The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 941

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 941 – I’ll Divorce

In an instant, Sean’s eyes shook, and his movements stalled, and the bodyguards to the side swarmed at him.

Four to five bodyguards pinned his body so he could not move a muscle.

Sean stared at Yvette with a bloodshot gaze.

“I told you that I’ll get a divorce. Can’t you wait one day?”

Yvette’s voice was still hoarse from crying as she let out a heart-wrenching scream.

“F*ck your divorce! I was really stupid to be fooled by you. Go back and live with your wife. Do you deserve to be with me?”

Why did she not realize before that this man’s heart was black?

She wanted to just go up and tear this hypocritical Sean Moore to pieces!

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped.

Sean’s gaze trembled fiercely. Grant glanced at him indifferently and walked out in large strides with Yvette in his arms.

When they left, a gust of cold wind entered, empty and deserted.

Sean’s expression was extremely ugly. His eyes were dark and cold, and his mood was extremely low.

Hellen stood there, ignoring the pain of her dislocated arm. She looked at him with a face covered with tears and snot.


“Who told you to do this? Didn’t I tell you not to open the door for anyone?”

There was no emotion in his voice.

The more he was like this, the more inscrutable he became, like a bottomless pit of unfathomable depth.

His eye staring at her was like d**d water, making her feel suffocated.

Hellen suddenly looked up and saw Sean’s gloomy face.

“Don’t lie or I’ll make it so you lose your other arm as well.”

Hellen froze. She had seen the power of these rich people before. They never gave others the opportunity to hesitate or backtrack.

Why did she have to suffer like this in her old age?

She hesitated for a few seconds before speaking up with tears in her eyes.

“Your wife asked me to do this. She said that you will be separated from Ms. Quimbey sooner or later, and then I’ll lose my job. If I help her, she’ll let me work for her later. She’ll double my pay and even find a job for my son. All I had to do was find an opportunity to open the door for her people…”

“Her people?”

“Madam said that she would send someone to take Ms. Quimbey away…”

The servant’s voice gradually became smaller.

After hearing Hellen’s words, Sean’s eyes turned gloomy, and he turned around to walk out.

When Yvette left, he felt like his heart was being viciously squeezed.

Should he be glad that Grant and his people came first?

In the hospital.

Yvette went in for a checkup while Nicole and Julie waited outside.

Grant had already left with the bodyguards.

Nicole was just about to take out her phone and ask Logan to investigate Sean thoroughly when her phone vibrated.

It was a call from Clayton.

She paused and picked it up, keeping her voice as calm as possible.


Clayton said, “I went to bring you a midnight snack, but you weren’t home. Why did you suddenly go out?”

His warm voice was tinged with worry.

Nicole paused. “I’m at the hospital.”

“What happened?” He suddenly became anxious

Nicole pursed his lips and explained briefly. She wanted to assure him and let him rest after hanging up. After all, he still had work to do.

However, after she finished speaking, Clayton said without hesitation, “I’m coming to you. Give me the address.”

Before Nicole could refuse, Clayton hung up the phone.

He did not even give her the chance to refuse.

Nicole was speechless.

She never noticed it before, but Clayton’s personality seemed to be a little forceful.

With no other choice, she could only send him the location over WhatsApp.

Julie stood up and handed her phone to Nicole.

“I had someone investigate Sean Moore. He knows one of my partners. He said that Sean is sinister, cold-blooded, unemotional, and ruthless. He’s the illegitimate son of Gabriel Xavier, the Chairman of Gemini Entertainment…”


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