The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 973

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 973 – Talk to Me if You Have Difficulties

As soon as Nicole entered the office, Logan came in with her coffee and placed the documents on the desk as usual.

“President, everyone is here for today’s morning meeting. We can start anytime.”

Nicole looked at the time. It was just right.

She nodded and stood up.

“Harvey Sage came early in the morning and has been waiting here for almost an hour. Should we inform him first?”

Logan was surprised by Harvey’s arrival. He even thought that last night would be the last time he would see Harvey at Stanton Corporation.

This kind of s*****l-ridden celebrity would certainly implicate Stanton Corporation’s long-standing good reputation.

Nicole said, “No, let him wait.”

If it was that simple to get an opportunity with Stanton Corporation, it would set a precedent for everyone to set their eyes on Stanton Corporation’s resources in the future.

Logan nodded. They walked out one after the other and went directly to the conference room.

The twenty-minute meeting lasted for an hour and a half.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was not great, but Nicole remained calm and collected. When it was over, everyone except Nicole was drenched in sweat.

Back in the office, Logan made Nicole another cup of coffee.

Nicole paused and asked, “Is he still there?”


Logan knew that Nicole was referring to Harvey.

“Make an appointment with Dominic Young. I’ll go over to him later.”

Unlike the situation with Yvette last night that was just a matter of words, Harvey’s situation was more troublesome.

Logan nodded, turned around, and left.

A moment later, Logan set a time and place for the meeting.

Dominic Young certainly would not give himself airs in front of Nicole. After all, Kai was the real boss of Falcon Entertainment, and Dominic was just an employee.

Nicole took Harvey to Falcon Entertainment. Harvey was very calm and indifferent as he followed Nicole. He did not ask anything on the way over.

When they arrived at Dominic’s office, they pushed open the door.

Dominic was not the only one in his office. Kai also appeared out of nowhere.

Nicole frowned. “Why are you here?”

Kai laughed. “I’m at work!”

What a big joke!

Nicole rolled her eyes at Kai and looked at Dominic with a polite smile on her face.

“Mr. Young, it’s been a while.”

Dominic smiled. “If you have any orders, you can just call me. Why do you need to make a trip here personally?”

Kai laughed nonchalantly from the side.

“Of course, she has something that can’t be solved. You gotta know Lil N’s bad temper by now.”

If this was not someone else’s office, Nicole would have hurled her stilettos at Kai.

Nicole held back her annoyance and smiled as she beckoned to Harvey, who was behind her.

“I don’t need to introduce who this is, right?”

Dominic was really worthy of being a big shot in the entertainment industry. His perfunctory efforts were spot on.

“Mr. Sage, you’ve been quite low profile recently. It’s obvious that you’re acting and singing skills are great, but it’s a pity that you’ve been delayed by other matters. Even so, gold will always shine. You’ll definitely get your fame one day based on your ability!”

Nicole almost laughed at these words.

Harvey hung his head. His eyebrows were slightly lowered, and his posture looked indifferent and nonchalant.

Kai glanced at Harvey, then sized up his little sister.

He suddenly had an indescribable expression.

“You broke up with Clayton and you’re now interested in him? Your preferences change too fast, right?”

For a moment, the office turned cold.

Dominic did not even dare to laugh.

Kai dared to tease Nicole, but others did not.

Nicole glared at Kai coldly. “Do you want to d*e?”

Kai instantly put away his smile and pursed his lips. “Don’t tattletale to Dad! Talk to me if you have any difficulties.”


Nicole ignored Kai.


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