The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 949

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 949 – Please Don’t Divorce

Eric looked at her profile which was quiet and beautiful, yet she did not belong to him anymore.

Dark thoughts were always breeding in his heart. If she did not belong to him, should he just ruin her then?


Nicole saw that Yvette had finished scolding Sean and walked over when she waved.

Sean’s expression did not look good.

They were just about to leave when Sean’s voice sounded, hoarse as if he was cut by a knife.

”Yvette, apart from this matter, I’ve never lied to you. I told her that we’ll be getting a divorce in the afternoon. Please…”

Please wait for me.

Before he could finish, Yvette sneered at him.

”You two are a match made in heaven, so you mustn’t divorce because of me. I was really unlucky to step on dog sh*t like you. Don’t let me see you in Atlanta ever again, or I’ll beat you up every time I do!”

After playing around for so long, her heart finally decided to settle down and she accepted a man she wanted to keep in her life for a long time.

What was the result?

Haha, that man was already married.

No matter how cheap and how much she loved to play around, Yvette would not cross the line of her morals.

It was not worthwhile!

Yvette dropped the malicious words and pulled Nicole away.

Mitchell looked at Eric standing at the door, hesitating on whether to say it or not, but Eric did not have any intention of going to Sean. It seemed like his decision would not change.

On the way back.

Nicole looked at the furious Yvette and rubbed her temples.

“Are you still angry?”

“How could I not be?”

“Eric decided to delay the cooperation indefinitely. If what you said was true, their cooperation is ruined. According to Eric’s personality, he won’t give Sean a second chance.”

Yvette’s expression turned slightly better, but then she paused and turned to look at Nicole.

“I didn’t know that Eric would be there. I didn’t expect him to go personally for such a small cooperation.”

Nicole smiled. She knew that Yvette only reacted in hindsight and felt uncomfortable for her.

“It’s fine. It’s not like we can’t meet each other. Interests in the business world are inextricably linked, so it’s no big deal. But maybe Eric was optimistic about Sean. Otherwise, as you said, he didn’t need to go for such a small cooperation.”

Yvette snorted coldly. “That only shows that birds of a feather flock together!”

That one sentence scolded both men, and Nicole also found it quite reasonable.

“Should I send you home?”

“Go to the office. The cooperation between the Quimbey family and Sean must be ended. Even if I’m scolded to d***h by my mom, I refuse to continue cooperating with such a scumbag.”

Nicole raised her brows and nodded.

In the end, their involvement was not deep, so it was easy to clear their relationship.

If it were Eric and her, it would not simply be a matter of words.

Fifteen minutes later.

They arrived downstairs at Yvette’s office.

Yvette took a deep breath, her face visibly pale. She still did not know how to explain it to her mother…

She pulled Nicole’s hand tightly and did not let go. “I… I’m nervous. I’m scared. Come up with me?”

Nicole was speechless.

Yvette said weakly, “My mom has always liked you the most. She said that your character is most similar to her. Come up with me, okay?”

Nicole nodded helplessly. “Fine, but I’m not helping you if you get beaten up.”

Yvette nodded. She knew that if she was really going to get beaten up, even G*d would not be able to help her.

The lady at the front desk had a good relationship with Yvette and greeted her with a smile.

“Ms. Quimbey, President Quimbey has been waiting for you upstairs for a long time…”

Yvette’s face grew even paler.


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