reminder.

Nicole wrinkled her eyebrows. Before she could speak, Eric sneered and said in a low and raspy voice, “How can you do it with others, but not with me? Nicole, have you changed your tastes?”

Eric’s hands on the table were clenched together, and his veins were faintly bulging.

The atmosphere was stagnant and cold for a moment.

Harvey looked at Nicole. He knew that Eric had misunderstood something.

‘Should I explain something? But Nicole didn’t ask me to say anything.’ Harvey thought.

Nicole smiled coldly. Her eyes were icy. “You’re not to your taste, so of course, I’ll have to change it until I’m satisfied.”

Eric’s smile froze on his face.


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