The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 969

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 969 – Make Money With This

Nicole thought that she should not rush the matter of terminating Harvey’s contract.

Harvey’s reaction was beyond her expectation. It turned out that he was not a stupid person.

Then again, how could a sensible person like him be an abuser?

Nicole could not help but feel a little curious, but she did not ask

Harvey followed her down the steps, opened his mouth, and finally spoke.

“Ms. Stanton, I’m sorry.”

Nicole looked at him. “Sorry for what?”

“I lied to you on the way here. I actually know Ava York.”

‘Oh, so it’s about this…’ Nicole thought.

Nicole’s face was indifferent. “Then why did you lie to me?”

Harvey’s tone was deep and cold.

“I knew there was a reason for her to get me Stanton Corporation’s endorsement deal, and I didn’t want to be classified with her.”

That was why Harvey lied.

However, when Harvey saw Nicole behind the wine cabinet, his heart went completely cold.

The air was chilly.

Nicole tightened her jacket over her body.


Perhaps what he said was true and would not lie.

Her car had arrived at the door.

“Ms. Stanton, please be merciful when terminating the contract seeing as I didn’t agree to her request.”

Harvey knew very well the power of these big corporations’ legal teams.

They rarely had a conscience.

Even when the corporation was first to cancel the contract, the person who ended up losing money would most often be the spokesperson.

Nicole tilted her head and examined him. “Terminate the contract?”

“Mm. Originally, I didn’t dare to look forward to this endorsement either, but… I’m living off this now since I have no other work.”

Harvey smiled bitterly. His cold and aloof expression all night finally cracked at this moment.

Nicole thought about it for a while before she reacted. ‘What he meant is that he’s living off the termination fee? This is too miserable!’

Perhaps Nicole’s gaze was too shocking, so Harvey turned his head and avoided her gaze.

A man could only put down his pride for only a few seconds.

This was his limit.

Nicole pursed her lips. Her voice was not so cold anymore.

“In view of your honesty, I’ll give you a chance. Come by the office tomorrow morning to find me. We’ll talk about the contract.”

The next second, Harvey looked at her in shock.

A chance?

Harvey dared not think about an opportunity from Stanton Corporation.

To be honest, when Ava asked him to sabotage Stanton Corporation, it was not that he was unmoved.

It was just that Ava’s scheming intention was too obvious. That fool just wanted Harvey to be the scapegoat.

Harvey was still barely surviving in the entertainment industry.

If he really did as Ava said, he was afraid that he would d*e a painful d***h.

Before Harvey’s brain could react, Nicole had already turned to leave.

The driver opened the car door for her, and there seemed to be another person inside the car.

Harvey stopped in his tracks and did not chase after Nicole.

Nicole bent down and saw Clayton, who had merged into the darkness of the car.

Even in the cold darkness, Clayton’s brow bones were gentle. He looked clean-cut and warm.

His eyes were crystal clear, cold, and clean.

Nicole was a little surprised. “Why are you here?”

Clayton was in the car waiting for so long that even his body was tainted with the car’s light fragrance.

He looked at her and smiled, then reached out and pulled her wrist, so that she could get into the car.

However, Nicole wore a slim skirt and could not open her legs wide. When she just stepped onto the car, she was dragged in his arms.

The tip of her nose touched Clayton’s hard shoulder. His warm and clean woody fragrance engulfed her nose and put her in a momentary trance.

Clayton carefully cupped her face. His eyes tinged with panic.

“Where were you hit?”

His tone was gentle.

Nicole smiled. “My nose.”

Her nose was still a little sore.


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