The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 961

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 961 – Are You My Sister?

When Nicole was still torn between asking what was in it, Grant had already made the decision for her.

Learn from past mistakes.

The past was a truly b****y lesson learned.

When Nicole fell in love, her whole family was apprehensive about any small movements.

’How did I get such a warm and loving family?’ Nicole thought.

Nicole smiled and walked over to take the document bag. ”You’re right. I can’t believe everything I hear. I should get to know his bottom line before I get s****d in.”

Grant looked at his extremely understanding sister with satisfaction. ’How sensible!’

Nicole raised her eyes and looked at him with a smirk.

“Big Brother, you’re also a man, so I’ll have to remind Aida of what you just told me too!”

Grant’s face changed slightly. He gritted his teeth.

“Are you my sister?!”

Nicole playfully stuck out her tongue, took her things, and left.

Grant was flustered and thought, ’She’d better not badmouth me in front of Aida!’

Nicole’s mood was much better all of a sudden.

She returned to the office with her things. Logan followed her in.

“President, I’m the one who investigated Mr. Sloan’s background. There’s some information that’s not on the document, so you can ask me.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “When did you…”

“When you returned to the apartment from the Stanton Mansion in the evening. I got a private detective in Liberty to investigate. The Sloan family kept their secrets well under wraps. Asking directly without preparation will certainly attract their attention.”

Nicole paused. “They didn’t notice?”


When Grant suddenly asked Logan to investigate this matter, Logan only realized after the fact that Clayton and Nicole were a lot closer lately.

Logan was the one who was too slow to react, which was unqualified as an assistant.

Nicole nodded and sat on the sofa, then opened the document bag.

After Clayton came of age, his information was separated from the Sloan family.

The Sloan family was huge with a deep and mysterious background. They had an extremely high status in the overseas circle of Medianians. They were involved in all aspects of society. The Sloans had complex identities in business and politics. They were also very influential in the Libertian political scene.

Clayton seemed to be completely detached from the Sloan family, no longer interacting with anyone there. It was as if it was a complete coincidence that his last name was also Sloan.

He slowly gained a steady foothold in Wall Street and became a leading genius in the securities industry, so no one cared what his background was.

In the spouse column, it was written, “widowed”.

That was frank enough.

Clayton’s general information up to the present was laid out in the document.

Nicole raised her eyes and looked at Logan. “Is there anything else?”

These were just some basic materials that Nicole was not interested in.

Logan paused. His breathing was tense for a moment.

Soon, he let out a sigh of relief.

He frowned and said, “President, Mr. Sloan is more complicated than we thought.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. It seemed that Logan found out something that others did not know about.

“I’m sure that his information was cleaned up before. Even if I got a private detective to find these, it’s what he wants me to find out. However, there’s a rumor circulated in the Sloan family saying that the original heir of the Sloan family was supposedly Clayton Sloan.”

Nicole’s eyes shrank slightly.

She suddenly understood why Isaac Sloan had such a strong animosity toward Clayton, his nephew.

Clayton’s existence was potential trouble for Isaac.

It was not as simple as a matter of words to choose an heir to such a complex family and corporation.

However, Clayton’s soothing personality was clearly different from Isaac’s shrewd and street-smart techniques.

After some thought, Nicole took a deep breath and handed the document bag to Logan.

“Destroy it.”


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