The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 970

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 970 – He Did His Duty

Clayton carefully touched Nicole’s nose. His eyes were tender.

He was so heartbroken.

However, Nicole quickly forgot about the pain.

It no longer hurts in a few seconds.

The driver coughed in front.

“Miss, where should we go?”

Clayton and Nicole instantly parted. Only then did they realize that their distance just now seemed a little too close.

Nicole, who had always been alert, did not even realize that her safe distance had been shortened.

Her face felt a little warm as she bit her lower lip to calm herself down.

“Let’s go to the apartment.”

Clayton smiled lightly when he heard this.

He did not dwell on her nose and answered her earlier question.

“Lil Michael was asleep, so I dropped by to pick you up.”

“Did you really just drop by?”

Nicole was surprised. It was clearly the opposite direction.

“Yeah, it’s on the way.”

‘Well, if he says so…’ Nicole thought.

The driver interrupted on a rare occasion. “Mr. Sloan has been waiting in the car for two hours!”

The driver went out for a late-night snack, smoked two cigarettes, and came back to see that Clayton was still sitting there like an ice sculpture, unmoving.

This was the first time the driver saw such a man after all his years of experience.

Clayton Sloan obviously had a high net worth and matched Nicole in terms of social status. However, he was simply two extremes with Nicole’s ex-husband, Eric Ferguson.

Nicole looked sideways at Clayton. “You dropped by for two hours?!”

Clayton smiled as he glanced at the driver. ‘Thanks for the assist, bro!’

He looked at Nicole naturally and said, “It’s never troublesome for me to pick you up.”

Nicole held her breath for a moment. Fortunately, the car lights were dim. Otherwise, the redness of her ears could not be hidden.

‘Sweet talk is indeed really pleasant to listen to!’ Nicole thought.

“Don’t you need to send your male companion back?” Clayton asked extremely kindly.

Nicole glanced out the window. Harvey was on the phone, his face expressionless.

She shook her head. “No, he’s off work.”

Harvey did his duty all night and worked hard.

Clayton raised his eyebrows. He only said it casually. If Nicole really wanted to send Harvey back, Clayton would not be very happy about it.

They got back to the apartment. Clayton followed Nicole inside.

When Nicole got in, she realized that Lil Michael was sleeping on her couch.

Nicole looked at Clayton speechlessly. ‘Is this how he treats his son?!’

Clayton touched his nose with a little guilt and made up an excuse.

“Eh? How did he run out of the bedroom?”

It was not a clever lie at all, yet he had the nerve to say it?

Clayton whispered to comfort her.

“It’s okay, he’s a boy. He can take care of himself.”

Nicole glanced at him, walked to the sofa, and reached out to pick up Lil Michael.

How could the boy sleep in the living room?

Clayton hurriedly went over before her. He did not want Nicole to carry Lil Michael for fear of tiring her arms.

Luckily, Lil Michael was so sleepy that he did not even notice that he was being carried.

Clayton winked at Nicole and mouthed at her silently, “Rest well!”

Nicole nodded. Clayton quietly carried Lil Michael and went back upstairs

Their current relationship was not yet to the point where they could live together.

Clayton was already very satisfied that he could step into her life one step at a time.

He was not in a hurry anyway, so they could take things slow.

Nicole stretched her back lazily and went to get changed. She took a bubble bath and did a face mask to relax properly.

When Nicole was soaking in the hot bubble bath, the AI butler took over her phone. A mechanized female voice said, “Master, Yvette Quimbey is calling. Do you want to answer it?”

Nicole opened her eyes. After a pause, Nicole said lazily, “Answer the call.”


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