The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 965

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 965 – Wants to Leap to the Top

Nicole did not think that the daughter of Golden Sea Corporation’s President would notice this detail. She even seemed very satisfied with it.

The President of Golden Sea Corporation was relieved to see that Nicole had no intention of blaming his daughter.

The banquet officially began.

The old man trembled and walked onto the stage, full of joy.

“It’s a great honor that all of you are here. I’d like to share some great news with you.”

This banquet was held out of the blue. Even Nicole thought that it was just an ordinary social gathering.

She did not think that it was a big happy event.

Ava York stood on the side. Her posture was elegant and graceful. Today, she gave up her advantage and did not wear any s**y or revealing dress. Instead, she played nice and dressed conservatively and decently.

The old man pointed at Ava and was obviously a little emotional. His eyes even had tears as he said, “Thirty years ago, I lost my youngest daughter. Now, I’ve found her, Ava York.”

The crowd was stunned.

So many people’s jaws dropped in shock.

Nicole was no exception. She saw the old man’s excited look, and Ava’s deliberately moved expression.

All of this was very surprising.

Back then, Nicole heard that the old man left his daughter at the client’s door and went inside to talk business. When he came out again, she was gone.

After searching for so many years, the old man lost hope.

Back then, the old man had a good relationship with Floyd. He always liked to hug the young Nicole when he saw her.

Later, Floyd felt that his friend was going crazy, so Floyd did not allow Nicole to hang around that man again. After which, Floyd gradually distanced himself.

Nicole knew that although the old man still had another son and daughter, he still missed his missing youngest daughter.

She did not expect that it was Ava York!

Suddenly, someone appeared behind Nicole with a childish and indignant voice, “That woman dreamed of leaping to the top. Now, she has achieved it, but she’s not the only daughter in that family. Her brother and sister have long since secretly divided the family fortune.”

Nicole inclined her head and looked at Hayley, the pampered young lady. Hayley’s clear eyes, at this time, were gloomy and disdainful.

Nicole spoke in a dull voice. “You knew about this?”

Hayley raised her chin, disdainful and arrogant. “Of course, I knew. I also know that she’ll soon be my stepmother!”

Nicole’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise.

If Ava was a lover to the President of Golden Sea Corporation out of desperation back then, why would she want to be involved with him now that she had a reliable family supporting her?

True feelings were off the table because it was really difficult to have any feelings for Golden Sea Corporation’s President just based on his balding hair.

“This old man is really hypocritical. He wanted to use his daughter who he’s been looking for all these years as a bargaining chip in a marriage of convenience, so how much affection can there be? Surprisingly, he even spoke so emotionally.”

Hayley lowered her voice as she talked to Nicole.

Nicole actually felt quite helpless. A minor bad-mouthing someone in front of her made her feel like laughing and crying.

She could see through this girl’s thoughts at one glance.

Nicole hated Ava. Could it be that this little girl thought they were a gang because of this?

Regardless, it was better than having one more woman like Ava.

Nicole, who did not intend to answer, patiently explained, ” He’s crying not for the affection. How much love can there be when they haven’t seen each other for more than 30 years? He’s probably crying because of guilt and self- blame, but seeing that Ms. York was living a good life, this guilt and self-blame will probably be gone soon…”

If this were to happen in an ordinary family, the sky might have collapsed if they lost a child.

However, in this kind of wealthy family, there was no shortage of children, especially silver-tongued children.

The old man had another son and daughter, so he was not lacking kinship. He was at most just caught in self-blame for losing one child.


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