The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 954

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Anyway, Lil Michael was going to give it to either Nicole or Clayton.

Nicole and Clayton looked at each other. Clayton’s eyelids jumped.

Clayton, who was always good-natured, also had times when he could not resist the urge to punch someone.

“You guys told me that I can’t give out money and jewelry. These shoes are so exquisite. They’re the most expensive item at that auction, so all girls will like it!”

Lil Michael gleefully went over and added, “Pretty Lady, do you like it?”

Nicole’s face stiffened. After a long time, her violently beating heart gradually smoothed out.

’After so long, Lil Michael changed his habit of giving me bereavement flowers and wreaths to a d**d woman’s shoes? I really can’t bring myself to like this at all!’ Nicole thought.

“Michael, promise me to give normal gifts in the future, okay?”

Nicole was truly traumatized.

Lil Michael frowned and looked at Nicole, not fully understanding her reaction. He then turned to look at Clayton and said, “Then I’ll just give it to Daddy to wish him a happy birthday and a long life!”

Clayton’s eyebrows twitched. He felt a stabbing pain in his heart. “Thank you…”

’Looks like I’ll need to sign my son up for a good refresher course in Medianian culture…’ Clayton thought

Clayton felt a headache and rubbed his temples. He looked at Nicole.

“Do you know any museum curators? Let’s just donate it. I don’t want to see that thing again…”

Nicole nodded. “Okay, I’ll get someone to contact you later.”

A d**d woman’s shoes would not look so scary if they appeared in museums and collections.

Clayton sighed, turned around, and left. He also felt like giving away his son.

Nicole pursed her lips and looked at Lil Michael. That was really a big surprise.

“What’s wrong with Daddy? Why did he want to give it away? These shoes cost $12 million…”

Nicole went over and took the boy’s hand.

“Daddy thinks that someone else is more suitable for this gift.”

Lil Michael nodded in sorrow. When he held Nicole’s warm and pretty hand, he did not want to let go of her again.

“Pretty Lady, I miss you so much! Can I live in your house?”

Lil Michael felt blessed to live with his pretty lady.

Nicole hesitated for a second. “Sure, but you have to ask Daddy.”

Clayton had been waiting in the car for them. As soon as Nicole and Lil Michael got inside, Clayton started the car.

He glanced at the bodyguard and nanny outside with cold eyes. “Wait here and take care of the things in the box before going back.”

The bodyguard and nanny looked at each other.

’$12 million for a pair of d**d woman’s embroidered shoes?!’ Clayton felt that it was a wrong move to give Lil Michael that black card.

“Daddy, I wanna stay at Pretty Lady’s house! Is that okay?”

The boy looked at Clayton with his fair and tender little face while he blinked to act cute.

Clayton was still agitated from the incident just now and simply did not buy Lil Michael’s act.

“No, your tutor will live with you. I just contacted a Medianian history teacher so you can learn more about Medianian traditions and culture.”

Lil Michael was shocked for a moment. “But… I’m a Libertian!”

Clayton shot him a look and said in a cold voice, “I can change your nationality.”

Lil Michael was even more shocked. ’How can Daddy change my nationality so simply?!’

Nicole could not help but sympathize with Lil Michael. However, on second thought, it was a good thing for the boy to learn about Medianian culture.

Lil Michael looked so pitiful when he glanced at Nicole. Nicole could not bear to see him like this and sighed.

“You don’t have to change your nationality and take fewer lessons. How long will you be on vacation this time?”

Lil Michael replied, “I finished my course in advance. My classmates will only finish their course in three months, so I’ll go back then.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. What a smart boy!

Lil Michael suddenly remembered something and said to Clays on, “Isaac Sloan is coming to find trouble with you!”


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