The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 946

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 946 – Rotten to the Core

Grant nodded, his face expressionless.

”Then get some rest. If you need help with Sean, you can ask Nicole.”

Yvette’s face turned slightly pale. She pursed her lips and suddenly looked up at him.

”Thank you for your help, Grant.”

Grant frowned but still nodded.

“Don’t mention it. You’re Nicole’s friend, and I still have business dealings with your family, so it’s only natural to help you.”

In an instant, the light in Yvette’s eyes disappeared completely.

At that moment, she felt that it was futile no matter how she tried to hide it.

Among the many reasons why Grant helped her, none of it was because she was Yvette.

Yes, what qualifications did she have?

Nicole pursed her lips. ”Big Brother, Aida and you should go back to work if you’re busy. I’ll send Yvette home later.”

Grant did not really want to stay here, so he nodded and pulled Aida’s hand to leave.

Before they left, Aida glanced back at Yvette.

However, there was not much probing in that glance. It seemed there was only gentle politeness.

Nicole went over to close the door and let out a sigh.

Turning back at Yvette, Nicole saw that Yvette’s tears had started to flow.

Nicole walked over and watched Yvette’s shoulders tremble slightly, but did not make a sound.

Today was probably the end of this unrequited love.

“If you want to cry, then cry. I’ll take you home afterward.”

Nicole looked at her.

Yvette looked up at Nicole, her eyes filled with tears.

“Nicole, am I too rotten? Is that why he won’t even look at me?”

“How could that be?”

Yvette took a deep breath.

“I never dared to say what I like, and I play around with people I don’t like all day. Others must think that I’m rotten to the core. I know your good intentions. It was me who thought too much. No matter how many years have passed, the only person in the world who can change him is Aida. Nicole, I’m giving up.”

Yvette conceded defeat.

Self-righteous affection would only touch herself. The reason why Grant helped her was because of Nicole.

Why should she lie to herself?

She could not do something like fighting to keep him. Otherwise, she would not have lost her mind in anger because of Sean’s marriage.

At the thought of Sean, Yvette wiped her tears, and her face sank slightly.

“I want to be discharged. Nicole, I need a favor from you.”

Nicole nodded decisively.

“Of course.”

Yvette regained her strength after eating and was discharged from the hospital swiftly.

She took Nicole to a private club.

Just as Nicole was curious why they were here, Yvette spoke up.

“Sean will be here today to sign a contract with Ferguson Corporation. Once the contract is signed, it’ll mean that Sean’s business is officially established in Atlanta. With Ferguson Corporation backing him like a great tree, he’ll gain a foothold very quickly. I have to destroy their cooperation!”

Nicole was speechless.

The moment she heard the words “Ferguson Corporation”, Nicole somewhat regretted coming along.

However, it was too late for her to go, and Yvette would definitely k**l her if she did.

Nicole could only brace herself and follow, even as she regretted it in her heart a thousand times.

’Please don’t let it be Eric Ferguson…’

Yvette pushed open the door of the room boldly. More than a dozen people sat in the room, including lawyers. It looked very solemn.

Everyone was interrupted by Yvette and could not help but look at the door.

Yvette swept her eyes over and saw Sean, who was equally shocked.

She sneered and threw the bag in her hand on the table in a large movement, not polite at all.

“Eric Ferguson, have you investigated this person you’re signing a contract with? The liquidated assets under his name are falsified, and the cost price given to you was secretly increased by 20% compared to other companies. He’s treating you like a s****r…”


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